No Skin in the Bus Game

The weather was hot (by Swedish standards) a couple of weeks ago in the city of Malmö in Skåne. A winsome young lady named Amanda, who is featured in the two videos below, was thus dressed in comfortable clothing when she boarded a municipal bus. Much to her surprise, she was told by the driver that she was not allowed on the bus dressed that way, because she was showing too much skin.

Amanda was outraged, and complained to the transportation authority. In due course the contractor that provides bus service for the city apologized, and the offending driver was sacked.

There’s nary a word in these reports about ethnicity, but considering how culturally enriched Malmö is — I believe migrants and their descendants now make up more than 50% of the population — I wouldn’t bet against the driver being an adherent of the Religion of Peace.

Many thanks to Kronans Martell for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video is the initial news report on the incident:

The second video reports on the dismissal of the bus driver:

Video transcript #1:

00:00   On Friday afternoon [26 July 2019] the 19-year-old Amanda
00:03   was about to get on a bus in Malmö, Sweden to meet her friend.
00:06   After she showed her ticket to the bus driver she was stopped and the driver asked to talk to her.
00:10   He told me, “You can’t get on our buses wearing clothing like that!”
00:16   I was astounded and asked, “What do you mean?” He said, “You show too much!”
00:23   It was 26° (79°F) that day. Amanda wore shorts and a tank top,
00:26   which caused the bus driver to react. According to Amanda,
00:29   the bus driver claimed that she was showing too much skin to be able to take the bus.
00:33   I took a step back to the entrance and said, “What the hell is this sexist crap? This is nonsense!”
00:42   The bus driver directed Amanda to read the “dress policy”,
00:45   which he claimed is followed on the buses.
00:48   After the incident Amanda called Skåne Transportation Services and explained what happened.
00:52   But then she found out that such a policy doesn’t exist.
00:55   These buses are run by an private entrepreneurial company, Nobina.
00:59   Their spokesman says that the company doesn’t support the bus driver’s behavior,
01:05   and they are currently investigating the incident carefully.
01:08   Amanda is demanding an apology from both the bus driver and the company.
01:13   We are living in 2019 but I still can take a bus because “I have a quite few clothes on.”
01:19   I think we have come much further than this.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   The bus driver in Malmö who didn’t allow the 19-year-old woman to take the bus
00:06   because, according to the him, “She was showing too much skin”, has been dismissed.
00:11   “We want to apologize to Amanda because she was treated wrongly,”
00:17   says David Ericksson, the bus company’s communications manager.
00:22   Nobina is a company that works under contract for Skåne Transportation Services.
00:25   After the incident Amanda demanded a public apology, and said that
00:30   “Men shouldn’t control women and how they might dress.”
00:34   This incident was discussed all over social media networks,
00:38   and the company states, “There is no policy regarding how travelers should be dressed.”
00:45   And: “This incident is about an individual employee who acted improperly
00:49   and he is currently withdrawn from service.”

11 thoughts on “No Skin in the Bus Game

  1. The irony is that they likely fired one of the handful of “new Swedes” with a legitimate job. Undoubtedly, he will quickly be back at work in the underground economy selling drugs or pimping infidel girls to make ends meet while simultaneously feeding from the public trough. And now he will be able to practice sharia cop professionally while he is busy with his hustle.

  2. “he is currently withdrawn from service.” Only from service? Not from country? Not from Continent? Not from society or culture? Is this a backlash?

    • In the commentary below, I posted a link from a Swedish source: the woman was not allowed to board the bus because the driver was praying. The bus company generally refused to respond to the claim.

  3. The dress policy will be introduced after the bus company office is firebombed.

    • Or the Antifa and the Greens/Leftwingers in parliament declare that the Company is culturally insensitive, racist etc.
      And that the People of Sweden should be more tolerant and that this nazi-s… (not nice description of a woman, not allowed to describe a leftwing woman. If a rightwing woman is to be described then this word MUST be used!!!!) should be punished and ostracized and be declared an Outlaw that any right- sorry leftthinking person can kill on sight.

  4. Their spokesman says that the company doesn’t support the bus driver’s behavior,

    What about ten years from now when these savages will be more numerous and will have political parties begging for their votes?

  5. Do they understand that they’re in someone else’s country and should behave accordingly. Never mind… stupid question.

  6. The man needs to be repatriated immediately as an example to the others who will repeat this disgusting act.

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