Culture-Enriching Urinator Refuses to Serve His Sentence

I’ve posted previously about a grotesque crime in Sweden in which a group of culture-enriching youngsters robbed, beat, and urinated on a native Swedish boy.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this follow-up article from Nyheter Idag:

Humiliation-robbers sentenced to juvenile care — one refuses to serve his sentence

In February, a 16-year-old was sentenced to juvenile care for three robberies, two counts of abuse and one count of unlawful detention. One of the robberies received a lot of attention when the robbers urinated upon their victim, which was filmed and disseminated. But the 16-year-old refuses to accept his sentence. He has left the HVB home and refuses to return.

After a very attention-grabbing humiliation-robbery, where the robbers urinated on their victim, a 16-year-old was sentenced to juvenile care.

But now Aftonbladet reveals that the care placement isn’t working, since the 16-year-old refuses to accept his sentence. The 16-year-old has left the HVB home where he was placed, and refuses to return.

Prosecutor Mirna Lelic feels that the penalty isn’t working and wants to see other actions. In her memo to the district court, she says that “Social Services has made several attempts to get him to return, among which was to contact him and buy him a train ticket. But that has not helped.

“Thus I think that he misunderstands this so much that this punishment should be eliminated,” Mirna Lelic tells Aftonbladet.

The problem is that the sentence-value for the crimes the 16-year-old was convicted of is too low for lockdown youth care to be in effect. Lockdown youth care requires that the penalty be at least one year.

“And the district court ruled that the sentence is eight months in custody, so that doesn’t rise to the limit beyond which he could be sentenced to lock down youth care. So it’s a little tricky,” Lelic tells Aftonbladet.

Södertörn’s district court will request a new opinion from Social Services, after which the parties will be called to a meeting to express their views.

In February Prosecutor Mirna Lelic told Aftonbladet that the sentence for the newly-convicted robbers didn’t mean a loss of freedom.

“They are not locked up. It is not like a prison in that you cannot leave. It is not that,” said Lelic to Nyheter Idag.

21 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Urinator Refuses to Serve His Sentence

  1. Hmm,

    No doubt he was upset by the paucity of Nutella fountains and the lack of promiscuous Swedish girls in his accomodations. Likely, he is suffering from a sexual emergency and will return after he has satisfied himself by raping a girl or two.

    If the Swedes were any dumber they would be africans, although africans seem to have them beat hands-down in the wily animal cunning and street-smarts category.

  2. I guess that the prosecutor Mirna Lelic was born in Bosnia and moved to Sweden in the early 90s during the war, or was born in Sweden of such parents? Does anyone know if the name indicates Islam?

    There is an iron logic to the neoliberal Swedish and other Western capitalist states and their useful idiot pseudo-left fractions looking to document their cosmopolitan sophistication via a claim to higher universalist compassion and empathy while coincidentally importing future voters.

    Economic growth depends on a growing numbers of consumers from LatAm, Africa or West Asia as whites are not breeding enough to maintain GDP. Markets are saturated in the West, Capital has to de-saturate them by importing Demand.

    Viewed through the lens of economics, all actions related to culture-enricher urination into the mouth of a white Indigenous enhance GDP: his treatment in hospital and lifelong psychological care both count in GDP. The urinator will have a few children, ie. consumers, the White urinee none or one.

    Bond coupons and share dividends cannot be paid in a zero-growth economy.

    • Not to disagree with you personally, but with the underlying assumptions of this economic assertion; I still don’t comprehend the economic argument logic. Maybe this is because I am not a leftist swedish idiot?

      How do hordes of feral orcs with zero interest in working, and the propensity to multiply like cockroaches when provided with available wombs have any positive effect on a country’s GDP when every bit of money that is spent on them is a misallocated resource taken from a productive sector of the economy or conjured from thin air by venal central banksters?

      If this were truly the case, most of Africa would be an economic paradise as orcs multiplied exponentially. Undoubtedly there is a vast demand in african paradises for Ferraris, Bentleys, bottles of Moet and Cristal, luxury yachts, mega-mansions, and gaggles of attractive loose western women to handle frequent sexual emergencies. Western central bankers could deliver megatons of helicopter money (conjured from thin air of course) across the length and breadth of africa, and with this pent-up demand and unlimited cash, africa would resemble the conspicuous consumption and ostentatiousness of Dubai crossed with the hedonism and lasciviousness of an Ottoman harem while GDP shot to the moon! It boggles my mind why central bankers didn’t strike upon this solution themselves, as it seems much easier and with far less loss of life to carpet bomb Africa with cash than to import it’s orcs at great danger and inefficiency into Europe.

