Jew-Hatred in Scandinavia

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Sweden Takes its Place on Heavy Anti-Semite List

December 23, 2019

Denmark and Sweden end up in 9th place on Simon Wiesenthal Center’s annual anti-Semites’ list

Heading the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s list of anti-Semites for 2019 is the Labour Party in Great Britain under party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn has long been accused of anti-Semitism by British and Israeli Jews for his Palestinian obsession. At the same time, Al Jazeera has “revealed” the way Israel systematically infiltrates British politics in order to steer it and how accusations of anti-Semitism against British politicians have been fabricated [quotation marks added].

In 9th place on the list is “Scandinavia” and its so-called “Kristallnacht hate”, which specifically points to events in Sweden and Denmark.

In Denmark, anti-Semitic stickers were affixed at the same time Jewish gravestones were vandalized in connection with the “Kristallnacht”.

“The same stickers showed up in Sweden, where the Crime Prevention Council, in its last study, reported a record high of 280 anti-Semitic incidents, an increase of 53%. While Jews make up at most one-fifth of one percent of Sweden’s population, more than Jews are targeted by more than 4% of all hate crimes,” that being the motive. The report continues:

“Swedish authorities allowed neo-Nazis to assemble at Raoul Wallenberg Square opposite Stockholm’s largest synagogue. Sweden failed to protect its Jewish citizens and institutions and has failed to hold anti-Semites responsible for their public actions as well as in the private sector, including the famed Karolinska Hospital.”

In 2016, Sweden’s then-foreign minister, Margot Wallström (Social Democrats) ended up on the same list.

8 thoughts on “Jew-Hatred in Scandinavia

  1. Finally the Swedes have found something they are good at. Who would have imagined that someday Swedes would be able to beat Germans at Jew hating. They need to try harder to make it to that first place position. It is embarrassing to be beaten by Corbyn after he was stomped so badly in his election after all.

    • I see both the article and your response don’t mention the elephant in the rooms of Denmark and Sweden.

      • I was being deliberately coy on the identities of the perpetrators. Any regular on this site would know who was behind such a rise in anti-semitism. The joke is on the Swedes and Danes who pretend it is ethnic Swedes and Danes who are behind it because they refuse to name the real culprits out of concern over PC male bovine fecal matter.

  2. Could this have something to do with large number of cultural enrichers “Moslem refugees” who now have move into Sweden ?

  3. The identity of the perpetrators is hinted at, very obliquely, as being nazi rather than commy inspired.

    Would it be safe to assume that the Simon Wiesenthal Center is indulging in a wagon load of disinformation as was frequently done by Stasi agents of former East Germany (DDR) involving Jewish grave desecration and graffiti, and faithfully reported as nazi inspired ‘anti Semitic’ incidents by the lying filth of the western press?

    If that is the case, then the SW Center has chosen to fight for the wrong team.

  4. The Scandinavians are just trying to make their now shared plot more comfortable for the new now up and running. The crossed flags must be a source of anxiety.

  5. This is all sad, and deeply ironic. In WW2, the Danes, having learned that the Nazis were planning to round up their Jews, got most of them out to the safety (at the time) of Sweden.

    • Yes. But due to traitorous, self-serving, feminized “leaders” Sweden is safe for neither Jews nor for native Swedes.

      Also, the conforming Swedes feel comfortable with a welfare state that extends welfare to hostile alien peoples.

      I would be very, very wary of allowing Swedish refugees into the country, unless there were a very strong guarantee that they would not simply vote in the same patterns that got Sweden ruined.

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