Thanks to the Coronavirus, the Muezzin is Yodeling in Germersheim

One of the side-effects of the coronavirus lockdowns in Europe has been the broadcasting of the Muslim call to prayer, even where such broadcasts are ostensibly against the law. The video below highlights the azan at a DITIB mosque in the German town of Germersheim.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:10   Mili Görus and DITIB allow the Muezzin call to prayer in the middle of Germersheim.
00:17   Approved by CDU Mayor Schaile.
00:26   Mili Görus is anti-constitutional, anti-Semitic and rejects democracy.
00:34   DITIB, which also has no respect the German constitution,
00:37   plans to build a mosque in Germersheim.
00:43   During the planning process DITIB rejected every form of consideration for the city.
00:50   As reward, the promoters of political Islam
00:53   are permitted to demonstrate their power in Germersheim.

9 thoughts on “Thanks to the Coronavirus, the Muezzin is Yodeling in Germersheim

    • I am sorry but you are wrong.
      After reading a few US Blogs I know that many (among them Vietnam Veterans) do not like Hanoi Jane Fonda. They all want to see her punished for her treason. The Vietnam war ended 1975. That is 45 years and nothing happened.
      Do you think we are different?

      • Yes, Because human nature being what it is, we are comfortable around our own, throw 3rd worlders in massive numbers into the mix through forced diversity, and you get Balkanization and then bloodshed, as history has shown too many times to count. Hanoi Jane should have hanged years ago for her treason, but one traitor amongst millions of our 3rd world enemies is no comparison. Patience as economic times become tougher will bring out our nationalistic tendencies with a bloody vengeance soon.

      • Many would love to see her hang or meet her end in even more unpleasant circumstances. What holds people back from vigilante acts is a comfortable life and an effective and motivated law enforcement. Crash the economy and turn those who were previously comfortable out on the streets, and tie up police resources dealing with petty regulations like making sure no one is outside or in groups, and the likelihood of scores being settled massively increases. Every country where this has occurred, especially politically, racially, and class divided societies, have seen the knives come out as soon as the lapdogs of the state disappear.

      • Yes. Visit London, New York since 9/11. Paris. Amsterdam – Scandinavia. It is all so well and truly upside down and over.

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