A Hatchet Job in Limburg

The following essay by Oliver Flesch was published by 1984 Magazin on Friday after the vehicle-and-hatchet murder in Limburg. Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation:

Limburg: Victim wanted to leave her Tunisian husband

Leaving a Muslim man is a bit like playing Russian roulette. Except that in Russian roulette the chances are higher that it will turn out well.

by Oliver Flesch

Limburg — Once again a woman lost her life in the name of honour. The victim (31) had hidden from her husband in a women’s shelter. Leaving a Muslim man is a bit like playing Russian roulette. Except that in Russian roulette the chances are higher that it will turn out well.

For the mother of two children, any help came too late. Her husband had almost cut her head from her torso with an ax and a butcher’s knife, as BILD learned from investigators.

Oh, and while we are at BILD: Never before in the history of murderous migrants has there been a greater dance on eggshells. Five times in the same article BILD gave the alleged perpetrator a different description. Here is the chronology of helplessness:

1.   A German,
2.   A German with a migration background,
3.   A German,
4.   A man,
5.   A suspect born in Germany as the son of Tunisian immigrants.

There are people who think that the origin of the perpetrators is not important. Oh, yes — it is. We have to name the problem. We must be allowed to say that people from certain cultures act more violently than those from others.

Foreigners are suspects in 42 percent of violent crimes. In Hamburg prisons the proportion of foreigners is 61 percent. 42 percent and 61 percent who have no German citizenship; Germans with a migration background are to be added on top of that. Violence committed by asylum seekers who have gone underground (around 500,000) is not included, so we have to add to this.

We are powerless against honour killings. Mindsets could be changed, but this is not what the families want. Many Muslim boys are brought up as they have been for centuries. In their world it does not happen that a woman leaves her husband. How would he look then, in front of his friends whom he calls his brothers? What a humiliation! He would rather kill her there, so that nobody else will get her, either, and his brothers will celebrate him as a hero.

That is how they think. We cannot make any progress with brochures that say that women are equal in Germany.

It is a struggle that we cannot win. We could keep it in check a little by consistent deportation, but deportations are simply not in fashion at the moment.

That is why we will soon meet again in this theatre. Same genre, only the protagonists will have different names.

4 thoughts on “A Hatchet Job in Limburg

  1. Maybe putting up posters everywhere in german with the deutsch translation of “islam is right about women” would shock a few of them free from their cognitive dissonance. I find it difficult to believe that so many native germans are so obtuse as to not see what is happening to their country; after all, these are the descendants of the same people who chose to look the other way and pretend all was well as six million jews were gassed, starved, worked to death, and then falling like snow on the surrounding towns as ash from the crematoriums in the death camps.

    I believe there is something terribly wrong with the german psyche that their desire for order allows them to tolerate the most monstrous and depraved crimes imagineable to be done in their name as long as it is to preserve the fiction that all is neat and orderly. If the unleashing of two world wars and the subsequent atrocities, the creation of the socialist monster, and now the destruction of Europe and the replacement of the european peoples and the end of two thousand years of western civilization through the wholesale importation of the basest of savage barbarian dregs of the islamic and african lands in order to allow globalist elite parasites an easier chokehold on their submissive neo-feudal slaves is not enough to convince anyone of the flaw in the german soul, I don’t know what will.

  2. These poor souls have been conditioned to allow any and all outrages when it pertains to muslims. Anyway what would they do? They have been disarmed and cowed by the state. Chances are if they did stand up they would be charged with a hate crime.

    • Then I guess a whole bunch of them, hundreds of them, need to be charged with a “hate” crime.
      Until the worry that “I will lose my job, I will be shunned by my neighbors” is overcome, Germany will continue down this suicidal path.
      It is pretty clear that elections will not solve this.

  3. This is a type of Category Error: Failure to solve a problem because of misidentifying the cause.

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