The Cultural Enrichment News From Spain

Greece, Italy, and Spain are currently overwhelmed by increasing waves of migrant invaders who are brought to Europe by people traffickers. The situation was bad enough already, but the onset of COVID-19 has added a new layer of restrictions and quarantine, pushing migrant reception systems to the breaking point.

The two videos below show the latest cultural enrichment news from Spain. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

Video #1

The following video is a news report about an incident last week in which migrants at a detention center in Melilla (the Spanish enclave in North Africa, bordering Morocco) rioted, attacking police and forcing the evacuation of staff members at the center:

Video #2

Rocío De Meer Méndez is a member of parliament for the populist Vox Party. The video below features remarks that she made recently on the floor of parliament about mass immigration. Among other incidents, she mentions the attack on the fence in Melilla described in the previous video:

Video transcript #1:

00:08   What began this morning as the second day of protest in the CETI [migrant center] of Melilla,
00:12   asking for transfer to the peninsula [mainland], has ended in a pitched battle
00:20   The demonstration began around ten in the morning, and, like yesterday, dozens of people
00:24   banged on the door of the center yelling, “Out!”
00:27   “Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out!”
00:33   Later, around midday, the situation exploded into disturbances inside the center.
00:37   The demonstrators used rocks, trash cans, and a fire extinguisher against the police officers.
00:44   “Out! Out! Out! Out! Out! Out!”
00:49   The workers of the center were trapped and had to take refuge
00:53   in an office until they had the opportunity to leave.
00:57   Meanwhile, the anti-riot police, protected against rocks by shields, the Civil Guards,
01:01   National Police, and local police entered to put down the protest.
01:05   According to government information, the number of injured officers
01:08   at this time is among civil security and national police.
01:11   On the other side, the number of detained is 26 residents of CETI
01:15   who were, little by little, taken to vans beginning at one in the afternoon.
01:19   Also needed was the presence of 061 [ambulance service], who took a young Egyptian
01:24   to the Comarcal hospital. When the situation was more under control this cleanup service was called
01:29   to pick up the remains [unintelligible]
01:32   [unintelligible] … banners
01:38   Over several hours one could see officers of different agencies entering and leaving the center,
01:42   since there were people who had the intention of continuing to protest.
01:48   CETI is a temporary reception center with a capacity of 782 people.
01:54   Principally for asylum-seekers, it passed its capacity years ago,
01:58   and since the decree of confinement for the Corona virus pandemic,
02:02   there has been an increase in the number of residents.

Video transcript #2:

00:04   Thank you very much, Madame President.
00:08   How long do you think you can continue fooling the Spaniards?
00:14   Because for another summer, the migratory invasion has played a leading role in the summer.
00:20   And the Spanish people know it, and what surprises me about all this
00:23   is that forces like the Partido Popular [Popular Party],
00:26   which has governed in this country, and we cannot forget, has also been responsible for
00:30   the leading role that NGOs like Open Arms have played in the Mediterranean during these
00:35   golden years, like 2016-2017.
00:39   Thus, the truth that surprises me is that now the PP is worried
00:43   about this situation which they once managed,
00:46   and managed in the same way as it is being managed right now.
00:50   The picture is absolutely worrisome. And this weekend,
00:54   300 illegal immigrants attacked the fence at Melilla.
00:57   Ceuta has collapsed. Forty landings have arrived
01:01   at Almeria, Alicante, Murcia and Canarias. More than 400 arrivals.
01:04   One hundred twenty Algerians free in Almeria without any type of control.
01:09   Canaries with alarming arrivals that have increased 520%
01:13   in respect to the totals of the previous year. And I remind you,
01:17   as did Mr. Txema Guijarro not long ago,
01:21   that we are in a worldwide pandemic, and there are some who if we allow
01:25   to cross our borders, Spain is not protecting its sovereignty. It is not protecting Spaniards,
01:31   and it is not protecting the doors and walls of its house.
01:35   There have been 3,000 arrivals of illegal immigrants in the last five weeks.
01:40   As of August 18, 12,237 illegal immigrants
01:46   entered Spain, totals higher than Greece, and yes, this is alarming.
01:50   These are not totals that we don’t have to take into account.
01:55   And I cannot believe that in the first world, a country
01:59   that is being extorted by countries in the third world,
02:02   and we cannot do anything to avoid it, and that we don’t have
02:06   our forces and agencies of security of the State available to protect our borders.
02:10   It is something that I simply cannot believe.
02:13   And you are promoting a migratory invasion that, besides, you are absolutely guilty.
02:17   And the victims are the Spanish citizens, and you and all the tentacles
02:22   of the great elites who are promoting this migratory invasion,
02:26   like the progressive governments or the NGOs, are the guilty ones for all this.
02:31   In the last few days we have just seen the Astral again returning to the Mediterranean,
02:35   and the state will be responsible for all and every one of the deaths in the Mediterranean.
02:40   Because with governments like that of Australia, which has absolutely closed and blocked the
02:43   migratory routes to Australia, do you know how many deaths there are in the sea?
02:49   None. When the borders are protected, the humanitarian drama is avoided.
02:54   And besides, you are extorting the Spaniards because you are blaming
02:58   the Spaniards who believe in the legitimate defense of their sovereignty and their borders.
03:02   Of the dead Africans in the Mediterranean, who do you want to take the blame?
03:07   Do you want to blame the Spaniard
03:10   whose hand was cut off by an Algerian a few days ago in Barcelona?
03:13   Do you want to blame the 12-year-old girl from Azuqueca de Henares
03:16   who was raped by a gang of five Moroccans and a Nigerian?
03:19   Do you want to blame the forces and agencies of state security
03:22   or the National Police attacked last Saturday by an Algerian
03:25   in the CETI detention center in Almeria?
03:30   As for the forces and agencies of state security not having the means to protect themselves
03:34   in the face of the public health drama we are living in. They want it to be about
03:39   the citizens of the Canaries, who make up 100 of the 135 outbreaks in July.
03:43   Those are outbreaks that have surged in the boats with illegal immigrants
03:46   that arrived on the coasts of the Canaries.
03:49   Honorable Members, multiculturalism…
03:53   I already know that you, in truth, are not affected, but
03:57   there are many Spaniards who are affected. Those Spaniards whom you intend to blame
04:00   for wanting to protect their sovereignty and their borders.
04:03   Multiculturalism works very well among Arab sheikhs,
04:08   bankers in the Upper East Side and presidents of administration councils.
04:13   Multiculturalism works very badly in El Puche in Almeria. It works very badly
04:18   in Niger, it functions very badly in Raval in Barcelona, and it functions very badly in Lavapies.
04:22   Do you believe the Spanish are going to permit their neighborhoods to be converted into
04:26   multicultural dung heaps? Like Molenbeek in Brussels? Or like Barbes in Paris?
04:31   Do you really believe that you can continue constantly fooling the Spanish people?
04:37   The Spanish people just woke up and pointed out the guilty.
04:41   They pointed out all the guilty who are generating this situation
04:45   that creates insecurity in their countries.
04:49   Massive regulation and the conceding of nationality, Honorable Members of Podemos,
04:52   is not patriotism. It’s ketchup.

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