There Really is a Left-Wing Conspiracy

In his latest essay, our Dutch correspondent H. Numan responds to a commenter named Reconquista, who took him to task in the comment thread on his previous post.

There really is a left-wing conspiracy

by H. Numan

A few days ago I wrote an article about massive political losses of the left-wing parties in America and the UK. A reader responded this was nonsense; I was just an old fogey longing for the days where communists were prosecuted. I had to smile when I read it. Yes, I am an old fogey. Yes, I’m also a (C)old war warrior. What the reader doesn’t know, but I proudly say: I was member of the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary or Koninklijke Marechaussee. A unit not exactly known for their love of progressiveness and liberalism. I’m not repudiating or refuting this reader; I’m more than happy to give him the benefit of doubt. Let’s just say he doesn’t know better. Most people don’t know all this. It’s up to me to clarify. That’s why I write for the Gates anyway.

Let’s start by looking at me, way back when I was a kid. My parents were devoutly Roman Catholic. They voted for the KVP (Catholic party), later the CDA (Christian Democrats, after the merger). For one reason only: they were Catholic, and Catholics vote for that party. No other reason. Now, my parents were not rich. Far from it. We never lacked for the bare basics, but no more. A car, for example, we never had. During the holidays we kids had to amuse ourselves; my parents couldn’t afford to go away on a holiday. At best we went on one— or two-day trips. My clothes — as many over the age of 50 will remember — were usually hand-me-downs from elder cousins who had grown out of them. Fortunately, my sense of fashion was and still is non-existent.

You might say that my parents and myself later on were the ideal voters for a labor or social-democrat party. After all, we had a lot to gain and nothing to lose by voting labor. Yet I never felt attracted to socialism in my life. Not as a young boy, not as a young new voter and certainly not now. I think you have to work to achieve something. You can choose something else, but that is your choice. Don’t ask others to pay for your hobbies and daydreams. So you can say I’m a die-hard conservative from the cradle. I never voted conservative (VVD) because I particularly liked that party, but more for want of anything better.

Right now, we have more options. For me there’s the PVV party, which is a conservative party for the common man. There is also FvD (Forum for Democracy), which is another new conservative party. Only this one targets a more affluent audience. The VVD party calls itself a people’s party, but in real life they are anything but. The VVD only works for the people who actually own factories, businesses and banks. Nowadays it’s a wishy-washy party trying to be as progressively liberal as it can get away with. Which is quite a lot, regretfully. The name VVD stands for Volkspartij voor Vrijheid and Democratie, in English: People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy.

Now you have a bit of a background. Let’s look at the conspiracy. The biggest lie of them all is calling national socialism anything other than socialism. Both national socialism and fascism are variants of socialism. Neither Hitler nor Mussolini had a problem with socialism itself. All they did was add nationalism to it. Or get rid of the ‘inter’ prefix, if you prefer. And Hitler was quite enchanted by the extreme racism, the infamous Jim Crow laws of the Democrat Party in the southern USA. That’s what he based his Nuremberg Laws on. Not on muslim dhimmi laws, as I stated in an earlier article. He probably would have, had he known about them. Those laws are even more vile.

But Hitler and Mussolini hated communism, you say. They persecuted communists, locked them up, killed them and conquered (or try to) communist states? Surely you are mistaken! Not at all. True, they most certainly hated communism. Not because they were on opposite sides of the political spectrum but because they are so closely related. That happens a lot in history. We had many wars between Catholics and Protestants, or Shiite and Sunni muslims to mention a few. Both share more than 96% of their opponents’ ideology, differing only on minor points. For which they fought and fight each other to death. Make no mistake: national socialists and fascists are both forms of socialism. They just don’t like the ‘inter’ prefix.

That created a huge problem for international socialists after WW2. They had to come up with something to hide that rather embarrassing fact. Which they did, with great success. They never ever speak about national socialism. Always about fascists. Less about Nazis, only when absolutely necessary. And then only as Nazis or Neonazis, never as National Socialists. They stress the national part, so much so that almost everyone believes national socialism and fascism are extreme right wing ideologies, not left-wing.

I can say lots of things about communists, most of it bad. But not that they are stupid. The ideology is a dead end, but many of its adherents are among the brightest and most creative minds alive. It’s just a pity they focus that massive brainpower on something that never can work.

