Turks vs. Antifa in Vienna

Last Wednesday night violence broke out in Vienna among an unlikely group of combatants: Turkish Islamic zealots against an alliance of Kurdish feminists and Antifa. The antifas may have gotten more than they bargained for when they took up the cause of the Kurds and brought down the wrath of the Grey Wolves upon their heads.

The main battlefront was on the street in front of the Ernst Kirchweger Haus, which is the headquarters for Antifa. It’s named for a commie martyr who was killed in political street violence in 1965.

The following two videos concern the riots in Vienna. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes and RAIR Foundation for the subtitling.

The first video is a compilation of raw clips of the violence at the Ernst Kirchweger Haus in Vienna:

The second video features acerbic commentary by the vlogger Unblogd:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   Once again, civil war-like scenes in Vienna: Turks against Antifa.
00:04   Anatolian conflicts are fought around the Ernst Kirchweger Haus.
02:28   What is going on?
02:47   Holy S***! S***!

Video transcript #2:

00:18   The fight against extremism is really hypocritical, but not for the reasons we know about already.
00:24   There’s a completely different reason. There’s one group
00:28   which is constantly being completely disregarded,
00:32   and that’s the so-called “party scene”.
00:36   Now they have hit Vienna really hard. So what was going on there, anyway?
00:41   In Vienna, there was a demonstration of Kurdish feminists, and as you might imagine,
00:45   not every Turk thought that was hot. So there were clashes between the Kurds and the Turks.
00:52   It was a violent confrontation. Yeah, and of course
00:56   the Antifa did not want to miss out on anything.
01:00   As you may all know by now, Antifa recently relabeled itself
01:04   “Migrantifa”, and is standing in solidarity
01:07   with the Kurds, as usual. So after these clashes,
01:11   they pledged solidarity with the Kurdish feminists.
01:15   That led the Kurdish feminists to call
01:18   for a spontaneous demonstration, which didn’t go very well
01:21   for the Antifa, because a few of the Antifa got their a**es kicked by the Turkish nationalists.
01:28   The Turks didn’t think it was very cool that the Antifa had shown solidarity with the Kurds.
01:33   So they went to the Antifa club house — at the Ernst Kirchweger Haus —
01:37   that evening and started a riot there.
01:40   From Senegal, or Portugal, doesn’t matter at all! Nobody is illegal!
01:48   Rights to stay everywhere! Rights to stay everywhere!
02:00   Yeah, so far, so insane. It became even more insane
02:04   due to the Antifa Princess documenting the entire event.
02:08   And while she did, she had to bitch about the police, too. You know, those “bastards”.
02:14   The police needed a quarter of an hour to arrive at the Wielandgasse. During that time,
02:18   several hundred Turkish fascists threw bottles and incendiary devices
02:22   at the building and tried to kick in the door.
02:27   It seems like the Turks attended a few Antifa workshops, because that’s exactly what Antifa does
02:32   to those with different political beliefs. After reading that,
02:35   you get the impression that Antifa is completely schizophrenic.
02:38   On the one hand they claim to be autonomous and hate the police. A.C.A.B. [All cops are bastards]
02:42   and on the other hand the police should have been there like yesterday, when it concerns them.
02:47   But O.K., I’m no psychologist. Their schizophrenia is revealed,
02:50   in general, by their Open Borders politics.
02:53   According to them nobody is illegal. That would mean Turkish nationalists
02:56   aren’t illegal either, but once they’re already there,
02:59   then suddenly that’s too much for the Antifa. They really need to decide.
03:04   So that’s what you get with those kind of politics. You get Nazis crawling out of some hole
03:08   from somewhere in Germany, but also real hardcore nationalists
03:13   from Turkey. Well then, congratulations!
03:16   Experience is gained slowly, Robin, and the price is many mistakes.

15 thoughts on “Turks vs. Antifa in Vienna

  1. Like the Iran-Iraq war, you cheer for whoever is losing, and when they start winning you cheer for the other side.

    • When your enemies are killing each other, supply who ever is currently losing with amphetamines, whiskey and ammunition.

  2. Are they in mourning over Saint George the Immaculate?
    Instead of fighting they should redistribute some property for the good of the collective or maybe Kendall Jenner could bring some Pepsi over and everyone will hold hands and sing hymns of praise to globalist pimps.
    Plants crave electrolytes, Brawndo is the thirst mutilator.

  3. I would root for the Turks except I want both sides to lose. Hope the Turks gave those black-bagged panty-waists a beating they will never forget. It is quite hilarious how the warriors of the Pedophile don’t really give a defecation about the virtues of intersectionality and radical feminism. At least muslim males know they are males and make no excuses for it.

    • Be sure that those bourgeois kids found the match they were longing for with those turkish thugs. They are only bigmouthed when western deescalating police strategies apply. Orientals don’t stop once you’ re down.

  4. Another Siege of Vienna, only they are already inside the gates and fighting each other plus the treasonous leftists. Let em’ kill each other!

  5. Do not take lightly the Grey Wolves.They are killers and they will be very dangerous for Europe.They are here for a certain reason.To my opinion they are more dangerous than Antifa.

  6. I hope they continue to fight for the next few centuries.
    And of course I would like to see this area to be turned into some kind of Arena like in Mad Max III that is irresistible to all Antifa, muslims, enemies of western culture (like Soros, Merkel) etc until all of Europe is free.

  7. minute 3:04 ” Nazis crawling out of some hole in Germany? Is he talking about Austria here? Here isva sample of austrian speciality : Adolf Hitler, Adolf Eichmann, Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Rudolf Höss….. need some more?
    Smart people there: they made Mozart and Beethoven Austrians and the afore mentioned Germans.
    And here is a callout to sensitive readers in central- eastern Europe: in which country were the most jews murdered after WW II?

  8. The Turks were likely more riled by the “Kurdish” elements here than by the “feminist” elements, as the hatred between these two Muslim peoples is longstanding.

    As for the phrase “Kurdish feminist” I can’t help but recollect the stoning of a 17-year-old Yazidi Kurdish girl, Du’a Khalil Aswad, in the Kurdish region of Iraq in 2007. Her grisly death was filmed by multiple cell phones. Not too many Kurdish feminists around to help her then.

    Antifa and the Grey Wolves deserve each other. As for the Kurdish feminists, why are they protesting in Vienna? What in Austrian society do they wish to change? Would the Kurdish regions of northern Iraq and eastern Turkey not be more relevant to their purported aims?

    • I saw some of those Kurdish feminists after they got done with a few ISIS prisoners, they carved them up like Thanksgiving Turkeys and with a gleam in their eyes.

      • I believe “Kurdish feminist” is a relative term. Any one of them is likely physically the equal of an entire woke gathering of Western trans-women and their sociology professors.

        As for ISIS prisoners, other than feeding rats and buzzards, carving them up like Thanksgiving Turkeys is the best use they could be put to.

  9. Antifa wanted diversity… Now they got it! How do Turkish fascists compare to the Germanic ones??

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