Hate Imam Testifies in Dutch Parliament

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from De Dagelijkse Standaard:

Fight! Hate imam looks for a fight with investigative committee in the Tweede Kamer hearing room: “You want to silence me”

by Bart Reijmerink
February 19, 2020

It went badly in the hearing of Imam Suhayb Salam in the Hague. It was also painfully clear that Salafists can easily abuse our constitutional freedoms to influence children with their hate preaching.

We cannot call it a very constructive hearing. Imam Salam clearly came to make war, and he knew better than anyone else how to play the victim role. That is good because his Alfitra mosque is surely not simon pure.

[Insert (Sonny Spek)

  • Salam hits the nail on the head
  • Salafists abuse Dutch freedom to teach hate to children
  • No celebrating birthdays, no Dutch holidays, no shaking hands, no tolerance, and no trust in “unbelievers”]

According to the imam, the entire hearing was a big puppet show, because the best man is unaware of any harm. Cutting Salam off made little sense because the man kept going on and on. Even after his microphone was cut off.

Alfitra and their board had no interest in the investigation because it would be unfair. Due to their “Islamic principles” they have signed an objection to this. The day after tomorrow we can see the lawsuit.

We will see how the judge rules on this.

What was a constructive day yesterday was, in that it turned 180 degrees. People’s opinions are directly opposite each other. This is going to “grow a tail”.

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  1. Type Suhayb Salam in YouTube and you see this hate preacher. And the translation in subtitle is also working.

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