Bright progressive minds realized that converting the poorest of the poor peasants was not too difficult, but slightly better-off poor workers in the West didn’t fall for it. Something had to be done about that. They got together in the Goethe Institute in the University of Frankfurt to work that out. We know it as the Frankfurt School. Their strategy was to turn all basic values upside down. Marriage, love for your country, making a career, relationships, morality, just about anything had to be questioned, ridiculed and replaced by something else. We see that in action from the flower-power days onward.

That works like a charm. Look at our society today. Marriage, for example, has been replaced by cohabitation. To get a divorce or an abortion is as easy as going to the pharmacy to get a bottle of aspirin. Even the elderly aren’t exempt. Euthanasia is now legal in several states, and progressives in Holland already demand that medical treatments of the elderly be stopped past a certain age. Single-parent families are now common. Babies, toddlers and children have to be farmed out to daycare centers and kindergartens so their single mother can work, as is her right.

One might argue that having a really loving and caring single mother is better than having abusive parents, but I think that having a mother and a father is vital for growing up. Of course, abusive parents are always bad. Therefore that comparison is simply wrong.

I find the idea of intentionally single mothers rather abusive. Having children only because you think you deserve a few, sometimes even fathered by different men, is in my book quite abusive. If you want a high-end career and children, and you don’t want a father involved, you’d do better to consider a couple of cats.

Nowadays it’s quite common to see parents with a couple of past marriages and children from those marriages. Those children grow up as half brothers and sisters. Which, again, is something I think is not a good idea, either for society nor the children. It’s not necessarily bad, but definitely not good.

In America patriotism is still normal. Not so in Europe. We Europeans look on with a bit of surprise at the way Americans show their love for their country. We are supposed to do that only during football championships, and nowhere else.

Dutch high school students who have a Dutch flag on their bags or jackets are cautioned by their teachers. “It’s offensive to others, and surely you don’t want to be seen as a neonazi, do you?” Those ‘offended’ students are usually children of Moroccan or Turkish descent who have no problem walking around with their national symbols. They aren’t actively encouraged to do that, but not cautioned and certainly not punished for it. Dutch students are. The national symbols of the culture-enrichers are allowed, because that’s part of their proud heritage and culture. Which the Dutch do not have, according to Maxima Zorreguita, the Argentinean gold digger who married the (now) king of the Netherlands.

Gender roles are now, officially, abolished. If you feel you are a woman, you are. Transgenders are who they say they are. Now, I know quite a bit about ladyboys (we call them ‘kathoeys’ in Thailand). Their suicide rate is horrendous. More than 50% commit suicide, or die prematurely. Swallowing hormone pills as if they are Smarties is extremely unhealthy. Swallowing that many Smarties is very unhealthy, for that matter.

Even worse, a sex change operation is forever. Some parents go as far as to actively encourage their young prepubescent children to change their genders ‘to become who they really are’, and are not prosecuted. Neither are the doctors who make it possible. And we are supposed to look down upon Castrato singers? Why, exactly?

In Holland we have a word for refugees who can no longer appeal in court. They have appealed in every court, up to the high court and lost. Those people are called ‘uitgeprocedeerden’. You can translate that roughly as ‘those who have exhausted all legal remedies’. Those so-called refugees come from safe countries, such as Morocco (!), Ghana, Nigeria or Albania and many other safe countries. They usually arrive without passport or legal documentation. Which, for mysterious reasons, they lost on the way. They never ever lose their smart phones … Then apply for refugee status. Are denied. Appeal. Which is rejected. So they appeal again. And again and again. Once the high court confirms previous sentences, they are turned loose on the streets. Those legal proceedings take years and cost the taxpayer millions. Going to court in Holland is expensive, but asylum seekers get it 100% free. All the way up to the high court.

Sending them onto the streets is the cheapest solution. They don’t want to be extradited to their native countries. If they are, they usually create such a ruckus that airlines refuse them. Those people have to be accompanied by at least two Marechausees to prevent harm to the other passengers. More often than not, the home country is not known, or flatly refuses their citizens back (Morocco, for example).

