Germany Cracks Down on Disabled Grannies

Grandmas have been targeted again in Germany, this time at a demonstration in the Marienplatz in Munich.

Actually, I’m not certain this woman is a grandma, but she is described as being elderly and disabled. She dared to confront the antifas and take one of their signs, so she was hauled away by police. Multiple police — perhaps an entire squad — were required to quell this dangerous criminal.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So let’s get real close now.
00:05   As expected, in the slightly leftist-green tainted Munich, we have the Antifa showing up.
00:16   And is propagating “No place for the right in our city!”
00:22   So this group here would like to restrict the right to demonstrate.
00:33   They keep getting closer to the demonstration here and disturb the demonstration.
00:40   Normally the police would have to do something about it.
00:46   The police are required to stop any disturbances to the demonstration.
00:54   However, that’s exactly what isn’t happening.
00:58   Hold on just a second.
01:03   Excuse me, may my colleague continue filming? —Please tell him. —What’s happened?
01:08   There are a bunch of police officers over there and a lady is on the ground.
01:11   They are violently searching through her bag. —Oh, OK. —Come on, let’s go over there.
01:16   The elderly lady is now being taken into custody by the police and we don’t know what she did.
01:23   In any case, the police are now taking her away.
01:35   They are taking her away! They are taking HER away because she ripped something
01:40   out of the hand of one those insane people over there. —She took one of their flags?
01:44   Yes. I don’t know, some kind of sign or something. I didn’t see it, but this is ridiculous.
01:51   She’s being taken away, but NOTHING is being done to them. This is an insane asylum.
01:57   May I have a short interview with you? —It is an insane asylum!
02:00   You just witnessed what the police did to an elderly woman? —She’s even DISABLED!
02:06   Supposedly, she took something from one of those Antifa people.
02:10   She ripped a sign out of their hands.
02:14   That’s the reason this huge number of police officers took her away.
02:19   And they did it forcefully. She was taken away so they could take down her personal information.
02:27   So, but against those people over there, they do nothing! —They do nothing.
02:34   I can’t understand that. What country are we living in? This is a catastrophe!
02:39   I come from a communist country. I fled 30 years ago over three borders and
02:45   now I have to go through it again. It’s a catastrophe! It is incomprehensible what is
02:51   happening here, and the population is asleep for some reason. They aren’t even aware
02:57   of what is going on around them. They are going to wake up when there is communism.
03:02   That’s going to wake them up. —What country are you from? —From Czechoslovakia, Bratislava.
03:09   Were things similar then there as they are here? —It was never this bad,
03:15   because families stuck together. The children were raised by their parents with the understanding
03:22   that within the family you stick together.
03:25   That’s not how it is here. I even have trouble with my own
03:28   two sons in making them understand that this country is marching into communism.
03:35   They don’t want to believe me, you know? —Yes. —Yes. Well, I can’t even sleep anymore.
03:42   I’m telling you, I can’t sleep anymore and I am emotionally torn. My husband died 15 years ago.
03:51   If he were still alive, we would have already left the country. I don’t believe I can do it.
03:55   Next year I will be 70. I don’t think I can do it again. Making a new start somewhere else.
04:04   The population needs to wake up, because otherwise it will end in a civil war.
04:13   Just look at them over there. And no one is doing anything against them. That’s not OK.
04:18   And all these older people here, it’s not enough. First of all, there aren’t enough of them here.
04:28   Do you think Germany will be split again into two parts? Or more than two parts?
04:33   As a result of not being able to live together any longer? —I believe the change will not come
04:39   from within. It needs to come from outside, because the entire country is so torn.
04:48   As I’ve said, when the parents already have problems within their family persuading
04:54   their own children, it is a sign that it is no longer possible
04:59   to reverse the situation from within.
05:09   Most likely it will have to come from outside of the country,
05:13   but from whom? I don’t know. I don’t know.
05:17   It is going to rapidly change for the worse here.
05:20   The end will be terrible. —Thank you. —You’re welcome.

