Is A$AP Rocky About to Get Sprung?

There are more interesting developments in the case of the rapper A$AP Rocky, whose incarceration in Sweden so outraged his fans that one of them was arrested for threatening to firebomb the Swedish embassy in Washington.

Many thanks to Tania Groth for translating this brief article from Fria Tider (hat tip LN):

“Brand New Evidence” could free A$AP Rocky

LAW & ORDER. There is new and conclusive evidence in the case of A$AP Rocky, says one of his lawyers, according to SVT [Swedish state TV].

Tomorrow the high-court trial will begin against the rapper A$AP Rocky, who was charged with assault by an Afghan immigrant in Stockholm on June 30.

The prosecutor believes he will get a conviction, otherwise he would not have prosecuted.

But now there is allegedly new evidence in the case.

“This is completely new evidence that should exonerate my client,” says the lawyer Martin Persson, who represents one of the artist’s friends to SVT.

It’s not only new evidence, but also “conclusive evidence”. But exactly what it is, Persson does not want to say. However, according to the lawyer, the incident began with an attack by the other party, whereupon A$AP Rocky’s gang used their right to self defense.

The new evidence will be presented tomorrow.

If A$AP Rocky is released, it would make Sweden a mockery all over the world, as the case has become internationally recognized by US President Donald Trump, among others. In addition, Sweden could pay many millions in damages to the artist, since the deprivation of liberty destroyed his tour.

3 thoughts on “Is A$AP Rocky About to Get Sprung?

  1. Sweden is already a mockery and I for one would love to see them forced to pay damages for what was always a politically motivated prosecution.

  2. Feminist humanitarian superpower submits to Trump;


  3. Hope for the best, but don’t get your hopes too high. Sweden is both very socialist and very much invested in globalism. Their legal system does not follow American protocol, either. If the socialists believe that imprisoning an American will make them seem politically stronger, they’ll do it. No amount of real-world evidence can change that.

    Either way, you’ll never catch me in any western European [sump], these days. Eastern Europe is still very much on the vacation menu. Great scenery, beautiful historic architecture and art, fantastic food, and beautiful happy people. That’s what life is about.

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