Gottfried Curio: “The Public Space is Becoming a Space of Fear”

As I reported on Monday, a culture-enricher in Frankfurt shoved two people under an approaching train at the main railway station. One of the two victims, a 6-year-old boy, was killed.

In the following video Dr. Gottfried Curio, a member of the Bundestag for AfD (Alternative für Deutschland, Alternative for Germany), speaks at a press conference about the deadly incident in Frankfurt.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:00   Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I think we are all stunned by the tragic events in Frankfurt.
00:07   We feel for the relatives, as well as those who have had to witness this terrible act.
00:15   What happened? The perpetrator approached the victims, a mother and child,
00:21   then pushed them onto the train tracks. The child is dead. The eyewitnesses collapsed
00:25   in tears and needed medical attention. It was passers-by who were able to apprehend
00:30   the perpetrator. Unfortunately, this isn’t an isolated case: on July 20th in Voerde, a man
00:35   from Kosovo pushed a mother in front of a train; she’s dead. In January of this year,
00:39   in Nuremberg, two people pushed three Germans in front of a train as well. Two are dead.
00:45   In light of these similar cases, the investigation of this case of course will be
00:50   dealt with by criminal experts with all due thoroughness, and it is foreseeable that
00:56   not only clear deterrent sentences will be needed in order to prevent similar crimes.
01:05   No, enough is enough. These murders show once again that it is also necessary to
01:12   finally end the completely naïve, irresponsible, boundless “welcoming culture”.
01:19   It’s no longer acceptable that people with a thirst for killing just walk free everywhere.
01:24   An Eritrean doesn’t have to flee the continent of Africa, and doesn’t necessarily
01:30   need to come to Germany. After their escape into neighboring countries,
01:35   tens of thousands of Africans travel to Libya to let NGO ships take them to Europe.
01:44   At the same time, our Minister of the Interior announces that crime statistics prove
01:48   Germany has become safer than ever before, but there’s a disproportionately
01:52   high proportion of foreigners clogging German prisons.
01:55   No, so what is actually happening here? The public space is becoming a space of fear,
02:00   and a feeling of insecurity is spreading. So in the future, a visit to the train station
02:07   will only be possible while constantly looking over one’s shoulder. In addition,
02:12   there has been an increase in the abuse against railway employees.
02:18   Recently, on a trip on the Rhein Ruhr Express from Dortmund to Essen,
02:22   a 22-year-old Iraqi told the ticket inspector: “You won’t call the police. If you do,
02:28   I’ll cut your head off. I’ll find you and I’ll f*** you up!” As it turns out,
02:32   even he was in Germany illegally.
02:36   The aggression already begins at a low-threshold, by purposefully not
02:40   making room, sitting spraddle-legged, body language that’s basically aggressive,
02:44   that has symbolic meaning. So the railway station, which became the
02:49   mythical place of the so-called welcoming culture, has now become
02:53   the symbol of the breakdown of society.
02:57   All the while, German politicians are chauffeured from their luxury apartments
03:01   in the black Mercedes taxis to the Bundestag fortress, around which a moat
03:06   is being built for further protection, walling themselves in so that the borders
03:14   can be left open. As we see here, individual mobility is preferred over
03:19   public transportation so that you don’t have to fear being pushed, stabbed, or insulted.
03:25   We are now experiencing the neglect of public security. For the umpteenth time,
03:32   we yet again have swimming pool terror, for example, where a group 60 foreigners
03:37   terrorise the bathers. We have the mobbing of Germans students at schools.
03:41   We have the mobbing of Jewish students and the strictly anti-constitutional calls for
03:45   violence in the Koran. And what is government doing about it? Nothing at all!
03:49   Today, I ask myself, how many more German citizens will be sacrificed
03:54   on the altar of the boundless welcoming culture? It can’t go on like this.
04:01   Requiring people to show identification now in order to enter public swimming pools
04:05   is merely treating the symptoms. Citizens’ rights are being restricted instead of
04:09   providing real security for the country. No, we claim that the government is also
04:14   responsible for the unintentional consequences of its policy.
04:19   Whoever accedes to overbearing social pressure to show a friendly face
04:24   also has to accept responsibility at some point, when the results of the policy
04:28   become visible, and provide relief.
04:32   What we don’t need now is a reaction taken from the Framing Manual [PC state TV language rules],
04:36   if in fact we get a reaction at all. Instead, we need an honest analysis of the reasons for
04:40   the lack of security in the public sphere. —What are your recommendations?
04:47   Yes, as I just explained, it is now necessary to move away from the basically
04:53   boundless welcoming culture, that is, leaving the borders open for everyone
04:59   in the world. It makes no sense at all to make claims like, “yes, we are increasing
05:05   Frontex to 10,000 officers, to 20,000 officers, not in 2027 but in 2024,” when it is
05:12   known that Frontex, in the event of doubt, just registers people without detaining anyone.
05:18   What we really need is real protection for Europe. Real protection for Germany.
05:25   It makes no sense at all, if the Minister of the Interior first complains that
05:30   injustice rules, and then becomes part of it himself by not carrying out any
05:34   Comprehensive border controls at all. Anyone who checks only occasionally,
