Saarlouis: The Wild West of Modern Multicultural Germany

The city of Saarlouis is in southwestern Germany, close to the border with France, as its name would suggest. The mayor of the city has taken the unusual step of publicly admitting that his police force is all but helpless against the marauding gangs of migrant “youths”.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

And here’s a brief clip of Chancellor Angela Merkel reminding Mayor Demmer that he just has to accept what’s happening in his city:

Video transcript:

00:00   Saturday July 23. Here’s Punkt 12 (News at noon) with Katja Burkard.
00:06   Hello and welcome to Punkt 12. “We’re capitulating to aggressive youth gangs.”
00:11   That’s the shocking statement by Mayor Peter Demmer in the small town
00:17   of Saarlouis, Germany. He says he is powerless against the marauding youth gangs in his city,
00:22   and with that he’s not speaking for his small Saarland town, because the problem is not
00:27   just there. Where does it come from? Can we still feel safe at all anymore?
00:32   The trigger for the discussion was the town festival at the beginning of June in Saarlouis.
00:37   As these scenes show, several youths were on the rampage at night. They were aggressive
00:41   and provoked the police. The officers finally had to withdraw because they were outnumbered
00:46   by the youths. The mayor of the city is now making severe accusations: “The dismantling of
00:53   the police force has reached a dimension that is critical. The few officers we have can’t be
00:57   everywhere simultaneously. More police presence could contain such an escalation more quickly.
01:03   The fact is, in Saarland the police force was cut by just under five percent in 2012,
01:09   and according to a survey, one in two say that the police can no longer protect them properly.
01:15   Women in particular feel increasingly insecure on the streets. —You just don’t try to go
01:20   separate ways when walking home. —For example, at our train station, if you go in the
01:26   take the train in the evening and these boys are there, you don’t feel comfortable standing alone;
01:30   as a girl, that’s not so great. —If you walk home from your girlfriend’s house in the evening,
01:34   or alone from somewhere, there’s an uneasy feeling. I walk home a different way and
01:39   a bit faster too. —For Saarlouis’ mayor Peter Demmer, the lack of police officers is not the only
01:46   problem: “it is obvious that this phenomenon is increasing among young migrants”.
01:52   The fact is, in the last ten years, the number of crimes committed by German youths has fallen
01:57   sharply, while the number of crimes committed by non-Germans has increased, especially in 2015,
02:04   when many immigrants came to Germany. —If that’s still the case, that we have more young men
02:11   in this group, then of course it’s the natural that we will have to accept an additional percentage
02:16   of crime. —More crime, fewer police. According to the Mayor of Saarlouis, not having enough police
02:26   won’t solve the problem. The Saarland Minister of the Interior reacted just a few minutes ago and
02:31   promised more police in Saarlouis at the beginning in October.
    [Merkel clip]
00:00   But we must accept that the number of crimes committed by migrant youths is especially high.

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  1. Deport them send them back where they came from !!, this savages don’t belong to civilization country, deport, deport..

  2. Assuming that the police have guns and organization, the solution is obvious.

  3. The mayor should covertly bring in a shipment of AR15’s, then setup an entrapment or sting operation to lure the worst of things into a kill zone. Then the waiting armed citizenry of Saarlouis would stand up and open fire. Problem solved. Several hundred civilian defenders could not be prosecuted. Dozens of cities in Germany and France and beyond would begin fighting back in solidarity, against those who would rape and kill them. “Solidarnosc!”

  4. Still there is no name, no photo, not even a small story of his life? He was even deprived of what Ebba Akerlund from Sweden had.
    I saw on Twitter a lot of insinuations from one well-known photograph of a boy from an advertisement for children’s haircuts, which they gave out as the so-called Oscar .

    In Russia, a year ago, a maniac killed and raped a Tajik girl. So all the media constantly chased the plot on TV. For Tajiks, this national tragedy is still happening, which covers all the killings and rape and terrorism that this diaspora in Russia commits.

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