Dore Gold Speaks About Jew-Hatred in Europe

Dore Gold is an Israeli diplomat, a former ambassador who is currently the President of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs.

The following video was recorded during the same event in Italy at which Matteo Salvini spoke. In it Mr. Dore discusses Jew-hatred in Europe, and also the threat to Israel posed by Iran. He is speaking in English, but the Italian voice-over in the video all but obliterates the audio of his remarks.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

28:12   First of all, we need to understand:
28:18   Who is spreading anti-Semitism on the European continent?
28:24   A few years ago, we were able to observe that after the fall
28:28   of the… Soviet Union,
28:32   the governments in Europe
28:36   became weakened. We have seen that this happened especially in the United Kingdom,
28:42   and my research institute analyzed this phenomenon and realized that
28:46   a new form of cooperation was emerging
28:51   that we call the “red-green alliances”.
28:57   This collaboration contributes, [unintelligible], to the spread of anti-Semitism.
29:04   And secondly, we believe that to be able to [unintelligible]
29:09   we must understand, what does this
29:13   mean — this type of red-green cooperation?
29:17   We must all try to understand it.
29:20   We support freedom of speech,
29:24   the democracy, which are the pillars
29:30   of our Western civilization.
29:37   But we ask ourselves:
29:41   What is the organization at the base of these red-green alliances,
29:47   and what dangers are there for Israel?
29:52   We know that terrorist organizations exist, obviously
29:57   like [unintelligible], which skyjacked planes,
30:01   commercial jets. Those terrorist organizations
30:05   are protected by someone,
30:10   and someone takes care of them, if looking for anti-Semitic sources
30:16   Isn’t that criminal activity?
30:22   Aren’t there laws that prevent
30:27   the collaboration and cooperation between organizations involved
30:31   in terrorist acts? It is never too late to wake up in this sense.
30:36   In addition, there are new actors [unintelligible] who spread
30:41   anti-Semitism. And they play a major role.
30:49   In my center, we monitor very closely the activities
30:54   of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
30:59   And one thing we have found is that there are materials
31:03   in Farsi, which we have translated into English, that show
31:07   that something is going on in Iran.
31:11   Behind the scenes, beyond what we read in
31:16   the Western press.
31:19   In the last 15 years, and [unintelligible] go on YouTube,
31:22   it is very easy to show.
31:26   Go on YouTube and search for, “military apparatus of Tehran
31:30   in the last 15 years”. In this video
31:34   you will find… trucks
31:38   which are for missile launchers
31:43   and other…
31:48   and other trucks that have written,
31:53   that always read, “Israel must be destroyed”.
32:03   This genocidal message, that calls us
32:07   to work in preparation, reminds us
32:11   of the Holocaust.
32:16   We have to ensure that a new Holocaust doesn’t happen
32:20   We have to make sure that the Nazi ideas…
32:25   don’t arise as happened in the last century.
32:30   We have to make sure that this Islamic leadership
32:36   is fought. I, obviously, am not asking that everyone support
32:40   the Islamic geo-politics… [correction] the Israeli policies.
32:49   but if a country calls for the destruction another country,
32:57   I don’t think that people could react in a passive manner
33:02   The international community must act actively.

3 thoughts on “Dore Gold Speaks About Jew-Hatred in Europe

  1. We have to make several distinctions. Iran is not anti-Jewish per se. There is a thriving and protected Jewish community in Iran. Of course, they have no more political freedoms than the average Iranian non-Jew.

    Iran does make hair-curdling statements concerning Israel being a hostile invader in the region. With Israel possessing nukes, and being very much the master of the means of delivering nukes, it’s doubtful if Iran would embark on a full-scale military attack on Israel. It’s very much in Israel’s interest that Iran not get nukes. It’s probably in Iran’s self-interest also to not get nukes, as it would put Israel on a hair-trigger.

    It’s hard to tell how fervently the Shi’a Muslims of Iran will follow the Islamic doctrine that any land once Islamic is always Islamic. It probably doesn’t help that Israel is allied with Iran’s mortal enemy in the region, the Sunni Saudi Arabia.

    Iran’s strategy seems to be to give support indirectly, to enemies of Iran’s perceived enemies. In the case of Saudi Arabia, Iran give aid to Yemen. In the case of Israel, Iran gives aid to to Lebanese militia forces, that have thousands of rockets targeting Israel. Israel would probably consider an all-out attack from Lebanon, including rocket barrages, to be an existential threat. Batten the hatches and head down to the cellars.

    As far as anti-Semitism in Europe, deriving from Muslim immigrants, it appears to be in significant part, a self-inflicted wound. If the US can be taken as a model, the Jewish European groups are lobbying heavily for a “humane” (open) immigration policy.

    Like I say, being anti-Israel is not necessarily being anti-Semitic. The cultural Marxists who attack Israel, basically for being a coherent, Western-type country that is protective of its identity and borders, are more than happy to have a yamaka-wearing Jew join them in their anti-Israel, pro-divestment marches and rallies. In my mind, what the US should continue to do for Israel is to ensure that international bodies such as the UN, heavily dependent on US money, do not pass binding boycott resolutions against Israel. I do support the right of individuals to do business, or not do business, with Israel and I oppose any law attempting to force them to do business with Israel or to pledge not to boycott Israel.

    I do, however, support laws forbidding any government agency from participating in a boycott.

    I do not see it as the province of the US to use its military to protect another country if the security of the US is not directly threatened. So, Israel’s conflicts with her neighbors are not our conflicts. With the best will in the world to Israel, if she digs herself into a hole, it’s up to her to dig herself out. I’ve felt for awhile that massive US military support of Israel has enabled and encouraged Israel to take reckless actions they might have otherwise have had second thoughts about.

    As far as fighting anti-Semitism, any country that does a great job of protecting the safety and security of its citizens in general, will not have to worry about violent anti-Semitism.

    • Yes, the anti-Jewish sentiments in Iran has always been fueled by governments and Imams and since 1979 the propaganda has been at full force. The population of Jews has been declining since then:

      45,000 Jews in 1926. (official census)
      80,000 -100,000 in 1979 (estimation)
      6,000 today (estimation)

      2 out 3 Jewish families I knew now live abroad. The third family which still reside here have acquired an official letter that they converted to Islam (pay to live). They always carry the letter with themselves, just in case a peewit suddenly feels like complying with the call of Allah. You never know when it comes. Don’t know how many Jews in Iran do have such papers.

      To my understanding, In Iran only Armenians are safe to some degree. They receive some respect as an ethnic group not a religious one.

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