Planned Outrage

I posted the news feed early tonight because the electric company has notified me that there will be a “planned outage” lasting from midnight until 4:00am EDT.

If you submitted a tip late tonight, and you don’t see it in tonight’s news feed, don’t worry: I’ll keep it and use it tomorrow night.

As a matter of interest, when I first glanced at the postcard the electric company sent, I misread it as “planned outrage”. Which seems appropriate, given the ascendancy of Cancel Culture today.

I include the graphic below for no particular reason. But since we’re doing planned outrage, you know that somebody, somewhere is bound to be offended by it.

7 thoughts on “Planned Outrage

  1. Yes, East- Asians will feel rightfully offended by being presented with exaggeratingly huge eyes, a ridiculous straw hat called Som- Ble-Lo and a Pon-Cho worn over the left shoulder which is considered as insult in their culture.

    • Slightly divergent from this, but has anyone noticed that the characters in Manga and Anime (Japanese cartoons and animations) have non-east Asian, round eyes? I find it hard to believe that the Japanese have some sort of feeling of inferiority over their appearance, but it is curious.

      • Same on billboards in the muslim world: models are nearly always blond and blue eyed.
        The variety we enjoy is great! Figure 100% of a population with brown eyes and pitchblack hair. How boaring is this?

  2. Rolling brown/black outs are part of the Great Leap Forward Fundamental Transformation.
    In the globalist utopia hell on earth for the rest of us there will be credits for everything.
    There will be no cash or coins because Mommygov and the controllers love you (LMFAO!) and want to keep you safe.
    Dey hav vays ov keeping u safe, Jawohl.

  3. so BLM now stands for Brown Lives Matter, which they do. Here in SoCal they constitute a de facto majority and with the Chumash/Gabrielano Indians were the original residents of the area, with the other BLM regarded as invaders. The two BLMs do not talk to each other and be careful not to be caught between them as a WLM.
    So put BLM under your caricature of a Mexican national and you will certainly have a “power outrage.”

  4. Hello Baron,
    to your “It may offend somebody”:
    Over at spacebattles there is a thread “Why dont Military planes no longer have nose art anymore”.
    In it it is mentioned that some US soldiers painted something on the nose of a Hellfire missile (it was not said what the painting looked like) but that the superiors demanded that this painting be removed because it may offend the enemy.

    Just imagine this would have been implemented during WWII, Korea or Vietnam.
    Some US soldiers paint something on the nose of a 1000 lbs bomb with regards to Hitler, Schussolini etc and Churchill says they have to remove it because it may offend Hitler, Schussoline etc. Hilarious
    (For those wondering why I write Schussolini and not Mussolini: There was a Comic known as Sturmtruppen: So war Papis Wehrmacht – Stormtroopers: Thats how Dads army was, and there Mussolini was known as Schussolini because he always failed and was considered a Schussel=idiot)

    But dont think that those guys at spacebattles are neutral or sympathethic to our case – far from it.

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