Let Them Come to Berlin — To Protest the Coronavirus Restrictions

Last Saturday a huge demonstration against the government’s Wuhan Coronavirus restrictions took place in Berlin. If I understand it correctly, the sequence of events went as follows:

The demonstration was at first denied a permit by Interior Senator Andreas Geisel.

Then the Berlin Administrative Court overturned the ban, which allowed the demonstration to proceed.

After the march started on Saturday, police “dissolved” the demo due to violations of coronavirus restrictions.

Then the court (the same court? or a different one?) ordered the police to allow the demonstration to continue.

Below are nine videos and two articles about the events leading up to and during the demo. All translations are by MissPiggy, except for the Guido Hofmann video, which was translated by Hellequin GB. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

First, a report by Bild on the initial ban against the demo:

Police corral marchers (no subtitles). If I’m not mistaken, this is what the British call “kettling”:

Police stop the demo (no subtitles):

Brutal treatment of demonstrators by police at the Brandenburg Gate (no subtitles):

This video is really heartening — all those thousands of people who have seen through the lies of the media, and chant “lying press” and “fake news” at a Bild reporter, who complains that she was — horrors! — squirted with water:

Police “dissolve” the demo:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke at the demonstration (possibly only by video link, it’s not clear). He talked about the health of children, the danger of mercury contamination in vaccines, and the corruption of science and government by the pharmaceutical industry. He said, “Governments love pandemics,” because they induce fear in the populace, which allows them to exert greater control.

In this video, recorded a couple of days before the demo, Markus Haintz talks to a vlogger about the news that Mr. Kennedy will come to Berlin:

Excerpt from remarks by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. at the demo in Berlin (no subtitles):

Finally, although not directly about the demo in Berlin, Dr. Guido Hofmann discusses the use of COVID-19 as an excuse to impose totalitarian governance:

From Berliner Zeitung:

Demo ban — 4000 additional Corona demos have already been registered for the weekend

“Querdenken” CEO Michael Ballweg speaks of registrations from all over Germany and people who insist on their right to demonstrate.

by Andreas Kopietz
August 27, 2020

Berlin — Opponents of the Corona restrictions definitely want to demonstrate in the capital over the weekend. From Wednesday to Thursday evening, the police received around 4,000 individual demonstration registrations — a reaction to the ban on the rally planned for Saturday in Berlin. “We are working through them now,” a police spokesman said. The mass registrations were preceded by a call by the Stuttgart initiative “Querdenken 711”.

“The registrations come from people from all over Germany who insist on their right to demonstrate,” Querdenken founder Michael Ballweg told the Berliner Zeitung when he was on his way to Berlin. “We still have a lot of things to prepare there because we expect the demo to take place,” he said. He assumed that the ban will not hold up in court, and therefore preparations continued as planned. On Wednesday, the police had banned a total of ten rallies from the Querdenken network.

According to Ballweg, the organizers are concentrating on the judicial enforcement of the march on Saturday through the city center and the subsequent main rally on the street of June 17. They appealed against the bans to the Berlin Administrative Court on Thursday. “It will probably be decided on Friday,” a spokesman told the Berliner Zeitung.

According to Ballweg, the cooperation talks with the police on the demonstrations had been held in a friendly atmosphere. No one has indicated that the rally should be banned. “The ban appears to have been an instruction from the mayor, Mr. Mueller,” Michael Ballweg said.

The police justify their prohibition order with the expected violations of Corona hygiene regulations. At the Querdenken demo back on August 1st the regulations were widely violated. This including social distancing and not wearing Corona masks. In addition, Germany has had an increase in the number of infections, and demonstrators could be arriving from countries for which travel warnings were issued because of the epidemiological situation. “Here the fundamental right to life and physical integrity in the context of the Infection Protection Act predominates over the fundamental right to freedom of assembly,” the notice states.

Police no longer speak of 20,000 but of 30,000 demonstrators

Police also said that “about 30,000 Corona opponents” had gathered on August 1. Until recently, they spoke only of 20,000. The lawyers for Querdenken accuse the police of deliberately using higher numbers of participants to portray the future demonstration as too large in order to dramatize the dangers of contagion.

Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (SPD) defended the ban, claiming the aim of the demonstration was to violate the Infection Protection Act, he told the RBB Inforadio. He continued by saying that it was necessary to consider the potential dangers to the health of the participants, but also for the citizens of Berlin and, above all, for the police officers. “That’s why we made it clear that we’re not going to tolerate ‘these kinds of games’.” Geisel also claimed that 3,000 to 4,000 neo-Nazis were among the demonstrators on August 1. “We expect a few thousand more neo-Nazis this weekend.” As early as Wednesday, he had declared: “I am not prepared to accept for a second time that Berlin is being used as a stage for Corona-deniers, Reich citizens and right-wing extremists.”

According to the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, right-wing extremists do not play a leading role in the Corona demonstrations. In recent months, right-wing extremist parties have repeatedly tried to do so and have intensively promoted participation, President Thomas Haldenwang told the ARD magazine Kontraste. However, those attempts were ‘not particularly effective’.

On the other hand, the police ban notice states: “In addition, unlike the demonstration on the 1st of August 2020, a large number of groups from across the ideological right spectrum are calling for the participation in a rally that has been registered.” Some in Berlin police circles are just as unhappy about this development as they are about the actions of their senator. “I believe that the bans will stand in court,” says an experienced Assembly Rights lawyer. “But it gives the ugly impression that the entire thing is a Trojan horse, if the demonstration is being banned due to right-wing extremists participating. It would have been better to concentration on the lack of discipline of the Corona demonstrators.”

From Politically Incorrect:

As expected, the Querdenken demonstration against the Corona policy planned for Saturday can now take place. The Berlin Administrative Court has overturned a corresponding prohibition order issued by Interior Senator Andreas Geisel (Ex-SED).

The Querdenken alliance event can now take place under certain conditions, a court spokesman told the dpa news agency. The decision is not yet final.

The Administrative Court of Berlin based its decision on the fact that there were no conditions for a prohibition. There is insufficient evidence of an imminent threat to public safety. The organisers had submitted a hygiene concept. The state of Berlin was not able to demonstrate how this would not be complied with. Preparations and conditions for the demo were not sufficiently examined.

According to the court spokesman, the organisers were given the obligation to move the location of the main stage a little so that there was enough space. There must be a minimum distance of 300 metres between video walls.

In addition, the organiser has to ensure that participants of the rally keep their distance by means of regular loudspeaker announcements and ushers. However, a mask obligation is not one of the requirements (!)

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Alexander, you have a very precise opinion concerning the decision forbidding these demonstrations
00:05   from taking place in Berlin? —Yes, I honestly can’t quite believe it yet.
00:08   I can’t believe the vocabulary of the senator for Berlin.
00:12   I can’t believe it, and don’t think it’s possible that this ban will stand up in court.
00:19   Just to quote once more the words used by the Senator of Berlin:
00:24   “I’m not willing to condone this a second time — there has already been a demonstration like this —
00:29   or to allow Berlin to be misused as a stage for Corona-deniers, Reich citizens
00:33   and right-wing extremists.” That’s how Berlin’s Interior Senator Geisel justifies
00:37   the prohibition he issued. Here, it needs to be said clearly, we aren’t in the DDR here.
00:44   It’s not the responsibility of politicians to decide which political opinions are convenient
00:50   and therefore permitted to demonstrate about. May I remind you: just a few weeks ago
00:56   there were Black Lives Matter demonstrations. It was exactly during the time when
01:00   the Corona situation was far more threatening than it is now, so to speak, and then politicians
01:05   even approved and cheered them on. It doesn’t work like that.
01:10   Politicians can’t steer thoughts and opinion according to their liking.
01:16   Nor approve or ban demonstrations according to their liking. It just doesn’t work like that.
01:21   Specifically what he said was, in this case, there had already been a demonstration
01:24   on August 1. He knows that this group of people coming to this demonstration
01:28   won’t follow the mandatory mask ordinance like the Black Lives Matters demonstrators did,
01:33   for the most part. Or like other demonstrators for other demonstrations. That was the argument.
01:37   He says that he’s not against the freedom of assembly, but for the infection protection law.
01:43   He wants to protect the people and that’s the reason this demonstration won’t be permitted
01:47   to take place now. —Tens of thousands of people without masks, crowded tightly together,
01:50   are threatening. I’m completely aware of this. I can fully understand this argument.
01:57   Of course there’s a danger, but the mere assumption that rules will be violated
02:06   does not justify a ban. We have to make this very clear now.
02:12   We are dealing with what is perhaps the most important fundamental right
02:19   that our constitution has proclaimed, namely the right to freedom of expression
02:24   and the right to demonstrate. I have to remind you that it is not only important for a democracy,
02:29   but also indispensable that you have to deal with the opinions of people
02:35   who are perhaps completely opposed to yours. What have we come to when politicians
02:39   decide which of the demonstrations suit them and which not?
02:43   So let’s say that it could be justified for health reasons.
02:48   The question still remains: why were the Black Lives Matters demonstrations were so admired
02:53   by the politicians just a few weeks ago? But let’s leave that out of the equation.
02:57   We can’t, we have to see that this is not only a political or factual decision which is
03:05   problematic. Most of all, it’s just completely insane from a political perspective.