5 thoughts on “Germany Cracks Down on Disabled Grannies

  1. Understandable but wrong that the Slavic lady prophesies “Communism” as the form of pending EU totalitarianism, as she is too young to have experienced Nazi repression of freedom of speech in WW2.

    Or laws on sedition and insulting the Emperor or King pre-1914.

    However, the globalist plan for the EU incl. Germany foresees privatization and commodification of all life for debt slavery to various types of banks and their shareholders. See the memoirs of David Rockefeller (2002)

    But Communism 1917-1991 was in theory and practice the opposite of privatization and commodification. The Russian rouble was not even a convertible currency. Communist countries were quite nationalist, the internationalism was for foreign consumption of the well-meaning and naive only. As German Communists who had fled Hitler to the USSR after 1933 found to their cost at the “Hotel Lux” for foreigners.

    The globalist plan will be be achieved via dissolving national borders and ethnic groups so that small groups of elites can live in 24/7 gated communities away from the Badlands where the mulatto “German” workers, Africans and Arabs live.

    The elites will pay for private schools, health and transport while commuting to work over Flyover (Badland) Country, controlled by unregulated private armies of African and Arab security guards.

    The Badlands will be have no government services (water, gas, lighting, sewage, schools, hospitals) unless the debt slave can pay for them. (many a GoV US writer would welcome this as the “User Pays” principle; as their heroine (hero-person?) M. Thatcher said, “There is no such thing as society, there are only families” )

    Or better still, take out a 30-year interest-bearing loan for them. The private armies will be invoiceable too, a monthly Safety Levy deduced from the slave’s social security benefit will settle the invoice in lieu of a government police force financed out of general tax revenue.

    The police are directed to suppress all objection to this Diversity in advance, e.g. by arresting a lady taking a flag off an Antifant.

    The Third Rail question in this is:

    is there any ethnic group or country which, while insisting on not being Diverse and Vibrant in immigration control and marriage laws itself, conversely preaches and implements Unbigoted Vibrant Diversity in Western countries through mass media, schools and universities and government policymaking and execution?

  2. Yes, I believe than Slovak woman pinpointed exactly what most of us east of Germany are feeling about the situation over there.
    And it’s true. Back then even really small children understood that there are opinions that are ok to say in public and opinions that are only for the home and even the regime itself still considered a family to be the corner stone of society (for example single mothers had it really rough, abortions were as good as illegal and living out of wedlock was unacceptable). But nowadays the indoctrination in schools is way more extreme than it ever was over here. Another problem is the fishing for pre-teen children online. Look at tumblr, for example. There are so many hardcore SJWs operating there and they pick out children as young as 12-13 and they literally brainwash them. I’ve spend my share of time over there in the past and I could witness how that website sunk deeper and deeper.
    I think America has already gotten to the point where children are willing to call the police on their own parents for a different opinion (that is, only some parts of America of course) and Germany is probably going to be next (only because of their mentality, otherwise there would be other adepts).

  3. The communist Antifa are no different than the NAZIs, with the exception they’re not preoccupied with racial purity, in fact it’s the opposite, their interested in racial mixing. They believe they can create a communist world through the destruction of nation’s and cultural identity. The Germans will be one of the first split into a Balkans style war. The Muslims are the attack dogs of the leftist Commie Antifa supporters, but they won’t be able to control their useful idiot attack dogs. Europe is heading to dark times, the perfect storm is brewing, when the economy collapses here soon the real fight will begin. Western Europeans are quickly running out of the money they earned as a capitalist countries to support their socialism.

    • I have to talk back here, Fenrir.
      Near to my place is a venue of Antifa punks and others where I see them queuing up when a band is playing.
      What amazed me is that I never ever saw one single face with darker complexion, in other words, the event was purely german. I do indeed wish they had more cultural enrichement so the white kids could gain some in- field experience of the effects of alcohol consumption on that group. Especially the girls will be delighted by the warmhearted affection these people are able of.

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