“The Ministry of Justice is Rotten to the Core”

On Friday I posted about the latest political scandal in the Netherlands. It seems that migrants at a refugee center had been discovered with porn and torture videos on their phones, and the bureaucrats at the Ministry of Justice knew about it. However, those apparatchiks — the Dutch version of the Deep State — hid the information from parliament and the public because of the upcoming election.

In the following video from Geenstijl, various politicians are interviewed and asked about their reactions to the scandal. One of them is Ferdinand Grapperhaus, the current Minister of Justice.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:03   And again there is trouble with the ministry of security and justice,
00:06   or justice and security, I don’t know what it’s called nowadays [name has changed].
00:09   That’s where ministers and secretaries of state fall all the time,
00:13   and it looks like [minister] Ferdinand Grapperhaus is heading for the exit now, too.
00:16   Good afternoon. How are you doing?
00:20   Ronald van Raak, Socialist Party: I’m doing well. but the ministry is doing so-so.
00:23   Tell us, because I woke up this morning a little hung over,
00:27   and this made it worse. What happened again?
00:30   Lie, lie, lie. Truth is optional at the ministry of justice. That’s a ministry
00:37   that’s supposed to have respect for the law. And truth, well, you can tell the truth,
00:42   but also something else. They lie and cheat, and it’s been going on for years.
00:46   Wilders (PVV): The ministry of justice is rotten to the core. We’ve seen this many times.
00:51   From the WODC to my own trial, that showed that civil servants interfered with…
00:57   with my trial, and the course of justice, gave tips and swept that under the carpet,
01:01   which was exposed through the high court.
01:04   and now we see it again, for the umpteenth time,
01:07   that there’s a horse trade, that things are swept under the carpet,
01:11   that information is withheld from parliament, that people are corrupt to the bone.
01:15   and maybe the worst thing is, what we saw happen with the refugee shelters.
01:19   There were several asylum seekers who had videos on their phones,
01:23   gross child porn, but apart from that, even torture videos,
01:27   and this was sometimes ignored, the whistle blowers said in the newspapers,
01:33   and when people wanted to mention this in the report, some very high-up civil servant
01:37   at the ministry said, no, that can’t appear in the report,
01:40   nobody must know, we won’t send this to parliament,
01:43   especially because there’ll be parliamentary elections in a few weeks.
01:46   That’s almost a corrupt coup! Right before elections, parliament was not informed
01:50   about terrorists who reside in the Netherlands,
01:53   and whom they ignored. That is a [political] deadly sin.
01:57   What does it tell you when seven whistleblowers don’t dare
02:00   to speak out within their own organization, but feel forced to speak to the press?
02:03   Chris van Dam, MP Christian Democrats: Those seven DID speak out within their organisation…
02:08   two of the reports led to independent investigations,
02:12   and five apparently saw reasons not to come forward. Why exactly…
02:17   So there were five who didn’t dare to speak out. Still, that’s a culture of fear.
02:20   Weren’t measures taken a few years ago to protect whistleblowers? A house was built for them?
02:25   Is that still relevant? —The law says that somebody who reports an injustice
02:29   should not suffer negative consequences.
02:32   You can’t intimidate, fire somebody. But the ministry of justice,
02:37   where people are supposed to respect the law, do it anyway.
02:41   Mr. Grapperhaus, what does it tell you when seven whistleblowers
02:45   don’t report within their own organizations, but leak to the press?
02:49   Well, I think things went a little differently.
02:53   Seven people did file a report in the summer of 2017.
02:57   You mentioned two reports. —Yes. A report filed with the compliance officer. And, subsequently,
03:04   two of them decided to file their report formally with the integrity coordinator.
03:11   that’s when somebody files a formal complaint, a formal report.
03:15   Well, that happened, and it was decided to deal with one of them immediately,
03:21   because the relevant report was scheduled to be released a few months later,
03:25   and people said we can’t have this report published by the inspectorate,
03:29   only to later find out it isn’t sound.
03:33   So that was acted on immediately, and this was reported to parliament.
03:36   But these seven people, did they file complaints within your ministry? —No.
03:41   What does that tell you, that they didn’t dare? It’s been said there’s a culture of fear there.
03:44   No, I think it’s very good that people can tell their stories to a official integrity officer.
03:51   But now they leaked to journalists. The whistleblower legislation doesn’t seem to work as intended.
03:58   I don’t know who leaked to journalists. —Well, seven whistleblowers.
04:03   The [newspaper] article mentioned seven complaints. Again,
04:09   people should be able to tell their story to the ministry’s integrity officer, without