Video transcript #5:

00:00   As you can see, we are being surrounded by people here.
00:05   We’re going to pan the camera around. We were squirted with water!
00:09   We were told that we should go because we aren’t wanted here.
00:14   Let’s go in the other direction. Crowd continues chanting: Truth! Truth! Truth!
00:18   There are people all around us. We are being surrounded.
00:22   The people are visibly angry and aggressive, just because we are here.
00:28   Truth! Truth! Truth! Fake news! Fake news! Fake news!
00:33   People are being grabbed and then told they need to maintain their distance. You don’t see a thing.
00:37   Angelik, can you hear me? How are the police reacting on location?
00:40   There are 3,000 police officers on duty. You’re being surrounded.
00:43   Fake news! Fake news! —Where are the police officers now? —Fake news! Fake news!
00:48   We don’t see any police here. We don’t see any police.
00:52   I know there are 3,000 police officers on duty.
00:55   They will be enforcing Corona measures soon. It will be definitely be enforced.
01:03   There has already been an announcement made
01:06   at the Brandenburg Gate, which said that the demonstration
01:10   would be ended if the Corona measures were not followed.
01:15   We are still completely surrounded by people.
01:20   Just now we were squirted with water for no reason.
01:26   It is really chaotic here, I would say. There are masses of people all around us.
01:33   They gathered around us and are screaming at us. We were squirted with water.
01:38   We were asked to leave, but we’re going to stay and of course keep reporting.
01:46   Is it possible to speak with any of the people who are mobbing you?
01:53   It isn’t possible to speak with them, because all they do is shout.
01:58   They are shouting “lying press” behind us, as you perhaps can hear yourself.
02:05   We find ourselves in a kind of circus ring for conspiracy theorists,
02:11   who have no desire to have the media here to do reporting.
02:16   Lying press! Lying press! —Let’s turn around now.

Video transcript #6:

00:00   Attention, attention, this is an announcement from the Berlin police!
00:05   The announcement is addressed to all persons who are in the cordoned area
00:11   of the march in the streets from Unter den Linden to Wilhelmstraße and Friedrichstraße
00:17   or Friedrichstraße to Torstraße, and who are participants in the march.
00:24   Despite repeated requests, the minimum distances required by the German Infection Protection Ordinance
00:29   are not being observed by you throughout the entire area.
00:36   The organizers of the march have no possibility of influencing you.
00:41   For this reason there is no other possibility than to dissolve the march.
00:46   I repeat: Your assembly is hereby dissolved! Remove yourself from the area of the assembly.
00:55   Please move toward [street name], which is behind you.

Video transcript #7:

