A Vigil for the Murdered Boy in Frankfurt

As I reported a week ago, an Eritrean culture-enricher pushed a mother and her 8-year-old son in front of a train at the central station in Frankfurt, killing the little boy.

A couple of days ago the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany) held a vigil for the victim in front of the station. Flowers and candles were out in force, but there was also a protest about the violent crime imported into the country along with all those hundreds of thousands of migrants. And, needless to say, the presence of the AfD attracted a counter-demonstration by open-borders leftists.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:08   [Sign] STOP imported violence! / Protect the borders!
00:12   [Sign] R.I.P You had your whole life ahead of you.
00:16   [Sign] STOP imported violence! / Protect the borders!
00:24   [Sign] Ignoring it won’t help. / When will something be done?
00:28   We, on behalf of the AfD, have held a vigil here in front of
00:33   the Passenger Railway Station to remember the victims of violence
00:39   which unfortunately has taken place in this country within recent days.
00:50   Our aim is to prevent these crimes from being forgotten. It is also
00:54   about the fact that political consequences are drawn,
00:57   because many of these perpetrators came to Germany as migrants.
01:02   Many of these crimes wouldn’t have even take place
01:08   if our borders had been controlled properly and
01:11   our nation’s migration policy had also been concerned with the security
01:15   and the interests of this country. [Sign] R.I.P You had your whole life ahead of you.
01:25   And that is the decisive point, because our society
01:29   has a social contract, and the government also has a role
01:33   to play in ensuring the security of its citizens. Obviously,
01:37   citizens shouldn’t resort to taking justice into their own hands,
01:41   but the government should be providing for the security of its citizens;
01:47   otherwise our society is in danger of breaking up.
01:54   This is a political appeal that the AfD, that we are expressing
01:58   here today. We must do everything we can
02:02   to stop and reverse this alarming trend towards less and less internal security.
02:36   [Sign] All Racists are A**holes everywhere. [Sticker] F*** AfD.
02:40   Now it is getting funny. —No, it is also your fault. —Now he’s smiling.

13 thoughts on “A Vigil for the Murdered Boy in Frankfurt

  1. There’s an interesting case in Britain of a boy being thrown off a balcony in the tate gallery – this happened a few days ago. The boy is critically ill. The matter appears to have fallen down the memory hole. Strange. I wonder what’s being hidden.

    • And of course here in America we had the case of the boy who was thrown over the balcony at the Mall of America. Interesting.

      • That scum should have received the death penalty for such a heinous act. Being that it occured in Minneapidishu, he will only get 19 comfortable years of confinement (if he is made to serve the entire sentence; unlikely) followed by complimentary Section 8 housing and a smorgasbord of welfare goodies courtesy of the taxpayer.

        The only “good” that came from this whole sordid episode was that the cost of the treatment needed by the innocent child was crowdfunded very successfully, which to me indicates just how much normal Americans despise this sort of crime. If I was dictator, I wouldn’t be nearly as charitable to the filth that did this as the Minnesota (in)justice system has been. I would have had him shot, or better yet, burned in a cage like his ISIS buddies did to innocent Christians, and then deported his entire family and extended family back to whatever cesspool of a country they originated from.

        • Heinlein, MN is well known for it’s lenient sentences where the average murder spends about 7 years in jail. So this 3rd worlder will be getting out in about 7 years or so. Up further Nort, in JackPine savage country, this sort of thing would have been handled with a trip to one of the mine pits or numerous miles of bogs where none is ever found, or so I have heard. It is why you don’t see skinnies up Nort, for the locals here would never tolerate them under any circumstances.

    • Yes, nowhere I have looked has any information on the piece of trash that threw him from the balcony. Nothing that could identify the ethnicity, or religion of the perpetrator. Ostensibly this might be due to allegedly being underage, but in my experience it is more likely due to being an invader or the child of invaders to France. My guess is that this means the trash that did this is North African or Arab if he is of “French” origin. If he truly was a white, ethnic Frenchman, this tidbit would be trumpeted along with his photo or some commentary from his parents on how he was such a nice boy who could never do something so awful.

        • Note to my post- according to the article, the miscreant who tried to kill the little boy was “white”.

        • I read in one of the news stories about this awful crime that several men who witnessed the crime had beaten the scumbag after he had thrown the boy from the balcony. He was punched in the face and witnesses had reported what looked to be like fighting; he apparently had to be locked away in a bathroom for his own protection until the police arrived.

          It is nice to see that there are real men in the UK; if this had been Germany the males would be cowering somewhere wringing their hands about how such an act isn’t allowed.

      • 100% Muslim / Arab parasite , it wasn’t some kind of “ accidents “ like that before 2015 , .. disgusting animals..

    • The accused is apparently under 18 which in the UK could mean reporting restrictions may be in play and can only be lifted if deemed in the public interest.
      Of course multikulti exceptionalism may also play a part but that’s purely speculation, until we know more facts, I’m keeping my powder dry.

  2. Think of all the Kebabs you get to eat.
    – At this point I couldn’t care less about Germany. I just them to stop bullying other countries.

    • Germany should be sectioned in pieces like it was before 1900
      Only like this we can control this retarded brainwashed bots

    • berserker, Remember well my friend, what happens to Germany is in store for us all, so hold your nose and help our German friends who need all the support they can get. For we will love to have good German engineered weapons when the time comes.

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