Open Season on Hindus in Ghonda Assembly

The following video from India features a first-hand account of an attack by a Muslim mob on Hindus and their temple of Shiva.

Many thanks to Bose for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   My name is Vikas. I live in Ghonda Assembly. My brother is getting married on March 2.
00:07   We were coming back after distributing the wedding cards. My elder brother got shot. The moment
00:11   we got to know our brother got shot,
00:15   after we stepped out of the house, 400 to 500 Muslims were there.
00:19   They were coming from the other side. They started throwing stones and firing at us.
00:23   We told him: Please, brother, don’t do this. We are innocent.
00:27   We are only your neighbours. You live here; we live here.
00:31   We have to live together here. But they didn’t listen.
00:35   They continuously fired at us and threw stones at us. —Did you feel that
00:40   they targeted you selectively because you were a Hindu?
00:45   Yes, they were doing all the attacking, lynchings against Hindus only.
00:49   There is a Temple of Lord Shiva next to my house. They came to destroy that temple, too,
00:53   very near to my house. They came to destroy that temple,
00:57   but they weren’t able to attack the temple fully, and then they saw us… said, “They are Hindus,”
01:01   then they started firing, throwing stones.
01:05   Neighbours learned about this. Everybody came out of their respective houses.
01:09   Then the situation got under control. Then we went to hospital.
01:13   After that we don’t know anything about what happened. —How did you feel after watching
01:18   the crowd? —The crowd really looked dangerous, like goons. Somebody was wearing a helmet;
01:23   a few covered their faces with masks, looked very strange; don’t know what’s happening.
01:27   We were all so afraid for our lives.