ISIS Brides Want to Return Home to the Netherlands

The following news report describes the plight of two Dutch women who left the Netherlands and went to Syria as “ISIS brides”. Their husbands went to wage jihad for the Islamic State, and the wives accompanied them to keep house and whelp out their wee bairns.

Now the women want to return to the Netherlands, but the Dutch government is none too anxious to have them back. The puir wee bairns will undoubtedly be the deciding factor — who, after all, could resist them?

It’s not clear whether these women have “an immigration background” or are converts to Islam. Dutch viewers can probably tell from their accents. One of them seems to have blue or green eyes, so my guess is that they’re converts.

Many thanks to C for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:06   More than 70,000 women and children are now living in Kurdish camps in Syria.
00:11   Among them dozens of Dutch women who traveled there to join the Islamic State.
00:17   Tensions in these camps are running high, also among the women.
00:20   If you are not radical enough, your tent may be burned down, as we will hear shortly.
00:25   But they don’t even find this the biggest problem.
00:29   What is your greatest fear? —That the Netherlands will drag its feet for so long,
00:32   that we will be extradited to Iraq, and that nobody will know and it will be covered up,
00:38   because it was our own choice [to join]. —That’s your fear?
00:42   Yes, that’s really my greatest fear. That it’ll take so long we’ll be
00:46   locked up somewhere and nobody will know where we are.
00:49   This is why about 20 women and their children are trying
00:53   to get out of there, with the help of their Dutch lawyer.
00:56   They know they’ll end up in prison here, but prefer that to staying in the camp.
01:01   The government is not interested in bringing them back, so the lawyer
01:05   is considering suing the state. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of bringing them back shortly,
01:11   but first the story of the ISIS women and their lawyer.
01:20   Do you know what’s waiting for you if you return to the Netherlands?
01:26   I think we’re going to prison.
01:29   I don’t expect we’ll be allowed to enter society right away. That’ll be a step-by-step process.
01:34   The lawyer Andre Seebregts came to Syria to speak with his clients in the camp.
01:40   I am Umm Ibrahim and I’m 25. —25? And you?
01:45   I am Umm Soufiane and I’m 20 years old. This is my roommate
01:49   Ah, your roommate. —He’s very sweet.
01:55   Although the tone is often airy, the women are deeply worried.
02:02   What we heard just now, that some people are a bit more radical than others here.
02:08   and that this leads to tensions, is that something you experienced as well?
02:12   I’ve been here for six months, Over that time there were four murders, that I know of.
02:16   This is feuding among the inhabitants. Tents are set on fire.
02:21   Did that really happen, tents burned down?
02:24   There was a woman, we didn’t know her personally, but as far as I know.
02:29   her husband was a judge, with ISIS. And the woman had nothing to do with her husband’s work.
02:36   She came here to the camp on her own initiative, as a refugee, with her children.
02:41   And because others in the camp are against that,
02:44   against ISIS and everything it stands for, they just burned her tent down.
02:49   with her and her children in it. They just [died?] on the spot. —Oh, that’s horrible.
02:54   Purely because these people, who are anti-ISIS. which we all are, BUT
02:59   anti-ISIS in the sense of “ISIS wasn’t good enough”. It had to be more extreme than ISIS,
03:05   so they set her tent on fire, and she died with her children.
03:11   Our fear is more realistic. It’s more realistic that they’re going to hurt us,
03:16   than that we’ll commit a terrorist attack in the Netherlands or Belgium.
03:19   Our children aren’t safe, they’re being threatened.
03:22   There was a Dutch boy who — a new market was opened over there.
03:25   Yes. —And a Dutch boy started a job there.
03:29   Other children, or adults, I’m not sure, went over to him. They threatened him,
03:34   grabbed him by the throat. They said, “If you work one more day for these Kurds,
03:37   we’ll burn your tent down”. And these people would do that too. —That’s the one extreme group.
03:42   They’re more extreme than ISIS. So that’s those people.
03:47   We don’t feel like extremists, and I don’t think we are.
03:52   At the time we were housewives, that’s all we did.
03:57   All that extreme stuff, like those videos, that maybe were highlighted in the Dutch media.
04:04   We never saw such things. We didn’t experience that. That’s just front line.
04:08   So for us that’s not really… that’s not… for us that’s not realistic.
04:13   You see us as big extremists, but we don’t feel like that.
04:17   We feel like Dutch citizens. —The Dutch and Belgians [in the camps] are innocent, because
04:21   the majority of us… the majority… I think we’re all…
04:24   We spent our lives locked up in our homes. We were maybe allowed to keep a window ajar.
04:28   So the neighbor wouldn’t see you without niqab and stuff. So, that the world
04:33   Is really afraid of us, well… The point is, the longer the Netherlands leaves us here,
04:37   the more habituated the children will become to things, you see?
04:40   The children are growing up. If they see a soldier with a gun, they’re getting
04:45   more and more used to it. And the problems that are growing here, they’re getting used to it.
04:49   We want to get out of this situation as soon as possible, know what I’m saying?
04:53   This is the story of the women, but what is the story of their lawyer?
04:57   We spoke with him after his visit to the camp. From a local TV studio
05:01   he talks about his conclusions, the women, and parliament.
05:06   They’d really like to return to the Netherlands and be tried here.
05:11   and they’d like to take responsibility for their actions here.
05:17   Of course, nobody wants dangerous people to return.
05:20   But I think it would be wise, considering our interests, the interests of Dutch society,
05:28   to bring back these women, in a controlled way, and jail them.
05:33   try them, and impose serious restrictions after they have done their time.
05:38   If this doesn’t happen, they might return under the radar at some point.
05:44   That would be more dangerous for us, for Dutch society.
05:47   As for those children, I’m a bit less worried than most people, I think.
05:52   They’re very young. They may have seen a number of things, traumatic things,
05:58   but these children should be helped; they have no responsibility for what happened,
06:04   and they need [professional] support. By the way, I’m aware
06:08   the Dutch government did a lot to organize this, as far as possible.
06:13   the council for child protection did a study involving all women and children in these camps,
06:20   whom they can return to once they’re back in the Netherlands. If, for example, they have
06:24   family in the Netherlands, family members that have been shown not to be radical,
06:29   then the children can go there. And in case they
06:32   don’t feel comfortable with the family in the Netherlands,
06:36   then the children will go to a foster home.
06:41   What we’re considering now is a civil case.
06:45   There’s a recent verdict by a Berlin court obliging the government to bring back children.
06:51   At some point we’ll have no other option than to go to court.
06:56   For the time being, the government finds it too dangerous to return women and children,
07:01   according to a letter to parliament by ministers Blok and Grapperhaus, two weeks ago.
07:05   Dutch émigrés should just report to a diplomatic post in the region, they say.
07:11   They’ll then, in principle, be brought back to the Netherlands.
07:15   The children will initially be treated as victims of their parents’ choice.
07:19   The council for child protection has tailor-made treatment plans, according to the ministers.
07:25   But now that other countries do it, forced by the courts or not,
07:29   there is growing doubt among coalition parties.
07:32   They will discuss this right after the summer recess,
07:35   also because for example the US has asked European countries to take back their own ISIS members.

