The Yodeling of the Muezzin is Heard in Lleida

The cathedral of Lérida (Lleida in Catalan) in Catalonia was recently violated by five Muslims equipped with a powerful audio system from which they then broadcast the azan — the Muslim call to prayer.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from the Spanish news agency Europa Press. The translator notes: “The text in the article says that the loudspeakers were set up next to the cathedral, though the video shows they are at or on the cathedral.”

PP criticizes Lleida for permitting call to prayer during Ramadan

The press spokesman of the PP [Partido Popular/People’s Party] in Lleida [Lérida], Xavier Palau, has criticized the Town Hall for allowing the Muslim community of the city to install loudspeakers next to the Cathedral of Seu Vella for the call to prayer during Ramadan, the party announced in a statement this Saturday.

He declared that the Catholics of Lleida didn’t receive any type of concession during Holy Week, since religious rites and processions have been suspended due to the coronavirus, and he opined that this “demonstrates the sectarianism that the Town Hall defends.”

“It seems to us a violation of the fundamental rights of the city as a whole, because the loudspeaker installed in the highest building forces all the citizens to listen to the call,” and he said that it seems to impose a belief, in his words.

See also this tweet (in Spanish), which includes a video of the caterwauling of the muezzin.

Hat tip: Rodrig (in the comments).

9 thoughts on “The Yodeling of the Muezzin is Heard in Lleida

  1. Lleida is where there was mass poisoning of dogs. Of course, the individuals who perpetrated it cannot be traced, though it is clear which “community” they adhere to.

    • Hmm…

      Maybe there’s a way to bring some of them to my neighborhood; temporarily of course! Just long enough to rid the neighborhood of it’s barking dog problem so I am able to sleep after working a night shift.

    • In my neighborhood we had quite a number of stray dogs,since the invasion of the Afro-Asians the area is clean.

  2. Didn’t the Moors bring bullfighting to Spain as cultural enrichment?

    • Excuse late reply: I believe it goes back to the Romans. The bull God Mithras was particularly revered by their military.

  3. By taking no action against Muslims we acknowledge their superiority. How does one ignore wives and children. It is so dreadful to have watch big strong Western European men being shat upon by such proven low life. Surely Western Europe is not going to disappear into the night without a whimper. Is everywhere to reek like London and its alien elite? Yuk!

    • We do no acknowledge any superiority not because they are not superior but if we do what we should do the government will come against us in many ways not only sending the police.
      Now in Chios island the police try to find the persons who support the guy who shoot(in the air)the illegals who enter his land without permission.
      The whole system protects them and not the natives.
      Rage is growing up and i am scared that in the future we will not shoot in the air.

  4. I wonder if the barbaric yawp emenating from their phallic constructs has a negative effect on property values and the resulting taxation?

    Perhaps one could encourage the construction of these symbols of islamic occupation in the midst of or in close proximity of wealthy virtue signaling neighborhoods in order to destroy property values and just as a general nuisance. Besides the noise, which could be made worse by finding deliberately jarring and unmelodious renditions of the call to stick one’s derriere into the air five times a day, one could also allow local perverts access to conspicuous telescopes on the balconies of the minarets with which to view the local hoi polloi in their backyards and through their windows, thereby ruining their privacy.

    The best part is that wealthy, virtue signaling leftists who are the chief instigators of diversity bovine excrement, would be forced to accept the consequences of their jamming multi-culti down everyone’s throats, or oppose such construction and be subjected to First Amendment challenges.

    • It amazes me when you throw in a dozen or so used tires in the entrance of those minarets and a can of gas just how beautiful it looks watching the flames spew out of the top. Or so I have heard. 😉

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