No One May Talk to the AfD!

During one of the recent climate-change demonstrations in Berlin, the leftist organizers of the rally assigned minders to accompany members of the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) who were there to interview participants and videotape the goings-on. The level of suppression was like that in the People’s Republic of China.

Or it was like the immune system of an organism whose antibodies vigorously attack, surround, and neutralize a perceived invader.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   So, good morning from Berlin. Today a nationwide strike
00:03   for the climate has been called. We want to speak with
00:06   individual participants to find out what they are doing
00:10   for the climate and what their real motivations are. See you later.
00:14   The environmental policy spokespersons. —Thank you very much.
00:17   We’re crowd control. —It’s not from me, it’s from him.
00:20   Thank you very much, but I attended a Stasi Academy.
00:23   I just want to be left alone. —Then you’re in the right place.
00:26   That’s right, you’re exactly in the right place. Yes, that’s right.
00:30   It’s pretty clear. And you guys are our escorts or what? —Apparently.
00:34   Are you ushers or usheresses?
00:37   I think they would rather be doing something else. —You don’t really want
00:42   to be doing this, do you? —I won’t talk to you people.
00:56   Excuse me, may I ask what you’re doing with these trees? Or what they mean?
01:00   We’re making the dead tree procession. I don’t want to do an interview.
01:03   Why? You’re making a dead tree procession?
01:06   The dead trees, exactly. —They are from the AfD.
01:10   You don’t have to speak to them or let them film you. —Are you serious?
01:14   Yes. —Nahhhhhh! —Why not? Why shouldn’t we talk to each other,
01:17   isn’t that good? —I don’t want to be filmed.
01:20   You should tell them not to use your image —Thanks for telling me.
01:25   No, thank you. —OK, have a nice day. —Thanks.
01:31   May I ask about your protest action? —We’re mourning the death of trees.
01:34   I just want to tell you they are from the AfD.
01:37   That’s right, we’re from the AfD. —Careful. —Thank you.
01:44   We need proposals that are implemented. We just need to make laws
01:47   and radically enforce them. There can’t just be
01:50   a bit here and there. —Radically enforce laws?
01:53   Well, OK, create radical laws that are enforced, and not trying
01:57   to think of ways of doing something that won’t hurt anyone.
02:00   I think it is going to have to hurt a little, but better a little now than much worse later.
02:05   How should we handle countries that don’t consider climate protection important?
02:09   For example, many East European countries? How should we deal with them?
02:13   Well, that’s a good question. —That’s why I’m asking. —Well, if there are laws,
02:17   then they have to obey them. Then, we’ll have to see.
02:21   So force them to protect the climate? —Yes. Why not? What is the alternative?
02:25   Isn’t that a bit dangerous, especially being German, forcing other
02:30   European countries to do something they don’t want? —It doesn’t have to be done as Germans; it can
02:33   be done by reasonable people. —Then who aren’t the reasonable people? —Yeah, the people who say
02:37   that climate isn’t important, that’s unreasonable.
02:49   This says the Climate Crisis can only be solved by worldwide socialism.
02:52   Yes. —Socialism doesn’t have a great track record
02:55   with environmental protection, does it? —Yeah, that’s the big lie
02:58   coming from the bourgeois press in the west
03:01   as well as from the Stalinists. It wasn’t socialism.
03:04   The climate catastrophe is international, so the working-class movement
03:08   has to embrace it internationally. It is absolute important. It cannot be solved nationally.
03:14   So, as you can see here, Fridays for Future, is it really a school children’s movement?
03:19   Here the kids’ movement seems to be unfolding here with Antifa Flags,
03:24   Antifa protests. That’s also a part of Fridays for Future.
03:30   Anyone from the AfD should piss off! —Why? —Get outta here! —Why should we piss off? Hmm? Why?
03:35   Because you are s****y racists! Now piss off, man! —Go on, keep filming.
03:38   You’re a racist, fascist party. Piss off! —OK, but
03:41   isn’t better to talk? Doesn’t that show there’s democracy? —No, it’s not. I’m not interested.
03:45   No, fascism isn’t democracy. —You think if Hitler were to come back,
03:49   he’d say he’s a fascist? No, he’d say he’s an anti-fascist.
03:53   That’s exactly what’s happening.
03:56   Extinction Rebellion — a protest against extinction.
03:59   OK, so what are the goals or demands of the group?
04:02   If you’re from the AfD, I have relatively little desire
04:06   to have a discussion with you. —Why not? Isn’t it good to have
04:10   an exchange of ideas? A democratic discourse? —Uh, no thank you. Not necessary.
04:15   No thank you to democracy. —Exactly. —OK. That’s a statement.
04:20   Mr. Hofreiter, a question. —Who are you then? —Jonas Dünzel.
04:25   What do you think of the Fridays for Future movement today?
04:30   Who are you? —I’m from the AfD. It is better to speak
04:34   with one another, rather than speak over each other.
04:41   Mr. Hofreiter?
04:46   Mr. Hofreiter? Just a question, what exactly does the CO2 tax achieve?
04:51   It’s going to get really uncomfortable here. —You are giving out copies
04:55   of “Young World”, so what do you think about a CO2 Tax?
04:59   Is it going to change anything? Or is it just another method
05:02   of taking money out of people’s pockets? —It could help. It depends.
05:05   There’s a tax on champagne, but that didn’t stop people from drinking it. I read that somewhere.
05:09   Same thing with the gas tax. Putting a tax on it makes sense somehow. —Why?
05:15   Technically with taxation things can be directed. If it done correctly. —Taxes direct things. OK.
05:24   How should we deal with countries, for example the Eastern European nations like Hungary,
05:28   that resist and don’t want to do anything?
05:32   First, we show that it works. If it works, then how it works.
05:37   So then everyone will realise a large economy won’t collapse when the climate crisis is addressed.
05:44   But we’re right at the edge of a recession, and it already
05:47   isn’t looking so good. So let’s assume, everything works well, but the other nations
05:51   still don’t want to participate. They say the reasons to do so are not discernible. What then?
05:55   I don’t know, but now I have to ask you, where are you from?
05:59   From the AfD. —You’re from the AfD? —They told you earlier.
06:04   Oh, I didn’t understand that. —Oh. —So will I be branded a leftist now?
06:08   No, not at all. You’re handing out “Young World”.
06:11   What, excuse me, what? —Don’t let him film you. —What? You are from
06:16   the AfD? You are AfD people. —You didn’t ask.
06:21   What, I didn’t ask? —These two here, our escorts told you.
06:25   After that you didn’t ask, but you were informed.
06:29   Well, I have to admit I didn’t expect it. —OK, so what are you doing here?
06:32   We want to talk with people, because
06:35   in order to have democratic discourse you need two opinions. We want to present to people the
06:39   other opinion (on climate change) that exists from scientists that see it differently,
06:43   but is not reported on by the mainstream media.
06:46   In Saxony last week our campaign vehicles were set on fire
06:51   and our offices shot at with fireworks. Our members in Saxony
06:56   are regularly attacked. —That’s the escalation from the Leftists;
06:59   they are also attacked. —Yes, but for the most part it is AfD members
07:02   that are attacked. It is not we who make the discourse worse.
07:06   That’s why we’re here, to talk. —You want to talk?
07:09   We are. —Yes, I would say you’ve been relatively polite.
07:12   There are AfD members that are polite. Yes, you can believe it.
07:15   I think so, but they are probably the most dangerous.
07:19   The wolves in sheepskins, you mean? —Yes. I’m not a friend of the AfD.
07:23   That’s OK. —You should have said it clearly. —You were told,
07:27   by them, I will refer to them as colleagues.
07:30   You must tell them that you do not want to be filmed. —OK.
07:36   So here next to me is Steven Helmut from the direction of the Young Alternative.
07:40   Steven, what was your experience like at the climate demonstration? —What I experienced? Well, OK.
07:45   I would say it was more like observations. It is just sad
07:49   how many children are being used. What really made me speechless
07:53   was when a so-called feminist said that abortion
07:57   protects the climate. That just made me speechless.
08:00   I just thought to myself, this isn’t a movement to protect the climate. They are misanthropes.
08:04   Yep, that’s the closing for today. We’re going to continue. Have a good day.