00:38   Tonight with Samuel Eckert — Starts Soon.
00:42   OK, Dear friends, hello and a warm welcome this evening!
00:46   Here, once again. Very spontaneously and live. With Markus Haintz.
00:50   He ask me to have him on during a livestream, and now I know the reason why.
00:58   I had a look at his channel and I suggest everyone do the same, because there is BIG NEWS.
01:03   We’re going to share that now. So I hope Markus can hear me and we’ll see him in a moment.
01:10   So, there he is. On screen. Hello, Markus! A warm welcome to you. Can you hear me?
01:21   Markus? I’m live and here, do you hear me?
01:29   Obviously he can’t hear me yet, but I hear him. You hear him too. Do you hear me?
01:34   Hang on, I have to change something real quick. —OK, he’s going to change something,
01:37   dear friends. But he can hear me, I can hear him and you can hear him. So there’s BIG News!
01:42   There’s a new update for today. Something that happened today.
01:47   First I’m going to send a warm welcome to Markus, and I am so happy to have you
01:51   with me today. Just tell us everything that happened today.
01:54   What changed since this afternoon? What’s the latest?
01:57   Hello Samuel. I’m happy to announce the great news
02:02   that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will be in Berlin on the weekend.
02:07   All right! —I just published the press release.
02:15   Amazing!
02:19   We are trying to make a screen shot. We have a little time.
02:24   We work together very often. —That’s the way it is, my friend.
02:29   That’s right, that’s right. —So, I think this way it’s better. —Yes, wonderful. Looks great.
02:35   So, yes, this is going to be relatively short statement. I’m going to read it. —Please do.
02:44   This way everyone knows what it is about.
02:47   So this is the statement concerning the arrival of Robert Kennedy Jr.
02:51   It is in English. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., chairman of Children’s Health Defense
02:55   and leader of the Health Freedom Movement,
02:58   arrives in Berlin, Friday August 28th,
03:02   to attend the inaugural meeting of Children’s Health Defense Europe.
03:06   The first international chapter of this U.S. non-profit organization.
03:10   He will meet with colleagues from all over Europe
03:13   to discuss current global challenges to health and human rights.
03:17   Organizers of the August 29 Berlin rally
03:23   for Freedom, Peace, Free Expression and Respect have invited Mr. Kennedy to participate.
03:30   We are very happy to welcome Mr. Kennedy to Berlin. —Wow!
03:34   Absolutely amazing! So people, Kennedy is in Berlin.
03:37   Kennedy will be there with us. Right, Markus? —Kennedy will be in Berlin.
03:41   He is meeting there with his organization,
03:48   but he has also been invited by the organizers of the demonstration.
03:52   So now we have to wait and see how things
03:55   develop and what happens in the next few days.
03:58   I’m not revealing too much at the moment because I’m functioning as
04:01   a legal representative for my client. —Yep. —So everything was included in the statement.
04:05   And as soon as there is an official announcement,
04:08   of course I will post it on my Telegram channel @Haintz directly.
04:12   Naturally, at that point, it can be shared,
04:15   and please do share it. —Just wonderful! I’ll also post the link
04:18   in the description box of this video, so you know exactly
04:22   where to go. Markus will keep us up to date accordingly.
04:27   Michael is trying to call me right now. Hold on, it’s Mike Ballweg. Just a second.
04:34   Just a moment, just a moment, just a moment.
04:39   So, back on track. Sorry Markus. So here is the constitution.
04:45   Every time someone tries to call, my computer goes nuts.
04:48   So now my cell phone is on mute. Do you still hear me?
04:51   Yes, I still hear you. As I said, we can keep this short because
04:54   there’s not much more to tell besides the press release.
04:57   At the moment, I can’t say much more about it and I don’t want to. —I understand.
05:02   That’s the latest statement, and everything else will be forthcoming. We’ll be making
05:06   other statements soon, but for now we’re waiting to see
05:10   how things develop. I have a couple more interviews now,
05:14   but I’d ask you to share this newest information. —Very good!
05:19   I think it’s going to be an historic weekend,
05:23   with the nephew of John F. Kennedy being in Berlin. Nothing less than historic. —Yes.
05:29   This makes the upcoming weekend even more special, many times over. —It is insanely amazing.
05:37   It makes me think right away of the words, “I am a Berliner”.
05:42   We all remember the legendary words, and now
05:46   comes his nephew. This is so absolutely awesome! He’s in the city and we’ll have to watch
05:50   what he posts on his channel. Of course everyone is going to follow this. So if there’s
05:53   any news, we will post it, of course. Markus, before I let you go,
05:56   please give me an update about what happened today.
05:59   The last thing we heard was this afternoon, that the ball is in the police court. It’s not clear.
06:04   The interior ministry of Berlin refused to accept any
06:08   new demonstration registrations. That was the latest news.
06:12   Give us a short statement. —Yes, well, for diverse reasons, I’m not going to make any statements.
06:18   Everything has to go over official channels now,
06:22   and as soon as something happens, we will inform you all.
06:26   Super. —Today, as you can tell, I must restrain myself,
06:29   because I find myself presently in the role of lawyer,
06:32   and not as an activist. So, we will share what we can with you.
