How Dare He?

A female politician for the Social Democrats, Assistant Mayor Elfi Scho-Antwerpes of Cologne, was groped in broad daylight by one of the culture-enrichers for whom she so assiduously provided a “welcoming culture”.

The video below features commentary on the incident by the vlogger Unblogd. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling (note: MissPiggy has copied the German subtitles for the portions that are in English):

The following article from Politically Incorrect (also translated by MissPiggy) describes the incident in which Ms. Scho-Antwerpes was molested:

Migrant sexually assaults an SPD political icon in Cologne

By MANFRED ROUHS — It happened in broad daylight. In the middle of colourful, cosmopolitan, multi-cultural Cologne. Cologne’s assistant mayor Elfi Scho-Antwerpes was confronted with the harsh reality of a society that lacks universally accepted values. The well-known politician from Cologne did the only right thing:

I then called in policemen nearby for help. The perpetrator could be identified immediately. […] It was a man around 30, apparently with an immigrant background. The man didn’t even apologize.

When the well-known SPD representative, who was also a member of the Bundestag for a time, is walking through the cathedral city, the forces of law and order are not far away. A shout is enough, and then the access takes place.

But what should women do who are not travelling with a large entourage in the city? All they can do is call 110 and hope that help will arrive in time.

Scho-Antwerpes now hopefully realises what the policy of open borders of her party means for many women in Germany. She complains: “To experience something like this is a drastic experience, simply unpleasant. I am deeply hurt. You can’t expect such an irreverent attack.”

Video transcript:

00:03   The assistant Mayor of Cologne, Elfi Scho-Antwerpes, attended the Christoper Street Day parade
00:07   recently. As you know, it is THE day when validity-addicted homosexuals
00:11   openly show their sexuality on the street
00:15   for recognition. Best of all, in front of children.
00:18   This day was originally created to fight for the rights of homosexuals, but the whole thing
00:24   doesn’t have much to do with that anymore. Especially since this same group is completely silent
00:31   when it comes to the fact that a certain culture likes to hang homosexuals from cranes.
00:37   Anyway, the assistant Mayor of Cologne was at this wonderful event, and there was an incident
00:44   That must have kicked her out of her filter bubble really hard. She was being groped by immigrants.
00:50   The young men weren’t practicing social distancing and weren’t wearing masks.
00:54   When I pointed this out, one of them came at me with a crazy look in his eyes.
00:58   Our nose tips touched and suddenly he touched my breast. It was incomprehensible.
01:03   Even though at first, she spoke politically correctly by calling them “young men”, she then becomes
01:07   more concrete, and says that the guy who grabbed her breast
01:10   was a migrant: It was a man around 30 years old,
01:13   obviously with a migration background. The man did not even apologize.
01:17   Why do we have to mention now that the guy was from an immigrant background?
01:21   I thought we were all equal? But maybe it’s because we aren’t
01:24   all equal and there are certain cultures
01:27   that have a different understanding of women’s rights than we’re used to here in the West.
01:33   Here you can see what happens when someone steps out of
01:36   their filter bubble and is confronted with reality.
01:39   There’s only one thing that will help. Reality. Leave Germany.
01:42   Or you can solve the problem the Cologne way.
01:45   Hire even more social workers, create more dating workshops for people from the “party scene”,
01:49   and keep two arm’s lengths of distance. Or you just stay at home.
01:53   That has the advantage of keeping you away from people with the evil corona killer virus.
01:58   The Crap News Network was propagating for Black Lives Matter again.
02:03   Especially for this, they invited the black actor Terry Crews,
02:07   in hope that he would say something positive
02:10   about Black Lives Matter. Yeah, well, that blew up in their face.
02:14   Terry Crews criticized Black Lives Matter because
02:17   they haven’t mentioned the 9 children who were murdered.
02:20   28 Kinder starben innerhalb der letzten zwei Jahre.
02:24   Wir sprechen von nur einem Monat und wir haben 9 schwarze Kinder.
02:27   Die BLM-Bewegung hat nichts gesagt.
02:30   Since CNN wants to stick to their narrative, the moderator tried to make the murders relative.
02:39   Ich weiß nicht, was das mit einer Bewegung zu tun hat, die
02:42   mit Gleichberechtigung der Schwarzen zu tun hat.
02:45   Crews didn’t just want to leave this miserable propaganda unchallenged.
02:48   He said the sensible blacks need to
02:51   hold the criminal blacks responsible.
02:54   Schwarze Menschen müssen andere Schwarze zur Rechenschaft ziehen.
02:58   Wenn sich etwas ändern soll, müssen wir selbst auf unsere eigene Gemeinschaften schauen.
03:03   So, it looks like CNN is still trying help the U.S.A.
03:07   turn into the movie “Idiocracy”. Actually, there was something…

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  1. “#German Navy Berlin class Replenishment Ship A1411 FGS Berlin patrolling southbound #Chios Strait under Standing #NATO Maritime Group Two #SNMG2 back in east #AegeanSea after a short break for a few days at #Souda Naval Base in #Crete.”

    This ship brings immigrants from Turkey to The Greek islands and eventually to EE with the help of the Turkish coast guard and ignoring the our coast guard.
    When our coast guard succeeds to send them back we are accused of illegal repatriations.
    This ship has the duty to prevent the flooding of the West with illegal immigrants !!!!!!!!

    I hope that nobody in Europe has not understand the role of Germany in the shaping of EE according to what wished Gudenhove-Kalergi with the tolerance and even the help of the rest of European -puppet leaders.

  2. Were living in a upside down insane world now,

    brought on By communists, and braindead leftwing pc enabelers,
    political traitors, lunatik self appointed my rights mobs, femi mobs, soc media mobs, sjws, antifa nazi thought police,

    A whole gamut of these mobs, all feeling they empowered by mobile apps,
    Phones, tablets, to have power over overs who hold different world views,
    the inet has become our enemy, its open the doors to a genie
    Incarnate of the devil, produced millions of little hitlers, tryimg to bully and thought police us all, turning our kids onto homosexual activity,

    We have to stop them, its why the kalashnikov was invented.

    Im in portugal, a communist corrupt despot cess hole, choc full of commies and socialists, old expat euro hippys all promoting pc, communism,
    While they drive around in new mercedes benz cars, terrorising the population.

    How easy it is to trigger braindead brainwashed pc leftists in portugal,

    Heres a Trigger List:

    Reprimand your dog,
    Slap your child,
    Wear a cross
    Support trump
    Shave your head
    Believe in god
    Have christian faith
    Go to church
    You are hetero sexual
    Date to Display in public musical or artistic talent,
    Call a woman honey, darling, love, dear…,
    Speak the truth

    Just a few,

    Portugal is basket case, and hide out for leftists, who destroy there own countrys, then move south, to sit in sun, promoting communism here.

    • Oh, do I have to shave my head? Only just got my first haircut since March, thanks to the lockdown.

    • Just remember you are not alone.
      Even in this left-wing hell-hole, there are far more of us ready and willing to resist the communist takeover than they want you to believe.

  3. While Ms Elfi Scho-Antwerpes doesn’t look too bad for her age, I find it surprising that she didn’t welcome the fondlings of a young, aggressive, virile invader buck. Maybe it was just the public nature of the fondling; if he had offered to drag her into an alleyway to finish having his way with her she would have gone along willingly. Plausible deniability that she welcomed and enjoyed the attention, etc.

    • These communist woke cultist deserve what they get, no sympathy nor empathy for any of them, I’m all out.

  4. How else is the son of a poor Muslim border hopper going to show appreciation to a virtually naked feminist?

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