15 thoughts on “ISIS Brides Want to Return Home to the Netherlands

  1. “Vee Are just gut housewives!”

    Like the Monty Python sketch with John Cleese in the “North Minehead By-election” where Mr “Bimmler” aka Himmler says “I am just good old leg before wicket Englishman……..And head of Gestapo for ten years! Nein Nein!”

    Pathetic. These Things should be hanged for their crimes.

  2. This is a cruel dilemna for many in the West. The children didn’t commit any crimes and were merely victims of their parents evilness and stupidity. My own feeling is that the mothers deserve the same fate that they inflicted upon all of those that ISIS slaughtered, raped, sold into slavery, etc. Even if they did not personally commit such acts, they provided aid and comfort to those who did, and believed in the cause enough to leave their comfortable lives in Europe to help do horrible things to people whose only crimes were they weren’t muslim, or weren’t muslim enough.

    “Child” in the context it is used here can be very ambiguous. I don’t consider any male in a war zone big enough to hold a rifle up to 18 years of age to be a child anymore. Indeed, there are numerous videos of young boys cutting the heads off of captives with their knives. Regardless of age, I don’t believe someone who has participated in such activities can ever be rehabilitated to the point they can live with normal humans again.

    So what to do with them? The girls I would recommend sending to relatives or put up for adoption if no relatives were available. Same for boys under eight if it could be proved they didn’t take part in beheadings. Under no circumstances should the mothers be allowed to raise their own children; they forfeited that right when they chose to join their terrorist partners and help build the caliphate. If their was an equivalent to the Mamelukes, that is where I would send older male children of such terrorists for the remainder of their adolescence. Train them and then use them as elite soldiers fighting the same evils their parents helped perpetuate. This may seem a little farfetched of a solution, but one must be found that punishes the parents for their actions and provides justice for the victims of ISIS atrocities while recognizing that children who have seen and participated in such atrocities do not belong with others who have not.

    • I totally disagree.

      The mothers brought their children into deadly danger. Why should Westerners be asked to care more about the welfare of their children than they do? The children are the genetic continuation of the parents. If we bring the children to safety and give them welfare, we are making it possible for jihadists to fight and kill Westerners, and continue their genetic line financed by Westerners.