06:37   These channels will be the first to know.
06:42   Otherwise, we look forward to a great weekend in Berlin
06:45   and possibly with an additional prominent guest.
06:48   So that means, allow me to summarize so that everyone understands.
06:52   To avoid making a false statement.
06:56   He is in the city. He has been invited. This has been published from him. He knows it.
07:02   Whether he’s going to make a speech or not, we can’t verify that 100%. Is that correct?
07:06   We can’t say anything further. —So. Exactly. That’s it. He’s in the city.
07:10   He’s aware of the invitation. There’s been a press release.
07:14   Which is very promising, but nothing more definitive can be said at the moment.
07:18   I would like to add that he’s here for an important meeting with his own organization
07:24   Children’s Health Defense Europe. That’s what this is all about.
07:29   It is equally important, John F. Kennedy Jr.’s organization.
07:34   That is a message of its own. For everything else, we’ll have to wait and see.
07:42   Everyone should have a look into his organization.
07:46   It’s a very important topic. It concerns children’s rights
07:50   and human rights, which have become topics here in Germany on a daily basis at the moment.
07:55   It is great to see John F. Kennedy Jr., I said John F. Kennedy Jr.
08:01   Robert! —Robert!
08:09   As you can see, I haven’t slept well for a while.
08:12   Yes. You have a red head, like me. Do you know what I mean?
08:16   When your head feels warm? —Yes. OK. Once again, once again…
08:21   Robert F. Kennedy Jr. —Is it Robert Kennedy Jr. without “F”? —No, there’s an “F”. —Really?
08:29   He’s in Berlin and were happy that he is here. —That’s super, super good!.
08:33   We want to have a great weekend and, well,
08:37   everything else will be communicated through official channels.
08:41   Super! Markus, thank you very much for stopping by
08:44   and sharing that with us. I’ll continue with a couple of topics.
08:48   So Markus, if there’s anything else you’d like to say, please do it now.
08:51   Otherwise, thanks and sleep well! As much as you are able.
08:55   We’ll be hearing from you the next few days. I’m in Berlin tomorrow already.
08:59   Tomorrow night. Then of course on Saturday and longer. We’ll probably see each other live.
09:03   We’ll do a couple more interviews or something. Thank you so much for this information.
09:07   14,500 people have just watched this live, so now the news it out. It will be a huge motivation.
09:12   Thank you so much for this message. —Please share it too.
09:15   Share it with the press. They will get it,
09:18   but it is something we should share. It is an exclusive
09:23   for our participants and the alternative/free press.
09:29   That’s why the mainstream media aren’t getting it, because we wanted
09:33   to share the news directly ourselves. So, for that reason,
09:37   I’m going to stop here now in order to give my next interview. We’ll see each other soon.
09:40   Yes, we’ll see each other soon. Markus, thanks so much. Have a great evening.
09:43   Thank you, Samuel. Bye-bye. —So, dear friends, we’re back on our own.
09:48   Thanks to Markus for being there. We now have the information that
09:52   Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will be in the city of Berlin.
09:58   All further info, Markus Haintz will share on his Telegram channel.
10:06   Besides this terrific news, there’s also some bad news
10:12   coming from Angela Merkel. The Corona Chancellor is back.
10:18   Let me read it. So on T-online.de, if you scroll down you can read about a couple more measures
10:27   that she wants to implement. I had a look a these things today.
10:32   There is so much misinformation contained
10:36   in the video posted there, that I will have to make another video
10:40   just about that. Terminology is blended here. Mixed up.
10:44   The term “infected” is used, but I have to have a look at it detail.
10:48   However, I’m not going to let that ruin the moment.
10:51   This news is sensational. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
10:56   Let me show you. There he is.
11:01   A good guy, who has been an activist for years.
11:06   He’s through and through part of the resistance.
11:11   Here he is on the screen now. He will be in Berlin this weekend.
11:15   It is legendary news. I have to remind you all
11:18   about his uncle who said: “I am a Berliner.” Just legendary words.
11:24   I can’t confirm it and Markus couldn’t either,
11:30   but I sure hope he makes a speech.
11:34   It would be a legendary speech for sure, if it actually happens.
11:40   I’m just euphoric right now and so pumped up, even though I am physically exhausted.
11:46   I need to sleep, but this information makes it all worth while. Thank you so much for being here.
11:53   Everything will happen as it is meant to. We’re going to make this a short one, because we all
11:57   need to make sure we get some sleep. To keep going.
12:00   We’re right around 12 minutes. Thank you so much, really, for listening.
12:03   Now you know, someone very prominent is coming to town.
12:08   His family definitely has written some history.
12:12   and probably still will. With that, I’ll say thank you for being there,
12:16   and have a nice evening. We’ll see each other soon.
12:19   New videos are coming, and I’m going to Berlin tomorrow.
12:22   So I’ll be traveling. Thank you for all your support.
12:25   I’m speechless. It’s unbelievable. I’ll see you all in Berlin!
12:29   I look forward to meeting every single one of you!
12:32   Take care and God bless you! Have a great evening. Stay happy and courageous.
12:36   See you in Berlin. Thank you my friends. Till then. Have a nice evening.

