Pippi Longdreadlocks

It appears that the latest madness to infect the Country Formerly Known as Sweden will include a nappy-headed Pippi Longstocking, the Brothers Lionheart in blackface, and various other pickaninnies where blond-haired blue-eyed children once held the stage.

Many thanks to our Swedish correspondent LN for translating this report from Svegot Media:

‘Astrid Lindgren’s World’ is looking for non-Swedish child actors

by the Editorial Board
October 2, 2019

Pippi Longstocking, Emil in Lönneberga and the children in Bullerbyn. Symbols for Sweden and Swedish for many. At ‘Astrid Lindgren’s World’ in Vimmerby, thousands of children each year see Astrid Lindgren’s most beloved fairy tales played by child actors. But this is too Swedish, it seems, and therefore the amusement park advertises for non-Swedish child actors for the coming season.

On the website you can read: “In Astrid Lindgren’s World visitors step right into the world of fairy tales and become a direct part of it. Here the children and their families get to meet, talk and play with the characters from Astrid Lindgren’s books.”

Imagine seeing Madicken and Emil with their own eyes! These fairy-tale characters who suddenly step out of the pages of the books and now stand in front of the children as large as life. Popular and unforgettable summer fun for thousands of families with children. But in the future, the children may be forced to ask their parents why Pippi is not red-haired and why the Brothers Lionheart are dark-skinned.

It is because the lineup at Astrid Lindgren’s world is too Swedish, and in a job advertisement they are now trying to rectify this.

Contact Simon Palerbro

Swedish children do not really have the “ethnic and cultural diversity” that Astrid Lindgren’s World demands.

“Astrid Lindgren’s World wants to take advantage of the qualities that ethnic and cultural diversity bring to the business, and therefore we are especially looking for you who, in addition to the formal requirements, can enrich us with this.”

Exactly what qualities these foreign children would bring, and whether this means that Swedish children are discriminated against, we attempt to find out when we call Astrid Lindgren’s World and for a while try to make contact with the person behind the advertisement.

The woman at the telephone exchange is very nice and really does her best to help, and she even calls back to indicate that she is continuing to look for someone whom we at the paper Svegot can talk to. Unfortunately, she does not seem to have succeeded; we have not yet received any feedback.

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  1. The globalist will continue doing what they do until they are stopped by the reaction their actions cause.

  2. When can we expect a remake of the famous film Zulu?

    Cannot wait to see the famous African Welsh Regiment
    Repel the thousands of Caucasian Zulu Warriors!

    Will Noddy and Big Ears have to renounce their white
    Privilage? Should Cinderella and Snow White join the
    #me too movement?

    Is Prince charming a sexual predator?

    Will the three little pigs story carry a vegan alert
    To avoid upsetting some families?

    Can Poirot only be depicted by a Belgian actor
    To avoid cultural appropriation?

    Sweden and the rest of the world seem to have gone
    Mad, are they putting something in the water that
    We don’t know about.

  3. Is it true there are 21 Rapes a DAY in Sweden by imported cultural enrichers on Swedish women!!These people have their priorities wrong!!

  4. I can’t give an exact quote from the book in Swedish or English, but it sounds something like this from the Russian edition:
    For a minute, Peppy was silent, and then she stammered: “You see, frecken, when your mother is an angel and your father is a Negro king …”

    I think this moment will be actively exploited

  5. The immigrants in Sweden do NOT want to be diversified. Those are the islamics, and they DO NOT believe in playing, laughing, singing or dancing, that is AGAINST their religion. So, the islamics parents are NOT going to allow their children to be in the Theater.

    In fact, any islamics engaging inthe above, is in danger of their life. Yes, the parents, family or neighbors, will kill them,

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