Culture-Enrichers in Udine Ignore Social Distancing, Spit at Carabinieri

Udine is a city in northeastern Italy. Two young Pakikstani brothers got drunk and violated the coronavirus quarantine rules in Udine. When confronted by the police, the rambunctious youngsters became obstreperous and got themselves arrested.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

Udine: Pakistani assaults Carabinieri and spits in the face of officer

Not content, the young man also ruined the inside of a police vehicle. The young man was drunk and was in [a public gathering in] a square without reason.

by Andrea Pegoraro
April 4, 2020

For these reasons, a young Pakistani, age 25, wound up in trouble in Udine. Not content, the young man also ruined the inside of a police vehicle.

The Reports

The events happened yesterday afternoon in Gabriele d’Annunzio Square. The investigators responded because a gathering of people without reason was reported. The Carabinieri from the station of Martignacco thus arrived, supported by the radio-car division of the capital of Friuli. The agents identified two brothers, aged 25 and 28 years respectively. They are Pakistani citizens, both previously arrested, without fixed address and in the country illegally.

The Assault

During the course of the check, the younger of the brothers suddenly charged the investigators, pushed them and spat in the face of one of them. The young man was in an evident state of inebriation. After a brief struggle, the young man was immobilized by the Carabinieri and arrested for resisting a public official.

In addition, while he was being taken to the caserne, he damaged the inside of the car used by the officers. As Udine Today reported, the Plexiglas bulkhead in the officer’s police car used to separate the front seats from the rear seats was damaged.

The Charges

Both brothers were charged for not observing the ban on returning to the municipality of Udine and the deportation order from Italy. They also received an administrative sanction for being found in the street without valid reasons. In substance, they did not respect the provisions of the anti-coronavirus decree. The younger brother was arrested and taken to jail.

The Latest Ordinance in FVG

Yesterday the governor of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Massamiliano Fedriga, signed an ordinance in the context of measures to combat the coronavirus. “In the interior of markets and commercial food markets in Friuli Venezia Giulia,” a note from the Region noted, “the obligation for everyone is to cover their nose and mouth with masks or other protections and to utilize disposable gloves (also the same provided by supermarkets, when available).” The regional council has therefore specified that a direction shared by the scientific community is accepted, “always remembering that the use of protections, to be effective, must be combined with the observance of a safe distance between persons.”

4 thoughts on “Culture-Enrichers in Udine Ignore Social Distancing, Spit at Carabinieri

  1. Why does Udine have a square named after Gabriele d’Annunzio? Yes, he was a poet and a pioneering aviator (even led a mission to drop propaganda leaflets over Vienna in WWI), but he was also a supporter of Mussolini, and invented the fascist salute; oddly enough, this subject came up here just a few days ago.

  2. I have a dream:
    Police officers, who are not allowed for fear of racism, etc, to punish those lawbreakers, develop some sort of spine and all hang out their uniforms and truncheons to dry.
    By pure coincidence they are stolen, sorry, for some time borrowed by others, who return them after a few hours.
    And we all know, what was done with those uniforms after they were borrowed.

  3. Funny how they like to get drunk, while then complaining about being “offended” by alcohol…

    And, of course, the spitting. Seems like it’s becoming a big thing among the Enrichers, during the Corona crisis. From Thailand and India, to the Islamic ghettos of Europe…

  4. “English prosecutor reveals how one teenage girl was grilled by 11 barristers for six days and called a liar – but refused to back down and laid bare the horror of Muslim rape gangs”. Continues on an as needed basis in every city today. However denial seems to be the only permissible game in town. No surprise if there is one mighty uncontrolled explosion of rage. No?

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