Knife Jihad at the Paris Prefecture: The Killer Was a “Known Wolf”

French police and the government of France are still reeling from the fatal stabbing on October 3 of four police officers at police headquarters in Paris. The perpetrator, a civilian employee and convert to Islam named Michael Harpon, was able to penetrate a secure counter-terrorism facility at the police prefecture and kill four people before he was shot dead.

According to recent reports, Mr. Harpon had converted to Islam a number of years ago, and not in the last eighteen months, as originally reported. And now comes word that a witness has testified that the killer’s co-workers and superiors knew of his “radicalization” and pro-terrorist sentiments.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   According to our information, one witness, only one witness —
00:04   there were about thirty interviewed from the beginning — declared
00:08   that the hierarchy, the superiors, of the police prefecture attacker
00:12   were aware of his troubling behavior. This testimony
00:16   is crucial, even if it has to be but into perspective, because there were other
00:20   interviews, because it’s this man who says: “I saw him change.
00:24   For several months now he was more assiduous at the mosque.”
00:29   It’s also that man who says that he [the attacker] justified the 2015 [terrorist] attacks;
00:33   in fact, he allegedly said concerning Charlie [Hebdo attack] that he understood
00:37   the acting-out of the terrorists; and so, that man [the witness]
00:41   is describing a man [the perpetrator] who changed a lot,
00:45   and who apparently radicalized himself. And he says — still that witness,
00:49   who testified under X [anonymous], yesterday afternoon, to investigators for the criminal brigade —
00:53   that people knew it around him and that his hierarchy knew it.
00:57   So obviously his superiors would still have to be interrogated; that hasn’t been the case yet.
01:02   There are other officers, other colleagues who have been interrogated, about thirty,
01:06   and nobody is saying that. But despite that, this testimony is considered
01:10   credible, by the investigators, because it’s extremely specific, because
01:14   he has no reason — that man — to lie; of course it’s going to be
01:18   an “investigation in the investigation”, meaning: to find out what the hierarchy
01:22   in the directorate of intelligence for the police prefecture knew,
01:26   knowing — let’s keep in mind — that that man had a secret defense security clearance.
01:30   In order to obtain that clearance, well, you need to pas a number of tests, then
01:34   there are investigations conducted every five years internal to this service, and that
01:38   if they had this knowledge [about him], it’s serious, and if they didn’t, it’s also a problem.

5 thoughts on “Knife Jihad at the Paris Prefecture: The Killer Was a “Known Wolf”

  1. A good old cover up!

    Like the notredame arson, another cover up,

    I used to live in paris, 1993/95, i used to do busking
    behind notredame on the bridge, “pont ille st louis” each evening i took the metro from north paris to “cite” and walked past the paris police headquarters in ille de la cite,
    I could never have imagined back then the events that are happening now, and europe being taken over by communists and traitors.

    How have we got here?,
    Europe is now a hell hole,

    Paris was a bit dangerous back in 93, there were lot crime,
    In places like chatelet, bellevue, pigalle, but now paris is extreme
    Danger, loaded with muslims, and africans.
    I visited paris in 2010, i stayed in my previous area,
    18th arrondissement, i knew a one star hotel in square de clignan court ,
    i met a french woman who told me it was very dangerous at night in in this area. She said i must be mad to stay around there.
    I didnt see many white people, there was a feeling of danger.

    What has become of our lovely europe?

  2. Might that be the same Prefecture of Police where the French Resistance finally rose-up to kick the Nazis in the teeth?

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