You’re Doing it Wrong!

Our Hungarian correspondent CrossWare sends this report on the ankle-biting of the Hungarian Left in these virus-crazy times:

Here in Hungary, the opposition (Uncle George Soros’ paid team) is in a hysterical frenzy trying to find some way to block or at least criticize Viktor Orbán and his handling of the Chinese virus crisis. So far they have not been able to find anything. They tried the good old solution of calling his government “Nazi”, for asking for more power to execute emergency tasks. They simply compared his actions to Hitler’s rise to power, or called it a coup. Of course sounds a bit weak, saying the PM is preparing a coup against his own government, which holds a super-majority, to what? Replace himself and be PM with super-majority…?

This stupidity caused even some of the Leftists to start thinking, and the opposition dropped in the polls, while Fidesz (Mr. Orbán’s party) became a bit stronger.

Obviously the opposition in the USA and in Hungary (and everywhere else) are working from the same script when it comes to criticizing the (right-wing) government steps against the coronavirus outbreak. Nothing is good enough for them; everything the government is doing is wrong, blah blah blah. The “people of the Internet” of course immediately created a short meme about this, which I would like to share with you.

The “it” that they want to close down or open up refers to the borders, the economy, the schools, businesses… — you name it; everything.

Here is an image of the meme, with a translation to follow:

So the opposition suggests: (in USA those are the DemocRATs; here in Hungary the paid lackeys of Uncle George):

1.   Close it up.
2.   Close it up, but not that way.
3.   Close it up, but leave it open.
4.   Open it up, because it was closed incorrectly; screwed it up; start again.
5.   Why the heck was it closed up; open it up immediately!
6.   Open it up, but not that way.
7.   Open it up, but definitely keep it closed, because teachers are people, too.
8.   Do not waste time with teachers, but do not collapse the economy.
9.   Close it up, because he failed; it would be best if he immediately steps down, so it can be opened up.

So there you have the Left’s whining points, applicable everywhere in the world, wherever a right-wing government is in power.

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  1. Usually with a European language, you can figure out a large proportion of the words based on Greek or Latin roots. But this is not true for Hungarian. In this passage, the only word I could make out was pedagogus = teacher. (And by the way, how do you pronounce the vowelless one-letter word “h”?)

      • I just looked at the hungarian part, the letter”h” is supposed to be “hogy”, standing for “but” and the “so” in the english translation. Its just a typo.

    • The classic is restaurant. Similar word all over Europe even in Cyrillic script, but in Hungary you would starve as you walked past an étterem.

    • It was shortened “hogy” to “h”, probably to fit into the size they wanted. “hogy” stands for “that”…

  2. Allegedly the Magyars from central Asia migrated, about a thousand years ago, to present-day Hungary, Estonia and Finland. With the best will in the world, and admitting to no particular expertise in linguistics, I cannot relate modern Hungarian to the others, but this may only expose my ignorance.

    In my defence, and really not wishing to show off, in 2015 I was on a train from Toulouse to Barcelona (a beautiful run along the coast). The young, dark-haired woman on my left was filling in an application, in French, for a job as a tour guide (hope she’s managing now if she got it). She then read a novel, in which I recognised some French and Spanish words, but not others. When she was leaving the train, before Barcelona, I asked, in my limited French, whether her her “romain” was in Catalan; she confirmed it was, and seemed pleased I’d noticed. So, Magyars and Finns/Estonians, am I missing something?

    • The Finns and the Estonians are not Magyars. All three speak languages from the Finno-Ugric group, which are related to each other in approximately the same way that, say, Spanish and German are. These peoples are all descended from a tribal group in Central Asia, but not closely related to the ancestral Indo-Europeans.

      • Thanks, Baron. GoV, yourself especially, continues to broaden my education, and I’m not being ironic.

  3. gee leftists complaining a an increase in government power. if they has a leftist government orban wouldn’t have had to ask for an increase in power he’d already be dictator.

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