Nobody Here But Us Chechens

A bunch of Chechens were arrested today in Germany for plotting Islamic terror attacks. Or should I say “a flock of Chechens”?

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Police! —A major raid was carried out by police
00:04   in four German states against suspected Islamists. This was according to
00:08   the attorney general’s office in Berlin, and was confirmed via Twitter earlier this morning.
00:12   In Berlin-Hellersdorf an apartment was stormed as well as apartments in Brandenburg,
00:16   North Rhine-Westphalia and Thuringia. In total there were at least three arrests.
00:21   It appears the Islamists come from Chechnya
00:26   and are under suspicion of preparing a serious act of subversive violence.
00:31   The prosecution and police will announce further details sometime on Tuesday.

9 thoughts on “Nobody Here But Us Chechens

    • Ah Elena, your sarcasm:-))
      Well it is true as Chomsky says that our side always commits benevolent atrocities, whoever our side happens to be, and those of the enemy are always nefarious.

      We can read the truth-tellers Masha Gessen and Anne Applebaum if we don’t believe it.

      And we have this too:

      But the fact is there seem to be different types of Chechen; Kadyrov is busy attending to Islamists, it seems: or do you believe he would change sides again like this father did?

      • This is a separate sharia-based enclave. With polygamy, a female taxi, a ban on the sale of alcohol. Chechnya also receives a generous jizya from the Russians. Kadyrov takes out women jihadists with children from Syria. If in other regions they receive prison sentences, in Chechnya they are free.

        The “demographic pit” of Russia has not touched the North Caucasus. They still gave birth to more than 6 children. Since the state of Putin’s time departed from secular foundations, we are dealing with a large number of Islamized youth.
        Most likely there will be another Caucasian war.

        • I find it amusing that those Chechens who operate in Russia proper, always seem to disappear in great numbers magically overnight, never to be seen or heard from again when they cross the Russians. Spetznaz boys cut their teeth on it.

  1. There’s absolutely nothing funny about blood-thirsty Chechen Islamic terrorists, but years ago I was reading Yossef Bodanskys’ excellent history “Chechen Jihad”, and my young daughter, who was then learning to read, pronounced it aloud as ‘Chicken Jihad’, provoking much clucking from my wife and me. But for the unfortunate kafirs of Europe, their Chechens have come home to roost, and hopefully they will be rooted out and dealt with harshly before they can commit further acts of holy terror!

  2. Who has any vacation plans?
    Russia VERY MUCH MONEY is investing in the tourist cluster of Chechnya. Ski resorts, all that … But there are nuances.

    Chechen authorities draw up a dress code for tourists
    The Chechen Ministry of Tourism issued a memo that indicated how to dress when coming to the republic, and also regulated communication with local women and smoking.

    The rules drawn up by the Ministry of Tourism apply to both men and women. “We do not recommend women to wear defiant clothes. The principle is very simple: the more modestly dressed, the easier it will be for you in Chechnya. For men: in Chechnya it is not customary to appear in public in shorts, and it is also not recommended to wear sleeveless shirts,” memo “How to dress tourists in Chechnya?”, published January 7 on the department’s page in Instagram.

    The Chechen authorities are watching how the locals dress. According to women working in state institutions in Chechnya, in December 2016, the leadership verbally obliged them to come to work in hijabs – clothes that completely cover their hair and forehead. In January 2019, parents of elementary schoolgirls complained that their children were required to come to the New Year’s party in a scarf.

    A separate paragraph of the memo relates to communication with women. “Greetings with Chechen girls aren’t accepted. Limit yourself to verbal greetings. Touching Chechens is considered an insult, any flirting and something like that are strictly condemned,” the ministry warned tourists.

    The agency claims that only men can smoke in Chechnya. “If you are unable to restrain your bad habits, then do it in a place where no one will see you,” officials advised female tourists. But even for men, “when older people appear, it is better to tactfully hide a cigarette behind their backs,” the memo says.


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