So the courts let them wander the streets. Where they have to resort to violent crimes to make a living. And entertain themselves with rape. I’m not a lawyer, but as I see it, turning these people loose on the streets is highly illegal. Something like ‘willfully encouraging crime’. A good lawyer could make a case out of this. Our problem is semi-alphabetic mainly muslims; your problem is similar with mainly South Americans.

Now, lots of left-wing organizations make a very good living out of this. At taxpayers’ expense. They run pro bono (the taxpayer pays for it) law offices — foundations, because you pay much less tax for a foundation. Where they use every trick in the book to keep ‘kansloze asielzoekers’ (refugees who haven’t any chance at refugee status, another new Dutch word) in the country. They also man, partly voluntarily and party as professionals, the IMD, the Immigration service that decides about this.

Lots of famous Dutch people call out on TV for the general population to warmly accept poor refugees into their homes. Which they never ever do themselves. Sound familiar? Meryl Streep and J. Rowling own many not mansions but palaces. They call for the same thing, but never house any refugee themselves. Not even in a garden shed far from the main buildings. Progressives demand borderless societies, but if they can afford it have the biggest fences possible build around their mansions. With armed guards, preferably.

Now, I can fully understand that the Democrat party is furious over losing the election. But not three years later. It seems like separate acts of violence, but it isn’t. It is far too well coordinated for that. I can understand (with difficulty) one university going for Marxist gender rights, but not all of them. I can understand one or two acts of violence against conservative speakers on campuses, but not always, all of the time and perfectly coordinated. That really is a conspiracy.

Those young activists are the new brown shirts. They are just as proud to be in Antifa as their compatriots of the past were proud to be in the Sturmabteilung. They use exactly the same tactics, at the same places, for the same reasons. Disturb peaceful meetings. Browbeat speakers. If a filthy appearance can be seen as a uniform, they are equally uniformed. If they manage to silence a speaker, or get a meeting canceled, mission accomplished. We scored one for the cause!

All deniable, as much as possible. It must appear spontaneous. But it isn’t. It’s far too well orchestrated. The accusations are too similar. Most often, equally vague. Is Trump a fascist? Nope, anything but. However, his accusers most certainly are. Admittedly not as national socialists, but international socialists.

When we look at ‘global warming’ it’s even worse. Every warning, no exceptions, from the seventies onward has been proven incorrect, false, or an outright lie. It started somewhere in 1972-3 when the BBC aired a highly popular documentary in which they presented the snow blitz theory. We could be in a full-blown ice age within three years. That hasn’t happened, but in the early seventies we really worried about a possible and sudden ice age. After that we got the report of the Club of Rome, where scientists warned the planet’s resources were running out. Then we had to act really fast (by paying a s***load of money) to combat acid rain, and buy rain forests for preservation. Followed by Al Gore who stated that the polar cap would melt. Which it didn’t. Al Gore, incidentally, had a lot to gain from climate hysteria. He peddles ‘carbon credits’, which is literally turning coal into gold for him.

Germany went for green power (solar and wind) because the Green Left demanded that. As a result electricity prices are through the roof. And… far more pollution. Why? Because coal fired plants had to be reopened, to meet demand. Every reasonable and working solution is rejected; only fairytale solutions are acceptable. And every time we, the people, have to unite in order to save us all. Unite as in: “proletarians of the world, unite!” The latest hoax is that the world will be gone in just twelve years. It’s not yet mainstream, but don’t worry. That’s just a matter of time.

If that all is not a conspiracy, I don’t know what is. By the way, I base my information on the book The Big Lie by Dinesh D’Sousa. I highly recommend this book to anyone.

— H. Numan

19 thoughts on “There Really is a Left-Wing Conspiracy

  1. No longer can the forces “behind the curtain” hide themselves. More and more of their activities and tactics are being exposed. The internet has helped greatly in the exposures, explaining why the banning of those with their eyes open, aka conservatives, continues apace.

    Long ago Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, detected some of the forces behind the scenes and began his exposures; the CFR is probably the biggest, most influential force, having affiliates across the globe, but it’s not alone. He and the JBS have been ridiculed over the years for pointing out that the world is being subjected to a conspiracy, a happenstance which many others are now discovering. That development is all to the good as we need more and more to expose these powerful people who are pulling the strings.