04:15   it ending up on anybody else’s desk, including the minister’s.
04:19   Do you have the impression that this works? Because they didn’t do that, they probably didn’t dare.
04:23   Well, I won’t comment on that. What I think is good is that two people
04:28   could report. What is more important is that
04:32   the independent investigations, the kingdom’s audit service,
04:36   looked into it, and said that some things should be improved, should be done differently,
04:43   and all later said they’d check if this was done, and let me be honest,
04:49   a few things have been done, a few are still on the list.
04:53   What did you think of Mr. Grapperhaus’s reaction? He’s very phlegmatic.
04:57   Yes, it started… a colleague from D66 started with the questions,
05:00   and nobody understood a iota of the answers,
05:03   and he didn’t answer my concrete questions; I believe towards the end he just shrugged,
05:08   as if… he didn’t even react; he didn’t even answer;
05:11   he didn’t even have the common courtesy to address the facts.
05:14   They’re incompetent, but also irresponsible.
05:17   This goes to the heart of our democracy! We have civil servants who manipulate investigations.
05:22   Who demote and intimidate whistleblowers.
05:26   Who feed ministers false information, so parliament is lied to and duped.
05:30   Come on, man, who do you think you are up there in your tower?
05:33   Are you angry? —Yes, I’m very angry! Will there be consequences, Mr. Grapperhaus?
05:36   You’ve had your turn. —But I wasn’t done yet. —I’m sure, but I can’t keep…
05:40   I can ask questions, right?
05:43   We’ve seen it a hundred times, from the receipt scandal to the whistleblowers at the WODC
05:48   to my own trial, about which a report will appear this or next week.
05:53   Nobody believes them anymore. Time and time again it’s civil servants who lie and cheat,
05:57   brush things under the carpet, withhold information from parliament.
06:00   Time and again ministers are dismissed because they were lied to,
06:03   as are us MPs. It’s a big mess; it’s rotten to the bone,
06:08   [ministry of] justice, and a country can’t tolerate that, so we need new people there ASAP.
06:12   We dismissed Opstelten, we dismissed van der Steur, we dismissed Teeven, we dismissed Harbers.
06:18   Do we have to keep dismissing people? —Is it any use, dismissing people?
06:22   No, we have to target those people [civil servants] themselves. And the PM was angry last week,
06:25   because we called out high-level civil servants.
06:29   Those people are the problem. There’s a problem with the culture. They lie and cheat.
06:33   and it’s people who do that. It’s people who maintain that culture, so
06:37   I’d say, kick a conscience into them, and kick them out!
06:40   Thierry Baudet, FvD: You replace the suit, but the organizational culture doesn’t change.
06:45   And that has to change. In the US, in France, in many other countries that’s possible.
06:49   A new minister replaces the whole top layer.
06:52   He appoints his own people, and fixes things, and has a mandate to do so.
06:56   And that’s where we want to go. But this cabinet
06:59   has consistently voted against reforming the system.
07:03   They want to keep things the way they are, and then you have to face…
07:06   then you fall on your own sword. —In the Netherlands,
07:09   it’s possible to have a D66 [liberal] minister with a GreenLeft director, well…
07:13   now, today those parties are very similar; this used to be different, though.
07:17   And then there’s no trust between them; then civil servants can screw over any minister
07:22   by withholding information, or by doing I don’t know what.
07:26   So, maybe a solution is to let ministers appoint their own people, up to a certain level,
07:32   and can clean house. I think that’s very much needed in the case of the ministry of justice.
07:36   Are you worried about your position? —We spoke already just now.
07:39   I wasn’t done yet. —Yes, but that’s [?] —This is part of your job, isn’t it?
07:43   You look so resigned, so I wonder if you’re worried about your own position.
07:47   Listen, I answered your questions for twenty minutes. —That’s not true, and you know it.
07:50   Sixteen minutes. Everybody got answers. It’s a very reasonable question, a very reasonable question.
07:55   There’s permanent trouble at your ministry, are you worried about your position, yes or no?
08:00   I have a positive attitude towards life. —I’ll take that as a no.

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  1. It’s the same all over. It takes what it takes to do what you have to do to in the sick liberal betrayal.
    Win lose or draw. Betray lie cheat steal and surrender. Those first two horrendous kills by the Muslims devils just opened the gates wider. In the US it was 9/11. We seem like Jewish people lined up for the Nazis. What is it?

  2. Dont muss the firest for the trees. The details of which whistleblowers did what are trees. The forest is the deep state partnership with mass Muslim immigration in far too many western nations.

  3. The British civil service is also rotten to the core – it did everything it could to hinder Brexit.

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