Sharia Creeps Into the Schools of Cupertino

The following letter written to a local school official was sent by a reader in California, who includes this note:

The following letter was sent to the superintendent of the Cupertino (California) Unified School District. It is self-explanatory. In brief, a Syrian Moslem woman who practices sharia (in her dress, in the dress she enforces on her daughters, in her views) is a big part of the school PTA. I happen to know the parent who wrote this letter, and so am sharing with you, just as another concerned American who sees sharia creeping into many of our communities.

Here is the letter:

Dear Superintendent,

Perhaps you are aware that in Iran, governed by Islamic sharia law, women are not allowed to enter football stadia. Last week, an Iranian woman, who was arrested for trying to enter, immolated herself and has died today. Here is a report.

Why am I writing to you about her? Because while such horrible discrimination can seem very far away to us in America, in reality it may exist in milder forms here too. There is a lady (named Nasreen Ally, mother of Jude Al-Sakka) who is part of Sedgwick PTA, who actually does such discrimination with her own daughters as part of her Islamic upbringing. See this interview of her daughter.


My mom was really traditional, so when I was a little girl, she would tell me, ‘You should be doing this and this and other feminine activities,” and she’d get really mad and annoyed whenever my dad would take me to play soccer and do adventurous stuff.

The girl also expresses some religious bias even in who she sits with (“in my school, I’d always sit with a group of Muslim people”).

I also know for a fact that she does not allow her daughters to play outside her home, and to just do normal things teenage girls do (sports, hanging out with non-Muslims, etc.)

Now here is my concern. Such a person is part of the PTA. She is very much involved with the school activities. Can we really allow such a person to be so close to our children at a formative age? What about the girls at Sedgwick? Are they also going to be discouraged, perhaps subtly, from doing things this lady considers against Islamic values for girls?

Here is my suggestion for your kind consideration. Please restrict her access to the school. After all, her daughter has accepted her biases in print in an interview. Surely the parents of every daughter at Sedgwick have a right to be concerned that a person with such a mindset is allowed near their children.

Thank you,
A parent of a Sedgwick 3rd-grader

PS: I have also written to Principal Erin Lindsey about this. Please note that the lady’s views are in print offered by her own daughter, so it is not as if we are making assumptions here. As a parent of a 3rd grade girl, I am highly uncomfortable that a person with such views is influencing our PTA.

4 thoughts on “Sharia Creeps Into the Schools of Cupertino

  1. @ Parent

    The title of the article suggests that sharia is “creeping into the schools,” as if it were a person who could sneak in some unlocked door. An apt metaphor, but one which draws our eyes away from the fact that sharia is in the schools because someone – some people – put it there. There is a chain of events, perhaps multiple chains of events, which led to this point. If you want to unravel this mystery, you’ll have to start following the evidence backward to its origin, until you have specific data – names, persons, places, things, etc. The specific decision-makers responsible.

    Do that, and you can begin to make progress against this problem.

    Sharia law is inherently totalitarian. Since orthodox Islamic doctrine recognizes no other laws or sources of authority, Muslims eventually will demand that sharia reign over all other laws – especially those of the kafir, the infidels and non-Muslims.

    Remember, according to Islamic doctrine, sharia applies not only to Muslims, but to non-Muslims as well. Which means that in time, every girl in that school will have to don the burka and the hijab, not just the Muslim ones.

    The practice of sharia in public flatly-contradicts the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, which is one reason why some states have tried to ban it, Oklahoma being one. Until a leftist judge struck down the law, that is.

    The “Red-Green Alliance” between the Left and Islam is advancing its agenda successfully in part because it has been successful in remaining stealthy and beneath the radar of public attention, for the most part. Therefore, anything which shines alight on them and what they are trying to do – is a good thing. Educate others, warn others – of Islam’s real nature – and encourage them to do the same with others.

  2. Wow, such an example of sharia stealth in the PTA. As another example of regressive freedom, hijab, at my daughter’s high school graduation, two hijab girls were give special attention and notoriety. Even a school news brochure cover picture showed one of the hijab girls in front of all other students of any race. I complained. The hijab is submission, degrading, and by countries with islam a prison offense for non-hijab females.

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