Greta Fights Cultural Enrichment

Update: Greta’s spelling has been corrected.

“School strike for the repatriation of foreigners”

Our Swedish correspondent LN tipped me to the photo above*. I had always thought Greta Thunberg — the Nordic Joan of Arc — was an agitator against climate change, but apparently she has become a xenophobe and adopted a new cause: Skolstrejk för hemsändandet av utlänningar, or “School strike for the repatriation of foreigners”.

A shorter slogan: Nej! Ut! = “No! Out!”

*   Yes, the photo of Greta has been digitally altered.

8 thoughts on “Greta Fights Cultural Enrichment

  1. Seriously, this girl is by her own and her family’s admission, mentally ill to some degree. She is being used by the Left Commie fanatics to promote their degenerate agenda, especially as it pertains to fake climate change.
    This is as bad as anything Epstein ever did, in my estimation. In some ways even worse because Greta doesn’t even understand what is being done to her. Very sad. Her parents are idiots.

  2. I wondering how Greta will act in a few years from now, when there is no climate catastrophe.

    • Does it matter? Her parents and she will have raked in millions by then. Look at Al Gore; he seems to be doing pretty well.

      • Not only Al Gore is doing well, but his groupies still claim he is 100% right.

  3. .
    The call contains a misspelling, which can be explained by Greta being a victim of the Swedish social democraturic school, It should have been:
    democraturic = democra(tIc) +
    dictatorship = (dicta)tur + ic

    • Well, she misses enough class that one would expect her to be unable to spell.

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