    The following is from,

    According to Welch, “both the U.S. and Soviet governments are controlled by the same furtive conspiratorial cabal of internationalists, greedy bankers, and corrupt politicians. If left unexposed, the traitors inside the U.S. government would betray the country’s sovereignty to the United Nations for a collectivist New World Order, managed by a ‘one-world socialist government.'”[39][40] Welch saw collectivism as the main threat to western culture, and American liberals as “secret communist traitors” who provided cover for the gradual process of collectivism, with the ultimate goal of replacing the nations of western civilization with a one-world socialist government. “There are many stages of welfarism, socialism, and collectivism in general,” he wrote, “but Communism is the ultimate state of them all, and they all lead inevitably in that direction.”

    The JBS is still going, having chapters in all 50 states.

  2. Well – all points in your rather longer “essay” valid and spot on. My only question now is: if those facts are so obvious and irrefutable, how come you Dutch voted again for Rutte? How come Canada voted again for Trudeau ?

    The only answer I can think of is beyond harsh – I would call it Trumpian. Simply put: the electorate is stupid enough to understand what’s the game. If that’s really the case, it fully deserves its Ruttes, Trudeaus and Merkels.

  3. As “best-laid plans of mice and men” with fairy tale wishes that want to become authoritative, so a pathway to hell, is paved with good intentions, potholed with unintended consequences,
    Starts from a country, but the feelz international & global in intent.

    Sometimes a “state of emergency” is declared, and is usually recognized with an event, such as flooding, earthquake, cyclone, etc.. and its effects on the immediate populace.
    This authorizes a local government, or state, or country, to use all resources to abate, mitigate, and help that populace that is in dire circumstances.
    That means not only governmental resources, but all and any private resources can be ‘dragooned’ and commandeered to help.
    Usually it is done with being paid or compensated for use of those resources.

    This where Climate Emergency is trying to go.

    “Securitisation” is now the flavour, replacing the problems of the UN’s Responsibility to Protect (R2P or RtoP) a global political commitment which was endorsed by all member states of the United Nations but it became a bit icky and questionable in how Gaddafi of Libya was treated.
    Seemingly new is another reason, why certain things will appear to be need to be done, that is supposedly for the good of every one else.

    For the security of everyone else, it can be argued, is why Iraq & Afghanistan was invaded.
    For reasons of security, that is one of the reasons why war can be declared and draconian laws for what ever needs to be done.
    The United Nations Security Council could, in principle, decide ‘whatever’ is a threat to international peace and security,

    So what can trigger this? Climate Change? and how to deal to deniers?
    Islam? and how to deal to terrorists? that is the ones who will not accept more mosques?

    Immigrants? that is the ones that do not welcome them into their houses, schools etc..
    The UN Migration Pact, might need more bolstering laws about people saying their is a problem.

    Judiciary? Needing special law courts, so as to be more timely and to cope with increased complainants or defendants?


    Governments always take a mile, while grasping at an inch when creating red tape in its attempt to make many to be inconvenienced or to cost a needless lot of money & time, or be criminalized.

    A small part was judiciary challenged in New York city.

    “The city took it on itself in Section 7 of the new regs to tell you what they, at least at that point, thought was sufficiently direct,…..
    ….. “They’re now making representations that the reg doesn’t mean what it seems to mean. ….
    My client[s] shouldn’t have to rely on those representations. They should get that in writing in an injunction that would be enforceable. That would be effectual relief.”

    Perhaps the most telling exchange involved not the mootness issue but the constitutionality of the original rules:

    ~Alito: Mr. Dearing, are the people in New York less safe now as a result of the enactment of the new city and state laws than they were before?
    ~Dearing: No, I don’t think so. We made a judgment, expressed by our police commissioner, that it was consistent with public safety to repeal the prior rule and to move forward without it.
    ~Alito: Well, if they’re not less safe, then what possible justification could there have been for the old rule, which you have abandoned?

    Over done needless authoritative ‘Mission Creep’ was well challenged so local government attempted to back down & so to cover itself and not give the game away with the white washing they had done.