05:39   three out of just under 90 border crossings [per day] shows that he basically
05:45   does not want to check. Germany still has borders open as wide as a barn door.
05:52   The burden of these decisions is borne by the citizens, up to and including
05:59   the risk of losing their lives. That’s unacceptable. —Could we allow the others
06:05   to ask questions, too? After you, out of respect. May I? —We have the
06:08   right of the house, sir. So, are there any other questions? Please, go ahead.
06:12   Mr. Curio, you make reference to the government’s refugee policy, and mentioned
06:16   that there was another comparable incident; you said that once again the suspect
06:20   was illegally in Germany. What do you know about the alleged suspect?
06:25   We know — I think we all know the same as each other. What we know is
06:31   that this is someone who came from Eritrea originally. There are now also reports
06:39   that he may already have applied for asylum in Switzerland. Everything will
06:44   have to be clarified during the course of the day, but I think at such a moment,
06:49   which is still very early, it’s more about the relationship to the basic attitude.
06:54   Whether we want to be an open country where basically every person
06:58   in the world can walk in or not? Where we won’t even do background checks?
07:03   Here in Berlin, anonymity is being promoted by issuing anonymous
07:07   health insurance vouchers. Do we want to encourage the disorderly security situation,
07:12   or do we want to regain control after this massive loss of control?
07:18   We consider this to be more necessary than ever on such a day.
07:23   You had another question. Please. —You just mentioned that this isn’t
07:28   an isolated incident, and brought up the possibility that there is a bigger problem
07:33   in Germany. Would you preclude the possibility, that for instance brawls in trains
07:37   and so forth, are only committed by foreigners? —You always have to see the
07:42   extent to which things are happening. Of course there have always been crimes
07:48   and acts of violence in public places. But it is something different when even a
07:55   recognised criminal expert says: The group that has been imported here
07:59   since 2015, predominantly male, predominantly in a certain age range,
08:05   is one that is just disproportionately criminal. If you take this together with
08:12   the fact that there was by no means a compelling grounds for admission.
08:18   The key word is “self-admittance”. Dublin 3 became obsolete; in actuality other
08:23   countries were responsible in these cases. So if a high-risk individual were
08:27   deliberately imported here and then it turns out that these risks for the citizens
08:32   also arise, then we think it is necessary, it is high time, to put this policy to the test
08:37   and to remedy the situation. —Mr. Curio, what I am asking myself though is,
08:44   what are you proposing in concrete terms? These people are in the country, it is
08:47   something you don’t like, that this group of people is in the country.
08:50   Are you saying people from countries like Eritrea or all of Africa or Syria and so on,
08:56   they all have to go back? Even if most of them, you can probably agree with me,
09:00   have not become criminals here? So how do you deal with the problem precisely,
09:04   as you see it here? Because what you say at the moment, that we have to end the
09:08   refugees or the welcoming culture, but what exactly do you propose should
09:12   happen now? —You’re absolutely right. Most of them have not become
09:16   criminals, which underscores such dramatic cases of crime as we’ve seen today.
09:23   However, there is a group-consciousness effect. I’m referring to the terrorist groups
09:28   in the swimming pools. Meaning when there is a large group of the population,
09:34   that in principle differs from the rest of the population, a “we” awareness develops
09:40   which produces dangerous situations that are just barely being mastered
09:44   by police forces. Your question taken in a broader sense. What should happen?
09:49   Two things have to happen. First of all, the borders really must be protected effectively.
09:56   That’s what we have been demanding since we entered in the Bundestag. Why should
09:59   we sit on a mountain of over 300,000 lawsuits and keep on feeding people who
10:06   foreseeably have no justification to be here, according to the percentage estimates?
10:13   So several things have to happen. Firstly, effective border protection and secondly,
10:18   the civil war has ended in most of Syria. It is said that skilled workers
10:25   have come to us. These specialists will certainly be needed there now to rebuild
10:29   their country. And yes, you’re right: Africa is a continent of many different countries.
10:36   If in one of these countries, in one part, in Nigeria, in the north, where Boko Haram
10:41   terror rages predominantly, but in the southern part there are fewer terrorists
10:48   and more prosperity. If immigration to Germany takes place from there, it clearly
10:53   demonstrates that the magnet is obviously something other than fleeing the danger
10:58   of terror. It has more to do with the economic gap. So the following remains
11:03   to be said: Anyone who flees his homeland to a neighbouring country has the right,
11:12   even under the Geneva Convention on Refugees, to cross this border in
11:17   an emergency situation. There’s no entitlement to travel thousands of kilometres
11:24   through other countries to the north of Africa and then travel on to Europe,
11:31   and I emphasise travelling, not fleeing. There really is no such thing. It would be
11:36   completely naive to close one’s eyes to this. You know these well-known statistics:
11:41   40 million Africans acutely want to emigrate. A quarter of them want to go to Europe.
11:49   They are by no means all persecuted. We must finally have an honest discussion and
