Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner: “Our Country is in Serious Danger”

Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner is a hematologist and oncologist, and a former member of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) who serves in the Baden-Württemberg regional parliament.

Last Wednesday the president (i.e. speaker) of parliament, Ms. Muhterem Aras (Greens), ordered that Dr. Fiechtner be ejected from the chamber, and suspended him for a term of five sessions of parliament. The following video is his response.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   Hello dear friends of truth.
00:07   And freedom. Dear friends of freedom. That’s what this is about here in this chamber.
00:12   Once again, the parliamentary president has overstepped her authority.
00:18   Once again, she abused her office in a totalitarian, even fascist manner,
00:24   in order to limit free speech and prevent me from executing my mandate.
00:33   She went so far as to expel me, once again, from the parliamentary sessions.
00:40   Of course, since I refused to give free rein to this lawlessness or
00:47   to acquiesce to it. I stood firm. As was to be expected, this woman,
00:55   whom I now must describe as a political criminal, because she acts
01:00   in such a manner that suitable for a totalitarian system, but certainly not
01:06   in a state under the Rule of Law. A state that values freedom, the rule of law and integrity.
01:13   The press is fully engaged in pushing their PR, saying that
01:18   the parliamentary member Dr. Fiechtner provoked or induced his own expulsion
01:23   through provocation. This is by no means the case!
01:28   I gave two speeches. For both, Ms. Aras issued me reprimands for being out of order.
01:33   In my last speech, I stated that these parties have blood on their hands. That’s right!
01:38   The excessive violence in Stuttgart is a result of the absolutely twisted and failed policy
01:44   of the established parties, starting with the Green Party, then the SPD, but also the CDU and FDP.
01:50   These parties do have blood on their hands. That’s exactly what I just told them.
01:57   For that reason, this president believes she has the authority to issue me a reprimand
02:02   and to deprive me of the right to speak. In response, I said they should all go outside,
02:08   to the nearby Königsstraße and pick up the shards of their policy.
02:13   I also told them to take the parliamentary president with them. That was her reason
02:17   for banning me from this chamber. Are you serious?! Has this woman lost her marbles?
02:22   Apparently, I have been banned for the next five parliamentary sessions.
02:27   The procedure was the same as last time. I refused to leave, so they called the police.
02:32   However, this time I was determined not to leave voluntarily, no.
02:36   I told that to the police officer,
02:39   whom I greeted in a friendly manner like the last time.
02:42   I told him no, I wouldn’t be leaving voluntarily. They would have to do
02:45   what they have to do, and physically remove me if they intended to follow
02:50   these orders. I advise them of the possibility of remonstration,
02:56   to refuse or accept orders that are obviously unlawful.
03:02   The officers who were present thought everything was correct.
03:10   So I had to ask them if they weren’t ashamed of themselves for forcefully removing,
03:15   carrying an elected official from the parliamentary chamber. They said they weren’t ashamed.
03:21   So that does leave an unpleasant aftertaste in respect to how some police officers behave.
03:29   Especially since this debate dealt with the violence
03:33   that police officers must endure from violent criminals,
03:37   from imported violent criminals and leftist violent criminals, in which they suffer injuries.
03:41   Not to mention that I just went to bat for them,
03:46   but it remains a very ambivalent, dubious topic.
03:51   It just proves that the police are always the tool of those who rule, and if those who rule are bad,
03:59   it often means the work of the police isn’t what it should be.
04:05   I’m shocked, and need to express how extremely emotionally churned-up inside I am.
04:12   I have to say, I’m even close to tears, in light of this kind of offense.
04:18   Naturally, I must consider subsequent actions. Submitting an objection against this decision
04:24   goes without saying. That is the prerequisite for proceeding with any further action at all.
04:32   An additional step would be a lawsuit submitted to the German Supreme Court, which I think,
04:38   in this case, must happen. If boundaries aren’t drawn now,
04:43   then our parliamentary system is definitely lost.
04:47   So, my dear friends, continue to hold aloft the flag in this battle for freedom.
04:53   Our country is in serious danger. Our country is under attack. If we want to preserve our country,
04:58   we must stay united, rise up and develop a thick skin.

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  1. O.K. no offense and you can be mad at me all you want but there are multiple major happenings in the news right now of major Jihads and you decide to do another story about this?
    Please tell me this isn’t all that’s being posted today.

  2. I imagine Erdogan has his special forces on standby to do a quickie to protect his countrymen while negotiations are entered into with the
    perceived as knackered.

  3. What a travesty of justice! Angela Merkel has been a disaster for Germany, in my opinion. She has welcomed so many Muslims into Germany that the rape and murder rates have sky-rocketed.

    I hope the German voters will kick her out in their next election and vote for someone who has the citizens’ well-being uppermost in their minds.

    She is a disgrace.

    • I imagine Merkel will have to go into hiding at some point while how to smuggle her to comraids is figured out, In any other century this creature would not have been allowed to tun amok with her Islamic slashers, rapists and pillagers.

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  4. Thanks for the transcript. Browser is locked down.
    How I weep for Germanystan. Ancestry is Scottish/Czech but I do love Deutschland.
    Proceed ever more boldly Dr. Heinrich.

  5. This is incredible. So maybe next time she introduces a bill and bans everyone who might vote against it? How can she overrule the voters of his district by banning him from the parliament (or whatever farce they call it there).

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