      • Both above stated arguments are interesting. The thing is, showering Africa with money has been going on for a long time, essentially since the very independence of many African states in the form of aid. It’s the bottomless corruption and tribal politics that concentrated this aid in the hands of the very few ruling elites. So dropping cash over Wakanda is ineffective. You have to draw the consumer units into a system that’s relying on a solid market infrastructure, a long tradition of social benefits and so on. Plus, what’s at stake is the very economic prosperity of the West – negative demographic growth equals negative economic growth in the end. The Germans and Japanese managed to keep it afloat by generating a large volume of exports, but that cannot last forever when the workforce is sinking. So, enter the migrants. I fully concur with Reconquista – It doesn’t matter where their money comes from, social benefits or salaries (in very few cases), the state sees this money returning as taxes from corporations who get to grow thanks to the new clientele. It’s simple yet very dangerous – the cultural and social price to pay isn’t worth it in the long run, the ‘powers that be’ ride a raging tiger, and they won’t be able to ride it forever

        • 1. Demographic decline = GDP decline.
          It’s true. However raw GDP can decline while GDP per capita increases and people get richer. GDP per Capita is the correct measure, not GDP.

          2. The State sees this money return as taxes.
          It’s true, but these extra taxes (if any) will be spent for foreigners in the end. So, at best it’s a balance for the indigneous. But I’m pretty sure it will be negative since third worlders do not work or can only handle very simple tasksa nd no innovation.

          Even from a pure mathematical perspective assuming migrant inflow will lead to prosperity is invalid. It’s an ideological lie and it’s fallacious.

          Beside that, there is an example right in front of my eyes. I really don’t need to do the math or look at Europe to understand. My country has been taking in Afghan workers for 40 years and it has produced nothing but unemployment and crime. These people came in hordes. Tens of them sleep in a barn. The don’t need pillows to sleep or spoon to eat. In the end only the employers made some small money. Meanwhile the country burned to ashes. Now, fortunately, Afghanistan is in a superior economic situation and not many people come to work. If anyone comes here it’s to get benefits. Work is a thing of the past.

          I’m sorry. 2 x 2 =4. Your math sucks.

          • No, total GDP growth is what matters to Capital:

            From an Australian website discussing the economics of 300,000 students, tourists and temps workers leaving the country in 2020 because of Corona:

            “Grattan Institute chief executive John Daley said weaker ­population growth would focus ­attention on the recent period of weak growth per capita.

            “Per capita recessions will ­become real technical recessions”, Mr Daley said. “Total growth ­matters to Woolworths and ­Westpac and other businesses whose profits depend on population, but it doesn’t help the local gym instructor.”

            An admission that artificial GDP growth via mass immigration is in the interests of the elites but it is per capita growth that matters to regular Aussies. The globalists are getting sloppy.”

      • “productive sector”? the problem is not lack of supply, ie production, it is lack of demand.

        We’re well able to handle this problem in Europe. We’ve 29 per cent of global wealth. We have a huge population. We actually have demographic problems that require us to bring more, not less, migrants to fill the voids in our economic systems.

        UN News Centre: Could you elaborate?

        Peter Sutherland: Well, if you take Germany as an example – Germany has the lowest birth rate in the world. That lowest birth rate in the world requires perhaps over a million migrants a year over the next 30 years to keep a situation where you have the same number of retirees to workers in 30 years’ time.

        • Reconquista, Bringing 3rd world invaders who do not work and do not contribute, they are sucking the system dry and once that happens, the country ceases to be a functioning 1st world nation. Look at South Africa and Rhodesia for the prime examples. There is only one way out of this now and it will come with a lot of bloodshed for you can no longer vote your way out of this mess.
          As for the replacement ratios, start making family friendly policies like Hungary is doing.

        • Ah yes Mr S. You won’t be around to enjoy the transfer of all that enrichment. Millions of future weak angry unproductive anti democratic nothings. We have so called demographic “problems” because having babies is not ok in the current crazy upside down Western Europe.

  3. Sweden you are too soft-this disgusting individual would in the country of his birth be flogged no doubt as well as dose of hard labour-in this case however as like most of Europe, Capital punishment has been struck from the books- six months hard labour would do no harm and six months working in the community with disadvantaged children such Down Syndrome- might teach him and others some humility. If there is no real punishment then there is no deterent and if that is the case then Society can look foward to a miserable future for its younger generation.

    • I do laugh at your complete naivety, trying to apply civilized means to uncivilized savages is a losing strategy and always has been. You deal with these uncivilized savages with medieval methods, because they work and the savages respect and understand it. This ends only one way, them? Or Us!

    • This young orc will kill somebody soon.

      Fixed it for you.

      That scum is no more a man or a young one than some thirty-something neckbeard living in his momma’s basement in between donning black and agitating at a college campus presentation or outside a Trump rally.

  4. Why am I not surprised by this behaviour?

    But I admit I am surprised that only ONE of the perpetrators refuses his sentence.
    I thought that ALL of them would.

  5. FFS, boot him all the way back from wherever he came from and don’t ever let him return.

    • Let’s see, oh yes, it costs about 150,000 US Dollars to deport a 3rd worlder back to where they came from, it costs about 25 cents per round and a couple of bucks for reusable rope. You do the bloody math!

      • Lots of empty aircraft and unemployed pilots. Deteriorating conditions will mean all kinds of options will be universally acceptable. Man do these batty unhygienics beg for attention.

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