Jair Bolsonaro: The Goal is to Remove Me From the Presidency

The video below is a follow-up to several posts (most recently here) about the Brazilian Deep State’s efforts to overthrow President Jair Bolsonaro.

Here in the USA, the executive arm of the Deep State consists of the Democrats and RINO Republicans in Congress, plus parts of the Department of Justice and other elements of the permanent bureaucracy. In Brazil the Supreme Court is charged with doing most of the dirty work.

Many thanks to José Atento for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Today is another sad day in our history
00:03   but, people, be certain, it was the last.
00:09   We want peace, harmony, independence and respect and democracy above all.
00:20   Freedom of expression is something sacred between you and the alternative media.
00:26   We can’t just keep on
00:31   having only one side, from traditional media or social media.
00:37   Both need to live side by side. Someone created this term “hate office.” Some believed it;
00:45   others took it to court.
00:50   A court case cannot be initiated based on a factoid or fake news.
00:56   We respect the other branches of government but they must also respect us.
01:05   With all respect I have for both the Legislative and the Judiciary,
01:12   and members of my branch, invading houses of innocent people,
01:18   humiliating wives and children — this is inadmissible.
01:27   I’ll say more. The conductor of my actions is the Brazilian people
01:36   I will be where the people want me to be.
01:41   As the days go by, what they say about me is proven wrong.
01:46   See that I have in my soul the spirit of democracy and respect for others.
02:12   It is painful to hear from those who had their private property violated.
02:19   They are not criminals, drug traffickers; on contrary,
02:25   they are citizens, heads of households, men, women,
02:32   taken by surprise by the Federal Police, under orders, breaking into their houses.
02:39   I never intended to control the Federal police.
02:44   At least what happened yesterday proved that.
03:31   A man without freedom has no life, and we shall fight for the freedom of Brazil whatever it takes.
03:39   There is no person who is more scorned, humiliated and attacked in social media than I am.
03:47   And even so, I did not utter a single word in order to control anyone.
05:11   No one else has demonstrated stronger commitment to democracy and freedom.
05:20   Now things have a limit. Yesterday was the last day.
05:28   And I ask God to enlighten the few
05:33   who think they are better and more powerful than others
05:40   to put themselves in their place, then we respect them.
05:44   Furthermore, we cannot speak of democracy
05:50   without an independent judiciary and legislature,
05:56   so that decisions can be taken, not autocratic at times,
06:03   but that the decisions that interest the people
06:07   be taken after listening to the whole body.
06:11   It’s over, damn it!
06:16   Sorry for the outburst. It is over.
06:19   It is no longer possible to admit individual attitudes of certain people.
06:24   Taking certain actions almost personally.
06:30   We are a free country, and it shall remain so,
06:36   even with the sacrifice of life itself.
08:16   No one goes anywhere if freedom is lost,
08:21   and freedom of speech is sacred. I put myself in the shoes of all those
08:26   who had their private properties
08:30   invaded at dawn.
09:34   We know that the goal of some is to remove me from the presidency, to steal it again.
09:40   I know that is it.
11:18   I always said the Armed Forces are with the people, with democracy, law and order.
11:25   They won’t make me transgress, so that they may turn me into a dictator’s brush
11:32   of the Right. This does not exist.
11:37   I will go to the bitter end against anyone in my environment who may think that way.
11:43   On the other hand I ask for the last time to let the government work.
11:50   We have 210 million people.
11:55   The most recent measures that were taken — and it was not by me —
11:59   made many poor people miserable.
12:02   Many people in the middle class were transformed into poor people,
12:06   and it will be difficult to restart this economy.
13:27   And don’t create a new crisis to disrupt Brazil,
13:32   that the third wave after the recession,
13:36   is that of the poverty of people who lost everything, of anguished people.
13:44   We descend, and almost by inertia, in a different regime.
13:51   Look at Venezuela. Look where our dear Argentina is going.
13:57   Do you want this for Brazil?
14:00   You yourselves, journalists,
14:10   came to my knowledge [names traditional media]
14:18   reduced your salary by 25%,
14:22   and are looking to reduce by another 25%.
14:25   Does anyone think I’m wrong?
14:37   If Brazil moves forward, advertisers will appear to advertise in newspapers,
14:45   in magazines, on TV, on radio; everyone will live better.
14:52   I don’t give money [to the press], first because the money isn’t mine; it’s public.
14:56   I have to invest it in a better place.
15:15   We want to get out of the situation we find ourselves in.
15:18   Now, as soon as we see the exit from this situation, another…
15:23   it seems that… and another thing, for God’s sake,
15:29   the purpose of this action is to harm those who support me.
17:37   Another thing. A private meeting of the president of the republic,
17:44   of the vice president and his ministers
17:48   that was recorded as usual for us to make excerpts
17:54   to show on social media, and then destroy the rest, it was unfortunately
18:01   made public. It had been classified as SECRET
18:08   by the government secretary.
18:11   We did our best to request that only the part of interest to the inquiry be made public.
18:18   A judge of the federal supreme court decided to suspend the degree of secrecy,
18:25   exposing a presidential meeting.
18:30   And from that,
18:33   there was a minister of mine with a threat of imprisonment for up to 20 years.
18:40   I ask you to reflect.
18:43   For the love of God I ask you to reflect.
18:46   For the love of God I ask you to reflect.
18:55   Inside these meetings, everyone can say what they want because they are private.
19:01   And I could have destroyed the tape, which is not an official tape.
19:08   I respected the decision of Judge Celso de Melo,
19:12   and I handed over the tape with all possible petitions that it not be released,
19:16   except the topic of the investigation.
19:21   I told the minister that he could divulge what I said,
19:25   but the judge ignored the secrecy of the secret session.
19:30   The responsibility of what has become public is not the responsibility of any minister,
19:36   it is Judge Celso de Melo’s, he is responsible for that.

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  1. Bolsonaro is the best president ever, in Brazil! We lived here with a full of corruption and communist leadership during about 40 years, wich made us slaves of the rotten politic system and a bright future that never came, despite it’s great people and richness. Bolsonaro is the only choice we can count on! God Bless him.

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