Another Afghan Success Story From Sweden

It seems that murder is a family affair for an Afghan man and his sons in the Swedish town of Kiruna. The three culture-enrichers are accused of murdering a man on a bus. From contextual clues, it would seem that the victim was a fellow culture-enricher.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell (Ullis News) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling:

Below is a story from Nyheter Idag about the murder in Kiruna. Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation:

Suspected of stabbing death in Kiruna: Request to remand in custody

Kiruna — Prosecutors have requested that a father and his two sons remain in custody for the stabbing murder of a 21-year-old man in Kiruna. The suspects are Afghan citizens, and the two sons also have Swedish citizenship.

It was on Wednesday evening that a 21-year-old man was stabbed to death on a bus in Kiruna. Three persons, a father in his 40s and his two minor sons, are under arrest suspected of the murder.

Prosecutor Lindha Strömberg has requested that the men remain in custody, and proceedings will be held Friday afternoon. According to a press release, the three suspects admit to events but deny the crime.

The prosecutor tells SVT that the suspects were acquainted with the victim.

“Yes, they know each other or are acquainted in any case. This is not an unknown random incident; it is not,” says Lindha Strömberg, who doesn’t want to comment further on the motive issue.

The father and one of his sons maintain that they acted in self defense, reports Aftonbladet.

Nyheter Idag has obtained part of the arrest documents that show that the father and his sons are Afghan citizens. According to the Swedish Tax Agency, the trio came to Sweden from Iran, like many other Afghans who have come to Sweden, in recent years. They were registered in 2015 by the Swedish Tax Agency as immigrants to Sweden. According to Samnytt, however, they have been in Sweden since 2012 and requested asylum and received permanent residency on the second attempt.

All of them are suspected on probable cause of murder and have no previous convictions in Sweden.

Video transcript:

00:00   The police received a call last night at 9:16pm about an incident on a bus in Kiruna.
00:07   One person was killed and several others were in custody for murder, alternatively, homicide.
00:12   The location is currently blocked off, now during the morning.
00:16   This is an interchange bus terminal where people change buses.
00:21   The police and forensic specialists are on location to investigate the site.
00:28   The bus company has reported that all bus services are cancelled in central Kiruna.
00:35   A father along with his two sons are suspected of murder
00:38   on the bus in Kiruna, which happened last Wednesday night.
00:41   All three admitted involvement with regard to the incident, but they deny the murder crime.
00:47   I find that all three persons conspired together to attack the plaintiff —
00:52   and they used a knife to murder him on the bus.
00:56   There is a dispute between these persons.
01:00   In particular, between the oldest man and the plaintiff, which ignited the incident.
01:04   This is not just a random incident concerning people who don’t know each other. They knew him.
01:09   But I don’t want to comment further in regard to why it happened.
01:14   Last Friday Gällivare City Court ordered the three persons into custody on suspicion of murder.
01:20   One of the sons admits that he killed the man on the bus, but claims it was in self-defense.
01:25   They confessed some details, that they were at the location,
01:28   and they were involved to a certain extent.
01:31   But that doesn’t make them guilty of murder.
01:34   Is there a discussion about self-defense?
01:37   I’ve seen that one of the defenders mentioned it
01:41   in the objection statement. We will investigate this.
01:45   I saw that the police were in the parking lot. I just saw the lights were flashing.
01:52   Two guys were handcuffed and sat down on the street or in the parking lot.
01:59   I believe they were handcuffed. —You mean this was going on during the incident? —Yes.
02:05   I thought, it’s weird that a police car just drove by —
02:10   then an ambulance also drove by. We didn’t know that the incident happened on a bus.
02:15   I found that out later from the TV.
02:19   How do you feel about it happening close to you? You live right next to all of this.
02:24   I don’t take is as if it were very dangerous. But I think it was completely unnecessary.

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  1. Surprised that they kept the vibrant diverse replacement comrades in custody.
    True believers would usually want them running loose for the good of the collective.
    The Viking gene is obviously long gone from Swedenistan.
    Forward! Yes we can…create a three ring clown car circus of delusional fairytales at war with reality and nature.

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