      I don’t buy it. It’s like the Central American Indians who carry their children across dry desert lands infested by outlaws, and then criticize BCP officials because the children managed to hang on long enough to die in BCP custody. Why should we care more about their children than they do?

      The one thing I would like to see is massive publicity on the plight of these women, so that it is apparent that if you drop everything and go fight with ISIS, you will have the natural consequences of your actions.

      The biggest fear I have is that the courts will order the repatriation of these jihadis. My hope is that some government, somewhere, will use the old Andrew Jackson quote about the decree of Justice Marshall: “He made the decision; now let him enforce it.”

  3. So, the perfect Islamic state proved to be another hell-hole, but these women have played their part willingly in trying to establish it and now that their dream has failed they want back to the Netherlands. They now claim innocence and ignorance—what about claiming idiocy? There’s no hint in this interview that they have regrets—no profound remorse shown at the fate of Islamic State’s victims. They feel sorry for themselves and for their children who must now live in that brutal camp. (How did these followers of the Religion of Peace become so violent?)

    Somehow this is now the West’s responsibility, to care for these traitors and their offspring. If the mothers are taken in by the Netherlands they need serious jail time then a lifetime of close scrutiny. It would be doubtful if they could raise their children to support the West and denounce ISIS. The ethical problem is whether this could be tried, to rescue the children and ensure that they are taught true peacefulness and renunciation of violence. Of course, some will argue that this would go against the mothers’ rights to raise their children as they see fit. As traitorous agents against their own government in the Netherlands, they absolutely gave up that right.

    I do feel sorry for the wee bairns, and I also feel really sorry for that scrawny orange cat, called her “friend” by one of the women. No doubt, it will be adandonned to the harsh realities of the Syrian desert and the sweet mercies of the camp inhabitants if these women are allowed to leave.

    • Jail terms you say? Lifetime of surveillance costing valuable taxpayer money and time? We would never let a rapid animal to live, why these rabid savages?

    • The Syrian government will take care of things if the Dutch government keeps its hands off. You take part in someone else’s civil war, you suffer the consequences if your side is defeated.

  4. To quote Tom Kratmann (author of Caliphate): They are infected.
    Isolate them. Use the old Northsea oil drilling platforms for that, or an empty island somewhere. Provide food, medical help, but no contact to the outside world and definitely no amenities of the western world they shunned, like electric power or entertainment. Make it a black bag operation. Only a few knew and they are not allowed to talk – even if the government changes (and a political party may take part in the election only if they abide by this decision).
    Offer them incentives, like electric power, a playstation, TV, if they submit to infertility.

    • Thats actually an excellent idea; they want to live like Mohammad, then let them go live like Mohammad. I would suggest a very remote island, preferably something desert and marginal value for agriculture. Leave them with only the tools and implements that would have been available to a bunch of barbaric desert goat-ropers fourteen centuries ago. Also, leave them some swords and some korans and a sprinkling of captured mullahs and let them root, hog, or die. I would advice castrating all the males though, to prevent innocents from being conceived, and to cut down on the fighting over donkeys, goats, and women.

      Any new islamists captured on the battlefields could be exiled there along with their female terrorist wives to live out the rest of their lives in islamic paradise. I wouldn’t bother with supplying them with modern medicine or any medicine for that matter. Let the mullahs cast out jinn with spells and prayers instead. Same goes for electricity, and they could dig wells by hand for their water. A live feed from an orbiting drone would be very instructive to the rest of the world on just what islamic paradise looks like as lived exactly like it was in the time of the prophet.

    • It’s worth mentioning that, as a service to humanity, Kratman made “Caliphate” a free kindle download. (If you don’t own a Kindle device, you can download the free kindle reading app in seconds. This is worth it just for the thousands of free books available.)

      You can also get printed paperback copies of Caliphate on Amazon Marketplace for a couple bucks.

      “Caliphate” free Kindle download:

      • Thanks Matt. I’m kind of ashamed to say I obtained your books with the same deal: a temporary Kindle giveaway. I did read them carefully, though.

  5. One of them is a Dutch convert for sure . The other one is Dutch from immigrated Moslem parents .
    The 3rd woman speaking seems from Belgium or the southern part of Holland , I can not make out what her roots are .

  6. It is not “home”. They choose another country, which we are at war with. Too late, live or die with it!

  7. I see two alternatives:

    1. As long as they profess any belief in Islam, let them rot, and use these videos as a cautionary lesson for the future.

    2. Bring them back only if they, on video, remove their niqabs and publicly renounce Islam, and agree to lecture on the dangerous ideology that seduced them.

    #2 won’t happen, so it’s #1 for sure.

  8. I feel nothing for those parasites or their larvae. Let them stay in Syria or whatever muslim cesspool they’re stuck in.

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