The Beginning of Remorse

In the following video you’ll see an instructive exchange between Caroline de Haas, a French feminist and Amnesty International militant (among other things); and Francis Szpinera, a celebrity French lawyer, whose Jewish family came to France from Poland. Mr. Szpinera causes distress for Ms. De Haas by pointing out her association with Muslim Brotherhood zealots during a recent rally.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   It used to be the extreme left wing that claimed that intellectual dictatorship.
00:04   Today we can say that the dictatorial trainees
00:08   have diversified, and then we see surprising things:
00:12   my female neighbor marching with Islamists, which proves that we live
00:16   in a wonderful country where everything is possible. —Therefore a [unintelligible]
00:20   if we understand it correctly. Emmanuel Pierrat… —We uttered no insults and no invectives [yet].
00:24   I just have been told… —Oh , no, I don’t think it was disparaging! — On the contrary… —It wasn’t
00:29   disparaging. —On the contrary… —Well, if there are truths that hit you, like… —There, take the
00:32   microphone! —Take the microphone, Francis Szpiner, we cannot hear you! —If there are truths
00:35   that hit you like insults, I’m sorry; I only reminded everyone
00:41   of a real fact: that you attended a rally,
00:45   and during this rally there were next to you retrograde Islamists
00:49   close to the Muslim Brotherhood, who favor the stoning
00:53   of adulterous women, who are for whipping in the countries where
00:57   Shariah is the law. I didn’t lie, I only explained a fact.
01:01   The fact that it bothers you, I do understand; that you take it as an insult
01:05   is interesting: I see in that the beginning of remorse.

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