    Need more of those challenges. 🙂 🙂 in so many different countries and institutions.
    Thanks to Baron, and H. Numan

  4. Twelve years Numan? Check out the Book of Revelation. The globalist left may very well be aware of lack of time they have to implement their agenda. Thus the reason for their hurried march towards power. Twelve years may be all the time we have left in this present dispensation.

    • Indeed! I would concur Sir…..As would the late Sir Fred Hoyle.

      Ten Faces of The Universe- Written in the 1970’s but still spot on in its predictions.

      2025 to 2035.

    • Dispensation? – Maybe nothing like that. Maybe nothing of the “Final Judgment” at all. Maybe just our own faults, our inability to deal with negative societal trends, our own weaknesses, lack of responsibility, inability to deal with aggressive forces trying to replace us.

      Perhaps nothing divine at all. Just us and them.

      • I agree.

        At risk of offending or upsetting many GoV followers who are faithful and do believe in the Bible, I write this opinion.

        One of the more odious aspects of the muslim “religion” is the fatalism which manifests itself as lack of preparing for the future, destructive management of resources, and cheapness of human life in the lands of the Prophet. I find just as repugnant Christian fatalism in the form of literal belief of the Book of Revelation or belief in Rapture (and thus no need for concern over temporal existence) or any other similar concepts which delegate responsibility for one’s future to supernatural deity. A cursory study of the Bible would show that even the angels don’t know the day or the hour of the Second Coming if one is inclined to believe in such things. Therefore, by the same logic manmade predictions are even more flawed and unbelievable.

          • I feel that it is a shame they are suffering under their public-school mis-education with commensurate lack of instruction in scientific method and delusions regarding the impact of humans on planetary systems vs such natural processes as volcanism, increases in cloud cover or decreases due to sunspot activity, cyclical periods of desertification and glaciation due to perturbations in the orbit and axial tilt of the earth, precession of the equinoxes, etc.

            Regarding the complete end of the world; such an event is highly unlikely, at least on any time scale relevent to humanity. The end of humanity and eventual extinction – almost a mathematical certainty. Nothing lasts forever, and 99.99 percent of all the species that ever lived on the planet are now extinct. The end of the earth? The worst catastrophe I can imagine that would result in the complete destruction of the planet would be the eventual death of the Sun. In another four or five billion years the Sun will run out of hydrogen and will expand until it eventually engulfs the Earth. But such a disaster is not what these screaming morons are agitating about now, is it?

  5. Finishing the article I’m on the fence about whether you are oblivious to many of the underlying issues or whether you left them out or somewhat twisted them for the sake of pushing a point across.
    While the idea of your essay is true, it simplifies the problem to an extreme.
    And there are some of the common conservative ideas that aren’t based on scientific (medical, social, etc.) facts but are constantly repeated by speakers. Which I find a real shame, because it shies away potential supporters and in some cases (not yours) is as hysterical as the left’s opposite idea on a matter.
    Regardless, your essay might still be a good gateway to someone who is only beginning to unravel the situation.

    • Well, you did a great job of beating around that bush. While you’re at it, would you mind enlightening the rest of us on what underlying issues you speak of……

  6. Britain is founded on coal – it sits on billions of tons of the stuff. I could never understand why every effort wasn’t made to come up with a clean burn system – surely it is possible with filters or whatever… It seemed to me self-destructive madness to abandon what was essentially free power in order to purchase power from abroad – unless of course the idea was part of a conspiracy to destroy Britain’s independence.

    • The clean burn technology was already perfected when I was doing Chemical Engineering in the early seventies, I had to learn the calculations etc. Smog, remember it, was massively reduced just by smokeless fuel (coke, anthracite etc), burned in efficient stoves rather than open fires.

      Industry had gone to mechanical furnaces, but diesel and gas only needed one unskilled employee, coal still required a team since it had to be physically moved, not pumped. So it all became wage driven, diesel locomotives only required one low skilled driver, where driving a steam locomotiver was high skill; having the ‘steam’ available at the right time was critical and both a driver and fireman were needed.

      I served in the last steamships in the Royal Navy, that too was a black art, requiring co-ordination between the execs and the engineers for the same reasons. But yes, the pollution free solutions for coal were there, but there were other factors too, like communist infiltrated coalmines and political parties making the supplies of coal unreliable. In the end, it was the communists who destroyed the coalmines, and in doing so impoverished the nation and ended an era (and put a lot of people out of work…..)

