Knife Jihad in Stolberg

Yesterday, in the German town of Stolberg, a young man was pulled from his car and stabbed by an unknown assailant who shouted “Allahu Akhbar!”

Evidently the youngster, an ethnic Turk, was targeted because his father (also a Turk) appeared in a campaign poster for the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany). The fact that the father did not give permission for his likeness to be used was not enough to prevent the sins of the father from being visited upon the son.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for translating this news report, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Knife Attack in Stolberg, Germany
The alleged Islamist knife attack in Stolberg, North Rhine-Westphalia,
00:06   may be related to the local elections. The 21-year-old perpetrator, an Iraqi-German,
00:13   who has now been arrested, had apparently screamed “Allahu Akhbar” before or during the attack.
00:17   It is now known that the father of the 23-year-old victim
00:21   is pictured on an AfD campaign poster in Stolberg.
00:25   The picture showed five men with the slogan: “German Turks want change too”.
00:30   The father of the victim, a Turk, did not give his consent for the election advertising.
00:35   His son, who was stabbed, has German citizenship.
00:40   I’m now on the phone with Daniel Vollmert from the general public prosecutor’s office
00:44   in Düsseldorf, which has taken over the case.
00:47   Good afternoon, Mr. Vollmert. —Good afternoon, Mrs. Pochhammer.
00:50   What exactly has happened there? —Yes, we assume
00:53   that during the night between Saturday and Sunday
00:56   a knife attack took place against a driver in Stolberg.
01:00   The accused is said to have screamed “Allahu Akhbar”.
01:05   Later, the door of the vehicle was ripped open
01:09   and the driver was injured at least twice with a knife.
01:13   He was stabbed in his arm and possibly by a knife
01:18   with a blade length of at least 20 centimeters.
01:22   Afterwards, the accused is said to have fled.
01:25   However, the police were able to apprehend and arrest
01:28   him during the course of Sunday. He is now
01:32   at the Aachen police headquarters, in police custody,
01:36   and will be presented to the magistrate this afternoon.
01:40   We intend to file a warrant of arrest against him.
01:44   Has he in any way admitted to this crime? Has he said anything yet?
01:49   To date we have not yet received any statements.
01:53   We assume that while being presented to the judge
01:56   he will state whether he was involved or not.
02:00   He has legal representation, and we are unable say more at the moment.
02:05   Are there any further indications that the municipal elections in North Rhine-Westphalia
02:10   are involved in this case?
02:14   The present investigation hypothesis assumes that there was a campaign poster,
02:20   or at least a photo used on a campaign poster by the AfD,
02:26   which depicted five people,
02:30   including the father of the injured party.
02:34   These persons have Turkish heritage, optically, in any case.
02:38   Underneath this photograph there was a campaign slogan.
02:43   We suspect that this was the motive for the accused to attack the person in this photo
02:51   or to attack the families of this person. In this case,
02:54   it was the son of one of the depicted persons.
02:57   The son is the victim. He was attacked in his vehicle by the accused.
03:03   Daniel Vollmert, thank you very much for the latest information. —With pleasure.