Ralf Stegner Denounces the Scaremongers of the AfD

The following video is a longer version of one posted here two days ago. It was recorded in Saarland on September 5 at the SPD regional conference, which served as a town hall meeting for SPD members.

Ralf Stegner is speaking. He is the leader of the SPD (Social Democrats) in Schleswig-Holstein, and also a candidate for the national leadership of the SPD. The woman sitting next to him is Gesine Schwann of the SPD.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So on the one hand, I believe that we have to practice a collegial leadership within the party
00:03   as we did in the past, and allow the debates within the SPD that are needed.
00:07   And secondly, we can’t allow the scaremongers to convince citizens
00:10   to vote for parties that will plunge us into misfortune. This begins, for example,
00:14   with the fact that most people have no problem with their community being Islamised.
00:17   Their real problems are that they may be unable to pay the rent, their pensions aren’t
00:20   enough to survive on, that elder-care services aren’t regulated. They fear losing their job or
00:24   that vocational training positions aren’t available. By finding practical answers on the one hand,
00:27   and on the other hand standing up against the right with poise and all of our strength.
00:31   The SPD needs to present itself self-confidently concerning these important questions
00:35   and showing that we don’t give in on important issues. It’s a question of attitude.
00:38   People should know what we stand for. We need to have more self-confidence in showing that
00:41   we are social democrats. That’s something that should makes us stand out,
00:44   and something that will help us in general, in answer to your question.

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  1. Those two are the scaremongers.They scare away voters from their own party and thus are a bonanza for the AfD. Academia geezer(ess) Schwann and arrogant sour-faced Stegner. Undertakers of their own folks.

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