11:54   not just continue to follow the ideology of boundless welcoming culture, but
11:58   acknowledge the facts. Perhaps such an emotionally deeply moving day as today
12:07   is the opportunity to become aware of it.
12:11   Just a further question. Your party leader, fraction leader, has called for the citizens
12:17   of this country to be protected. Does the AfD also call for the innocent foreigners
12:23   in this country to be protected? — I think that’s perfectly clear.
12:27   One must; it’s basically still a state task, that we — the state has the monopoly on
12:35   the use of force. Everyone who moves here into this country must be protected. Every
12:39   perpetrator, whether a foreigner, left-motivated, right-motivated, Islamic-motivated,
12:44   all must be punished with the full severity of the law. I also say this
12:49   with emphasis on recent cases. This task of protection is a self-evident state duty and
12:57   the protection of course includes all people who are living here. —Mr. Schmidt.
13:03   Mr. Curio, is there any information regarding the status of the suspect’s asylum
13:08   in Germany? —More detailed information on the legal status of residency
13:14   of the perpetrator is not yet known to us at the moment, but I think if one considers the fact
13:27   that he actually comes from Eritrea and is here now, in the context of the policy of the
13:36   federal government, one may probably already ask about the link, and whether it is actually
13:42   a policy that is serving the interests of the citizens. —Are there any other questions?
13:48   Go ahead. —You made a connection to the group terror in public swimming pools…
13:54   Well, it’s just like that. As we all know, groups of about 60 young people gathered
14:02   there and, in a very colloquial sense of the word, terrorized the bathers.
14:08   Just as one would use the word in everyday use. By besieging the diving platform and
14:14   taking it for themselves. By giving themselves priority in a public space
14:22   as a group by encapsulating themselves. A dangerous feeling arises when the
14:32   “we’re different, we stand together”, which leads to situations when the solidarity call
14:39   is made. For instance, when someone is being arrested on the street who then
14:43   somehow calls his entire extended family together and hundreds of police must come.
14:47   Think of the violent clashes in the anchor refugee centers, where someone is to be
14:53   deported, and immediately hundreds of people living there riot with acts of violence
15:00   out of solidarity. All this is a way of terrorising our fellow citizens, in the colloquial
15:07   sense of the word, through a group. —Last question: you made reference earlier to
15:15   another case in which the suspects were North African. Today’s suspect is from
15:21   Eritrea. Did I misunderstand or are you against allowing southerners in Germany?
15:28   In response to a previous question on how to resolve the situation politically here,
15:36   it was said that we have a large number, hundreds of thousands of foreigners from
15:43   the oriental and African region here. What should we do? I gave two points.
15:49   On the one hand, more effective border protection. On the other hand,
15:53   a fundamental, questioning review of an asylum-seeker’s vulnerability. As I
16:02   perceive the situation and our party perceives the situation in Syria,
16:06   the raging war has for the most part ended. According to the Federal Government,
16:12   Syria’s skilled labor came here, so I think they are urgently needed on site in Syria.
16:18   On the other hand, nobody is fleeing the continent of Africa. —So, are there any
16:26   other questions? —Does that mean we should no longer accept people from bad
16:31   parts of the world? How can you recognise that at the border? —No, as already
16:40   mentioned, if I may answer this contentious question. It is not a question of examining
16:48   perpetrators of violence at the border in future, but if they’re coming from
16:54   the beautiful vacation country of Austria over the border saying they need asylum,
16:59   that’s not true. Ergo, anyone who says something like that on the border between
17:05   Italy and northern European countries is not telling the truth.
17:11   Is this method of reverse chain reaction really necessary? The next question will be:
17:19   doesn’t that put a strain not only on the initial reception countries in Europe, but
17:23   also the furthest reception country? Turkey. And those between the oriental regions:
17:27   Libya, Algeria, Morocco? In the African region? No, they can all be relieved
17:36   immediately, at the same moment, if it is clearly stated that the civil war in Syria has
17:42   ended and all claims of asylum will no longer be accepted. At the same time,
17:46   when it is clearly stated that anyone traveling thousands of miles across Africa is not
17:50   an asylum seeker. At the same time, when it is clearly stated there is no other option,
17:55   the burden ends not only for Spain, Italy, Greece, the burden not only of Libya and
18:03   Turkey ends, no, it also stops people from dying in the ships. It is absolutely
18:09   irresponsible for Europe to dangle the carrot of social benefits, saying “jump, and
18:16   we’ll see who makes it,” only to watch as they fall into the abyss again and again.
18:22   No, these incentives must be taken away. It is far more humane to help people
18:26   locally in their regions, and we all know that the cost of living with the same money
18:35   with which we help one person here, could help by a factor of 100 more people there.
18:41   We advocate a humanitarian policy of aiding those who are really needy, and cannot
18:48   pay €8,000 [$9,000] to human traffickers. Those who are really suffering:
18:53   They are the ones we should take care of, and anything else is an ideologically-formed
18:56   migration policy. —So many thanks for your attention.

