Peace For Our Time

The war between the Chechens and the North Africans in Dijon is over. Imams representing the two sides hammered out a peace agreement at a mosque in the Quétigny district.

Below are two videos about this momentous peace accord. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translations, to MissPiggy for the timing, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The first video is a news report on the agreement from French television:

Julien Odoul is a French politician who began his career as a socialist, and now serves as the regional president of Rassemblement National (formerly Front National) in Bourgogne Franche-Comté.

In the second video, Mr. Odoul gives his view of the peace agreement reached in Dijon:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   In the garden of fraternity at the Quétigny Mosque
00:04   in the suburbs of Dijon is where the meeting took place,
00:07   with a total of about fifteen people from the Maghreb and Chechen communities.
00:12   The objective of the discussions was to agree on how to end to the violence.
00:17   Everything in this case is solved now, and this didn’t have anything to do with drugs.
00:21   This didn’t have anything to do with it. Racism has nothing to do with it, either.
00:25   They’re just kids. They started it, but since yesterday, it has been solved, and has calmed down.
00:29   Already on Monday calm had returned after several days of fighting in the streets,
00:33   and following the dialogue that began between the representatives of the two sides.
00:36   An attack on a young Chechen in front of a shisha bar led to the clashes.
00:43   The father of this young man also came to the meeting at the mosque.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Julien Odoul, is there no longer any government authority today?
00:03   I think there is practically no government anymore. —Oh, really?
00:06   After what we saw happen in Dijon, and seeing the aftermath of Dijon,
00:10   this is an event that should be of concern to everyone.
00:14   In the end, the armistice between the Chechen militias and the Maghreb community
00:18   was signed by an Imam at the radical mosque of Quétigny near Dijon.
00:25   This means today in France, in 2020, it is no longer the French government that stops hostilities,
00:32   restores civil peace, or stops wars. A religious authority does.
00:37   In some cases, an extremist and Islamist one. It is necessary to know that
00:40   the Mosque of Quétigny in Dijon, which is sadly notorious, is a mosque
00:43   held by the UOIF. We call them the Muslims of France now. —The Muslim Brotherhood.
00:48   The Muslim Brotherhood, an organization classified as terrorist in many countries.
00:51   The result today is that the French government is unable to respond.
00:56   Ultimately, the French government delegates its authority
00:59   to a community due to their observable power
01:02   to decree peace in these districts, these zones, that are under a different law.
01:07   Today it is no longer the law of the Republic, it is the Islamist law.

12 thoughts on “Peace For Our Time

    • I would have been more pleased if more of them had ended up in pieces.

      • Agreement in a mosque. How about arrests in a police station? That agreement close the police investigation and arrests? No legal action required?

    • Hard to believe that not that long ago these settlers would all be dead. Courtesy of French patriots.

    • There is no peace with islam, this is nothing but a temporary lull until the storm, which will inevitably happen.

  1. How accommodating the French newscasters are. News and propaganda in our time. Well and truly pre-occupied. Still softer than the UK Sky news employees with its angry almost violent anti-male feminist female quotas.

  2. Oh my God! What a shame.
    A peace treaty between two monkey gangs is considered an achievement.

  3. ‘Peace’, you believe.
    The word is “submission”.
    In a way it is the submission of French government as they have delegated their sovereignty away.

    The “hudna” is for up to 10 years, , while you gather your strength, to return to battle for victory, or sooner if you believe you have the power.

    In the mean time, a victory has been achieved over France.

    The price of that “peace” that is “submission” will allow more sharia, all slowly ratcheting upwards, from one violent episode to the next one.
    The price could be more territory or more autonomy, but ceaselessly wanting more of it.

  4. Eric Zemmour: “The French suburbs are the alliance of the Kalashnikov and the Koran”

    The “lost territories of the Republic” have, it seems, never been so aptly named. While part of Dijon has been ablaze, in recent days, Eric Zemmour has drawn up a severe observation of the situation in the French suburbs.

    “Mayors Outsource Order To Drug Dealers”
    “How did François Rebsamen (the socialist mayor of Dijon) see nothing coming? Simply because he did not want to see it coming. He is not the only one, all the mayors of the big cities, all the ministers, all the politicians for 30 years refuse to see what is happening in France in countless suburbs, which are now called ‘working-class neighborhoods’ since the French left them, “thundered the journalist on the set of Face à l’Info, Wednesday, June 17.

    • “Working-class neighborhoods” is ironic, since the orcs that displaced French workers have little interest in legitimate work. Dealing narcotics and welfare fraud doesn’t count as work in my opinion.

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