      • Sorry to contradict you, MC, but the UK persisted with steam railway locomotives after WW2 because we had plenty of coal, which was paid for in pounds sterling. Oil was, and I believe still is, traded in dollars, and we needed those to pay our debt to the US for weapons and equipment supplied under Lend Lease, which was not cleared until the 1980s.

        The Soviets, by the way, didn’t feel the same obligation to pay for equipment provided by the US and the UK.

  7. I really enjoyed your wonderful essay except for the part of the left(antifa) which are communist in nature, therefore not the brown shirts(Nazi’s) who were formed to fight antifa(communists ) , though both are socialist as you say, the communist are international socialist, who want everybody else to be a one world communist collective. The national socialist, want to keep things inside their border(except for that bloody Hitler) and who want what is best for their people, and no, I am not endorsing nor pining for them or a return of the bad ole days. Unfortunately, with the 3rd world invasion taking place, globalization in banking an commerce and politics is going to make conflict inevitable because 50 % of the native populations just are not going to put up with it , therefore making conflict the defacto option. What we will get is a return of the Kings(Generals) of Europe because the people let it happen because they got comfortable, had food on the table, watched foooooseball, and had wine and bier and let what happened all around themselves manifest itself into the monster that will either be fought or consumed buy it. It will come down to race, religion and political factions, just as human nature always demands. The elites that wrought this upon us are doubling down on their policies because so far they have gotten away with it, but not for long, for there will be rough men with nothing to lose and everything to gain by going rogue therefore making other people join and grown and retribution will be Biblically Epic. Mark my words, if you are in Europe and have not armed up by now, you are sheep for the coming slaughter, for you will be ruled by those with the guns. So start being the Wolf.

  8. to anyone that still thinks that Nazism and communism were opposite ends of the political spectrum I would like to point out that communist russia was the FOURTH member of the axis powers that started world war II. that is a fact that is left out of all history books. the idea that the communists fought the Nazis is another fallacy. the truth is the Nazis fought the communists. the communists were perfectly happy to be the Nazis ally so they could end up with control of eastern Europe, something that happened anyway thanks to franklin Roosevelt.

    • You [ad hominem redacted], because the USSR was never an Axis power, it is a matter of nomenclature. Those 27 million Soviets who died in WW2 at Nazi hands must have topped themselves, oh silly me. And your last sentence flatly contradicts your penultimate one.
      Having lost 27m citizens the USSR was happy to form a protective glacis aginst further attack by sequestering E Europe.

      Still on top of Gen Patten|s tank on the way to Moscow with the revived Wehrmacht in June 1945 are you….

    • Sorry, that’s not correct. The USSR was never part of the Tripartite Pact, commonly known as the Axis treaty. The USSR and Germany signed a non aggression treaty. They agreed not to attack each other (yet), and set zones of control (in a.o. Poland). That made the attack on Poland and on the west possible, but that’s another topic entirely.

  9. 27 Millions-but not by the first numbers…also how many of them were killed USSR citizens killed by USSR citizens? You know Stalin even didnt give a [hoot] about his son and perhaps killed his own wife…USSR had no problems to let starve Millions of Ukrainians before(also at this time USA Newspapers talked about 6 Million Jews taht were in danger in the USSR).

    Stalin forbidd(germany commies get their rukes from Moscow)for some years to call the Nazis Fascists!
    Stalin gave also a lot of commie Names to the Nazis…

    The old Partys are all Left and Idiots today.It looks like it happen ever time when a country is to rich.Look at the old Empires.

    Dont know if its still so but some years ago Trans Persons were called ILL by the UN.

    I dont think that most kids live only with one parent(only the blacks in the USA had 70-80% no fathers.But perhaps they knew and they say it only for the social welfare,like the Gyp. today…)

    ps:Nazi Germany(and Hitler before) and USSR get help from the USA…without it no big war…also England betrayed Poland and wanted to bring them into war…

    Same for WW1.Churchill sayed months before that they have Germany were they want them and a war will broke out soon…
    Also many Historybooks only say that Germany let Lenin to Russia,but they dont mention that Lenin also gets money from the USA.

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