Extinction Rebellion Plans to Blockade Europe

Many readers will remember Carola Rackete, the captain of the migrant-ferry vessel Sea-Watch 3. A few months ago Ms. Rackete and her boatload of “refugees” attempted to run the Italian blockade at Lampedusa, ramming a police patrol boat in the process. Matteo Salvini was the interior minister at the time, so she was arrested and her vessel was impounded. However, a judge later ordered the release of both — Mr. Salvini, like Donald Trump, was frequently thwarted by the actions of the judiciary.

Since then Ms. Rackete has moved on. She is now gung-ho to save the climate, and plans to help Extinction Rebellion shut down Germany and Europe in order to implement measures against climate change. Via blockades, I might add. Blockades are evil when they keep out migrants, but good when they save the climate.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   To bring about changes we want within the government, signing petitions isn’t enough.
00:06   Participation in demonstrations isn’t enough. We need protests that really cause
00:12   discomfort for the government. That would be the economy.
00:17   If we want to achieve something we need to be efficient. This means that
00:22   Extinction Rebellion will set up blockades where it will hurt the most.
00:27   That means large cities, because that’s where those working in the government are.
00:32   As well as the large media companies and the elites. The strikes will be long-term.
00:38   We are planning major events in Germany, and in neighbouring countries
00:44   beginning October 7 in Berlin. We have definitive plans
00:50   for a blockade that will last one week in Berlin.

15 thoughts on “Extinction Rebellion Plans to Blockade Europe

  1. I really hope that fool tries to blockade some large tanker or container ship. It would be very lovely to read about her receiving the Darwin Award to go along with her (posthumous] Nobel Prize. If we are truly fortunate, she will try such a stunt while at the helm of one of the invader taxis and we will get a two-for-one.

    • I really hope she ends up at the end of a rope as her treasonous actions are accounted for. Hopefully some enterprising Maritime types attach limpet mines to those humanitarian ships they are on.

  2. I suggest to block those streets of Berlin where culture enrichers park their high-powered limousines and sports cars earned by ..business?
    Then they will get a lecture in hand to hand solutions.

  3. These people won’t be happy until they have taken Europe and the world, back to about 5000 B.C. They want to rub cheek by jowl with, female death in labour, high child mortality, death at 32 from an infection, on, and on, and on. Oh, and who will rule these tribes? You’ve guessed it. Then they wrap it up in sanctimonious claptrap, and more incredulously… people believe it!

    • There will be a Balkans on steroids soon that will sort out all these 3rd worlders with a vengeance. So arm up, your life will depend upon it and get trained.

  4. The question arises of whether Extinction Rebellion, whose members’ motives appear to be honest, is only coincidentally distracting public attention from the ongoing hijra into the EU.

    Or whether its leadership, which enjoys noticeably benevolent coverage from the homoglobalist (Sunni)-Islamophile, but Iranophobic, Russophobic and Sinophobic media in all US vassal states that are simultaneously being subjected to Diversity, is acting to a background globalist plan.

    That plan, especially as the patriotic opposition tends towards climate denialism, would be to distract from hijra and Hispanization (USA) while continuing to foster it and so render impossible any practical action against global warming medium-term.

    Because ethnic cohesion and hence high mutual trust levels between all those affected are needed to carry out the necessary changes.

    But why would Minnesotan Somalis want to identify with the need to preserve the environment in the USA?

    On the other hand, given Regressive Left naivete, it could just be that such “Leftists” genuinely believe that colonisers (who have “fled” to previously Caucasian countries so as to increase their private C02 emissions with aircon, big autos and patio heaters) will be happy to practise the low-emissions austerity from which they have just decamped in the old country.

    • I thnk that may be a conspiracy theory too far, Reconquista.

      On a personal note, today I took a bus (No. 24, for Londoners) from Victoria to Charing Cross Road; it should have taken ten minutes. It took half an hour or so because it was diverted due to an Extinction Rebellion demo in Trafalgar Square. Hundreds of vehicles must have been gridlocked, spewing out all kinds of exhaust gases. Do these people have no sense of irony, or self-awareness?

  5. Let me get this straight. Allowing the third world to export their excess population to the developed world so that they have no need to slow their growth in population will somehow reduce carbon emissions, help the environment and stop climate change.

    • Congratulations on figuring it out!
      It takes several PhD in various social and political “sciences” in order to hold that contradiction in one’s head.

      True believers in the environmental stuff would be trying to minimize migration to high-energy countries.

      It all makes sense when considered from the point of view that the real goal is the collapse of Western Civilization.

  6. Earlier this year, Carola Rackete was asked in a TV show on ZDF whether she felt any sympathy for Germans who thought it impossible to invite millions of Africans to Germany. Her short answer: “Nope.” Following something like (I’m paraphrasing) “of course it’s possible; those who say it isn’t, are simply racists and friends of Höcke’s”. About two weeks ago, the very same Carola Rackete was interviewed by the magazine Der Spiegel. Among other things, the reporters wanted to know what her longtime plans were. Where she planned to live on the long run. Her answer: “Oh, Chile sounds nice, or Argentina. Definitely not in Germany, though. It’s much to crowded.”
    That’s a good one, isn’t it?

  7. And to add something funny:

    According to PI-News Mrs Rackete has declared the Germany is too crowded. She wants to go to Chile or Kazakhstan.

    they copied it from
    and they copied from the paywall protected

    Gee, how did Germany get too crowded? Maybe Mrs Rackete should look into the mirror? And I hope the Police of Kazakhstan will Show her some hospitality when she is doing some climate related stuff, like stopping the cars etc.

  8. These leftists will soon be stabbing us in the streets, and bombing us!!! Almg with their muslim proxy invasion army.

    if u support trump, brexit, wear a cross, u head is shaved, u r against open borders, u love u country, u believe in family, then u r target for this outrage social mob of new gangster nazis! Commies are the new Gestapo SS,

    If u have a nice car, they will burn it because they dont have one.

    In berlin these antifa nutjobs burn luxury cars,

    U not allowed to be successful under commie-socialism, everyone must be equal,

    If u talented, they will ban your music or art,

    In 1970s, leftists in sweden tried to ban ABBA!

    They formed street protests, and banned abba from radio and tv,

    Because they were very talented at composing and arranging music, this was too much for leftists, because this showed that people are not equal!!!!

    Theres video, with interview, were one of the abba singers, tells how swedish leftists- marxists organised campaigns to ban and destroy abba!!!

    Its simular to this extinction protests.

    Can you imagine???

    Marxism is the ideology of satan 666

    We must all wake up and stop these leftists once and for all time!!!!

    • Hi Morpheus,
      your points remind me of Kurt Vonneguts story” Harrison Bergeron” of 58 years back. You might find your arguments there.It is a dystopia of a state where everything ” unequal” gets eliminated.It is closer to reality than that orwellian stuff which reflects past systems, not future ones.

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