Video transcript #9:

00:00   Good morning, friends.
00:04   I’m only a medical doctor with a small practice on the outskirts of town.
00:12   I actually don’t know what I should say
00:15   about what is happening in Germany right now.
00:21   I can really sum it up as a medical doctor,
00:25   as a vaccination doctor, and as someone
00:28   who has for his whole life
00:31   treated people with upper respiratory infections.
00:34   I can only say it again and again, “IT HAS NOTHING,
00:45   It is… and it is WORLDWIDE.
00:51   The introduction of a WORLD DICTATORSHIP, unfortunately you have to put it that way.
00:57   I’ve spent 1,500 hours in the past few months on this,
01:01   because I knew it wasn’t medical.
01:05   I could never figure out the agenda,
01:08   since the goals are so intertwined.
01:11   And last week in Speyer I was asked,
01:14   before, don’t know, around a thousand people, I spoke —
01:17   I’ve never spoken to people before, neither dared nor brave enough to do it
01:23   But now it is like…
01:27   that we…
01:30   It’s so unbelievable what’s going on, and they’re all playing along with
01:36   …and if… whoever still doesn’t believe…
01:41   that we have a dictatorship, you can’t put it any other way,
01:44   of course it is disguised, of course it is installed bit by bit.
01:48   But that people who are now opposed to excessive measures
01:53   and go for the reintroduction, reinstatement of our practically
01:57   basic rights onto the streets.
02:01   The forefathers of our Constitution wrote this
02:05   into the Constitution as well.
02:09   And what they are doing right now,
02:16   many will still not notice it, and will say “What’s the point of this?”
02:21   I can only say: COURAGE… anger… and a big heart.
02:29   That’s what unites us, and it has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with a virus.

7 thoughts on “Let Them Come to Berlin — To Protest the Coronavirus Restrictions

  1. Congrats to the great translation job!
    I would have taken bets that ” right wing extremists” would attempt to assault the Reichstag building. Their outfit was perfect with brandnew creased flags of olde( why am I reminded of Charlottesville ,here?) .That ” raging mob” (MSM) of hundreds could be tamed by three policemen by the main entrance. I bet that 60% of them went to cash their pay with a certain agency right after the event. A ridiculessly staged show.

  2. All of this begs the question “are Germans predisposed to fascist tendencies and therefore were ripe for Nazism to flourish, or has their experience with Nazi ideology predisposed them to be good little fascists to this day?

    Seems at least in the police departments Gestapo thug mentalities still continue to rule the roost. Also evident in the high percentage of the population that continues without fail to reelect far left fascists at every opportunity. And the more than half of the population that years after Comrade Merkel stopped trying to hide the mass importation of feral orcs still sees this as a good thing.

    At least not all Germans have this fascist predilection judging by the response to additional government tyranny disguised as public health measures. But there are not nearly enough of them, and the majority of Germans judging by the lack of outcry seem to be perfectly ok with their neo-Gestapo goons harshly dealing with those who do protest.

    • Strange logic. Germans seem to be almost the only ones in the world protesting against corona-restrictions, and yet we are predisposed to fascism.

      • In the States we have our own problems with fascists. About half the voting public votes for them every election, but the percentage of fascists is probably higher since they aren’t confined to only one party. There are plenty of protests against masks here, and plenty of disobedience. It varies by state and also by the predominant politics of the populations.

        My observation has more to do with the tendency of Germans towards fascism since they are protesting Wuhan Virus restrictions precisely because everything else that is remotely on the right side of the political spectrum is already heavily suppressed. With full support of the majority of the population I might add. Try to do a rally against the importation of orcs from the Maghreb and see how fast you wind up in jail, or at the least fired, locked out of your bank accounts, publicly shunned, and banned from any kind of online presence… Ironic, considering that Nazism, Communism, and socialism are all on the far left of the political spectrum.

  3. So they will get out and protest about a mild flu…but do nothing for years about the full blown cultural enrichment disease ?

    • Exactly, I guess everything it’s awkward with them , protest to get rid of this government cancer !!, and vote AFD finally !!, Merkel und CO. Muss weg aber schnell , do it for your kids !! For God sake ..

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