A Chechen in Every Pot

I reported earlier today on the arrest of a number of Chechens by German police. The alleged perps were allegedly planning alleged Islamic terrorist attacks on German infrastructure, including a possible attack on a synagogue.

Below is an update on the arrests. Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   As they did here in Berlin, police forces searched apartments in Brandenburg,
00:04   North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia on Tuesday morning.
00:07   The general public prosecutor’s office in Berlin
00:10   has started an investigation based on suspicions that a violent attack
00:13   was being prepared that endangered the state.
00:16   During a routine check, one of the accused was in possession
00:19   of suspicious pictures on his mobile phone. The spokesman for
00:22   the public prosecutor’s office, Martin Steltner: “The investigations are directed
00:26   against several suspects originally from Chechnya in the Islamist milieu,
00:31   and initial suspicions are that they might have chosen
00:37   potential targets such as a shopping centre or a synagogue.
00:41   Due to regulations, we were given an opportunity to intervene
00:46   at an early stage before a concrete danger arose.
00:50   We have no knowledge that such a concrete danger existed. Our intervention was timely.
00:55   Approximately 200 police officers were involved in the raids,
00:59   in which cash, knives, firearms and electronic data were confiscated.
01:03   The evidence is currently being evaluated.

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  1. Consequences of open borders and Merkel‘s „ Herzlich Willkommen „ is just outrageous how you can destroy something so beautiful in 4-5 years , it’s all over Europe of this savages, criminals, reapists , , I hope they finally start be interesting at Merkel , …

  2. Wasn’t that one of Merkel’s campaign promises, a scar in every mirage and a Chechen in every plot?

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