2 thoughts on “No One May Talk to the AfD!

  1. Another tactic they have now begun to use on state TV.

    When an AfD politician speaks in parliament, they no longer show their name (party).

    Normally, this information pops up on screen for 10-20 seconds. Not any more.

    Instead, they show nothing. The viewer has no idea who is speaking. Unbelievable.

  2. +++ Germany is heading for a Molecular Civil War +++

    RECHTSSTAAT translates to “Constitutional State”

    German Politicians, lead them Angela Merkel, keep venomously spitting out this term “Rechtsstaat”.

    It translates simply to the idea of a “Constitutional State”, consisting of the following 3 elements.

    1) A people
    2) A geographical land mass
    3) A system of law

    Merkel & Co. insist how much they represent this “Rechtsstaat”.

    Just like in “1984”, they are even hanging posters from every lamppost in BERLIN showing queers kissing, Muslims praying and diverse
    toilets, all of which are being protected by Merkel & Co. The Protectorate of “Rechtstaat”.

    Let’s take a closer look at their politic policies:

    – A people
    – Is being replaced. The indiginous population is dying at record rates. 700K since 2013. (7 German cities).
    – Foreign birth rates. “Migrants” have given birth to 1 million children since 2013. (10 new German cities).
    – 600K people have arrived as part of the “family reunifcation” since 2013. (6 new German cities).
    – Simultaneously, a total of 3,5 million illegal immigrants have arrived in Germany since 2013


    – A geographical land mass
    – Merkel categorically refuse to close the German border.
    – Merkel & the EU categorically refuse to close the EU border.
    – Instead they fly plane loads of people in from Arabia. Boat loads of people in from Africa.


    – A system of law
    – A bank was held-up yesterday by an armed robber – he was let go pending a court hearing.
    – A man with 60 kg of cocaine was left to walk away because they had no prison cells for him.
    – The could have let the man who refused to pay his TV license free, or the cashier who stole a 10%-off coupon.
    – Over 1,000 Muslim child brides are registered in Bavaria.
    – Having a second, third and forth wife is no longer a problem. Cases of single family cashing 300K EUR welfare per year.
    – They refuse to count the number of Muslims, so the figure remains at 4 million (since 2010) [My calculation 8-9 million)
    – The number of “Arab Clan” family members is now larger than the Bundeswehr, with 250K members.
    – The list of terror organizations in Germany reads like a “who’s who” of international terrorism.
    – Local football events are turning the German football field into Afghanistan slaughter gardens. The slightest foul or fall leads to 1,000 people fighting to the death or at least being severely hospitalized.
    – Local parks and public squares have become safe havens for African terrorist organisations which openly sell drugs there. Politicians refuse to act for fear of “discriminating against the drug-dealers”. This is what a left wing politician in Berlin said in front of the camera.
    – All the laws that could have prevented this from happening have been abandoned, single-handedly and illegally by Merkel and co.


    There is NO “Rechtstaat” any more in Germany. The molecular civil war is in full swing. 16 stabbings by immigrants every day in Hessen alone, one of 16 counties. And the Germans are unarmed.

    Germany is heading for a Molecular Civil War.

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