Pushback Against the Dutch Burka Ban

The video below serves as a useful follow-up to H. Numan’s essay on the recently-enacted burka ban in the Netherlands. As he pointed out, it’s not really a ban, due to the inherent weaknesses in the law, and the refusal of cities to enforce it.

This news report illustrates what H. Numan was saying. It discusses a new phone app that will help Muslimas fight back against “vigilantes” who try to execute a citizen’s arrest for the wearing of the niqab. And it mentions in passing that some cities will not be enforcing the new law.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:04   A remarkable initiative by the opponents of the burqa ban that came into effect this month.
00:10   An app is being developed with a kind of mobile emergency button for burqa or niqab wearers.
00:16   Reporter Sylvan Schoonhoven knows everything about it. Sylvan, what is it exactly?
00:21   We’ve seen that the niqab ban, in effect since Thursday, caused an uproar,
00:27   with both supporters and opponents of the ban. The opponents, many of them Muslims,
00:31   believe a witch-hunt will be unleashed on niqab wearers.
00:35   They want a solution, in case niqab wearers would be attacked on the street, by
00:41   citizens, unbelievers, people who might push them to the ground until police arrive,
00:47   all kinds of fantasies. To help these sisters, an app is being developed.
00:53   You press an emergency button, GPS coordinates are broadcast,
00:57   and nearby brothers rush to the scene
01:00   to intervene. —OK. Now there are WhatsApp groups in which this is discussed, are they effective?
01:07   Well, those groups have been around for a day or two. There’s a lot of discussion
01:11   about what needs to be done to help sisters.
01:14   But you know how it is with WhatsApp groups; they devolve into chaos.
01:19   Everybody contradicts each other; app groups fall apart. It became a total chaos within two days.
01:25   But that app is a serious idea that came out of all that, and it’s being developed now.
01:31   Maybe you could say that, given the commotion,
01:35   it’s understandable that opponents worry about safety.
01:38   That commotion was due to a clumsy article published in [the newspaper] AD yesterday.
01:44   about the possibility of a citizen’s arrest in case you see a lady in a niqab.
01:53   Phrases like “grabbing” and “pushing to the ground” were used, which caused a lot of resentment.
01:58   people were very angry, and got the idea that a witch-hunt is in the making.
02:04   Whether this is justified or not; I really don’t think so; things will be all right,
02:08   but it explains the emotions among the supporters of the niqab.
02:11   “We have to do something for our sisters in distress” is the idea behind it.
02:15   Just to be clear, for the people who missed this, although it’s been on the news, of course,
02:19   It’s not the case that women in niqab can’t be out in public.
02:23   It’s a partial ban, right? —Yes. The ban applies, as is well-known by now,
02:27   in public transport, in government buildings, in health care and education.
02:31   But the feeling is that this partial ban will cause women in niqab
02:36   to be harassed in the street, cussed out,
02:41   that their niqabs may be pulled from their faces; these are the fantasies
02:45   concerning the fate of the niqab wearer.
02:48   And that’s the reason for this initiative. By the way, the name of the creator is well-known, right?
02:53   Yes, the man who is developing this app is Mr [Zabiullah] Yousufi.
02:57   somebody who is known as the producer of educational material for children,
03:05   cartoons, animations, YouTube series. —We have footage of that, we’ll show that now.
03:11   It’s remarkable by the way that no facial representations are shown. —Yes.
03:14   That is completely consistent with Salafist ideology, which bans the depiction of living beings,
03:22   hence the absence of faces. And this is a very pious children’s series
03:26   that’s being made; many episodes are planned.
03:30   This is all very Salafist, very pious material for young children that’s on the market.
03:37   You can see young girls who are wearing the veil. This is all produced by Mr Yousufi.
03:44   That’s all OK, you’d think. —Yes, it’s completely legal.
03:47   But we know Mr Yousufi from an earlier time,
03:50   when he was part of an activist group that visited refugee shelters,
03:54   to spread the faith among asylum seekers,
03:58   and that group also spread some jihadist videos, praising martyrdom, very questionable material.
04:07   That group also raises money for the inmates of the terrorist wing of the prison in Vught, and
04:13   they raised money for Mohammed B. [Bouyeri], who killed of Theo van Gogh.
04:17   So, a shady background. —Is this man known to the intelligence services? Is he under surveillance?
04:26   The AIVD and NCTV have raised the alarm lately about Salafist “educational initiatives”
04:34   intended to indoctrinate children early on with Salafist ideology.
04:39   I don’t doubt that this initiative, “Muslim kids’ education” is on the services’ radar.
04:49   It’s not illegal, but an extreme variant of Salafism is being spread here.
04:57   To wrap up, that burqa and niqab ban: in the Netherlands it’s mostly niqabs
05:00   that are worn, as you explained earlier. To be clear,
05:03   what’s the difference between burqa and niqab again, for people who want to know?
05:06   The burqa completely covers the face, so that even the eyes aren’t visible.
05:12   And the niqab, as you see behind me, shows the eyes. There’s a little curtain covering the face.
05:16   The ban went into effect August 1, the minister postponed it,
05:19   but it still caused a lot of commotion.
05:22   Yes, with both the supporters as with the opponents, so the supporters of the niqab ban
05:28   are very happy, they think it’s the solution to a pressing problem.
05:34   It’s dubious whether it’s really a pressing problem, as is well-known.
05:39   There are 150 to 200 women, maybe a few more,
05:43   who wear this niqab, so you rarely see them in the street.
05:47   The question is whether there’s really a problem
05:51   in hospitals, on public transport. But we’ll see what happens in practice
05:55   when a situation like that occurs and there’s a conflict.
05:59   Yes, because we know how the opponents [of the ban] feel,
06:02   and it’s not clear if the cities will enforce the ban.
06:05   You’ll be following this issue, Sylvan. Thank you.

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  1. Monty Python Flying Circus is alive and well!
    Hilarious irony.

    “The Burka Sketch”….

  2. 00:53 You press an emergency button, GPS coordinates are broadcast,
    00:57 and nearby brothers rush to the scene

    Obviously this app can be used for any disagreement with infidels. The Muslims will use it to summon immediate reinforcements. It’s an Islamic flashmob app, a serious escalation on the road to civil war.

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