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  1. What is interesting is that the more you accommodate, the more they lose respect for you. It is an honor culture where only strength which is why the biggest bully usually runs their countries.

  2. All these ‘poor’ Africans and other ‘asylum seekers’ paid 4,500 Euros a piece to human traffickers. I am a working class man in America and though I owe nothing and live comfortably, I haven’t had that much money in my bank account at one time in twenty years.

  3. Now the information is flowing.
    Maybe a rare and genuine “lone wolf” though he did seem to have previous mental problems, so he was “known”,
    Not a muslim. Participated in a Christian Orthodox church.
    After pulling a knife on a neighbour, locking her up.
    Switzerland did have a warrant out for his arrest, so the Eritrean fled to Frankfurt.

    Life had been going sweet, family, wife, kids, then there was a hiccup with loss of job a few years back but then from 2017 employed.
    Jan 2019;-“He is on sick leave because of mental problems and has to go into psychiatric treatment”.
    I do use google translate so always easy to misunderstand.

    Was he really better off as a refugee in a strange country?
    A stress of making the cultural changes?
    Was ‘depression’, from traumatic experiences, or genetic?
    Genuine refugees may be suffering PTSD, but can the first world cope with such numbers of people with such problems.
    What was life like for him in Eritrea, where it is close enough to be a 50/50 split between Oriental Orthodox Church and Islam.

    That interview makes many good points, but will that logic be understood
    by the the academia, media, politicians, and general public?

  4. Their “chief censor” spinning .
    The exposure of another cover up of murder by train in Germany.

    January 2o19

    Nuremberg: Turks and Greeks push three 16-year-old Germans on track – two dead!
    …. mainstream press lied by “Germans” to disguise a migrant background. In addition, it was rumored by “accident” and “tragedy”, the three 16-year-old had “fallen” on the track.

    The Bild-Zeitung but uncovered on Monday, the hard-hitting reality: The murderers or at least homicidal who encountered the three young Germans on the track, were a Turk and a Greek, who were born only in Germany. ….

    The two victims Luca and Frederic are two real Germans who were extremely popular in their hometown Heroldsberg, eleven kilometers northeast of Nuremberg. Friday night, the two high school students in the Nuremberg club were “nightlife” and wanted to go home around midnight. At the train station they, along with a third friend, got into a quarrel with the Turks and the Greeks. According to police, it should have been a vain cause that led to the highly aggressive reaction of the perpetrators. ….

    …… video footage of the crime scene in Nuremberg prove, according to BILD, that it was pure intention to push the three into the track bed, as the train was already at a good 80 km / h on the way to the station. ….

    All other media are downplaying these brutal murders so far scandalously. …..
    …..You can literally feel how chief censor Prantl leads the way in the process of dressing up the act. ….
    ….. Franken Television even titled the murderous event in its TV reportage as “S-Bahn misfortune”. ….

    Above all, politics must counteract and explain the dangers of Islam.
    As well as the mass invasion of Muslims put a stop, even if it was here in this case born offenders.
    But all formerly conservative old parties, together with the Greens and Reds, are howling up and down the stupid Welcome Culture and Tolerance game.

    Therefore, Nuremberg is always “colorful”. ….
    Only complete left idiots are happy about the Mohammedanization of our country. ….

    I used google translate.

    It is the spin, in the name of “kindness” from the government.
    Starting to see a pattern that no one wants to transparently admit to.
    Plus the known wolves stabbings, beatings, shootings, on trains and at stations.

    It seems this happens a bit more often than officials, academia, media, politicians, authorities, will admit to, as just inferring that it is natural collateral damage of traveling by train. They are officially in collusion.

    It seems that “lone wolf” is “known” and is suckled in Mohammad’s wolf pack.
    Does not take much to understand the cultural influence of following Mohammad’s ideology.

  5. Why does the West as a culture accommodate islam? If these moslems were to go to the PRC the moslems would soon be forced to eat pork. In the West pork is taken off the menu, so our culture is inclusive.. What is up with this?

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