The Burkini Wars

Several years ago France passed a law against wearing the hijab in public. This was a rearguard action by what remains of French culture in a society that has already been heavily Islamized, and is at least 15% Muslim. Needless to say, the Muslim population of France considers the new law an outrage, and is taking active steps to thwart it.

The two videos below discuss recent actions staged by Muslim women who wear their burkinis to the swimming pool in defiance of the law. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

The first video talks about the fact that these acts are provocations — elements of the “soft jihad” that weaponize aspects of kuffar culture, in this case the strong taboo against “discrimination” — to demoralize and weaken civil society among non-Muslims:

The second video features a former (or lapsed) Muslim who explains in no uncertain terms what all these burkini capers mean in terms of the 1400-year-old war waged by Islam against the infidels. No one is a fiercer defender of women’s rights than a woman who has managed to escape the stranglehold of sharia.

Ava Lon sends this background on the speaker:

Zohra Bitan was born in 1964, a daughter of Algerian immigrants. She is married to a “Breton Jew”, as she likes to introduce herself, and is a former Socialist Party activist and member of LICRA. She was also the spokesman for Manuel Valls during the Socialist Party primary of 2011. She is now a popular blogger for the French Huffington Post.

Video transcript #1:

00:00   …this action in a municipal swimming pool in Grenoble and
00:04   how one of the mums who were present there, justified this action for the burkini.
00:08   Yesterday we were about twenty five-people,
00:12   twenty five people: women, men…
00:16   We entered the pool, we all put
00:20   the swimming suits, the covering up swimming suits, the burk…[a slip] the bikini.
00:24   We entered the pool without children
00:29   we swam, we laughed,
00:33   we were applauded, and it went well.
00:37   But as we were leaving we found a surprise: the police
00:41   waiting for us at the door. We wanted to make the things move.
00:45   WE are wearing the veil. The veil is there to hide our form [our silhouette].
00:49   It’s our religion. We are required to enter
00:54   with… covered, you know? But we respected, we put on
00:58   a swimming suit, except that it’s covering up. I’m telling you,
01:02   I DO have children. Last year I brought my son and he was crying
01:06   to come to the pool with his [male] friends. All his [male] friends went.
01:10   And he said, “Bring me to the pool.” I brought him to the pool. And I was told there has to be
01:13   an accompanying adult; he was under eight years old. I said, “I’m here, I can go in”; they didn’t
01:18   let me go in. I was told “You have no right [to go in] with your veil.” I went back home,
01:23   all the way back, all he did was cry. —So, Thibault de Montbrial, is it a political narrative
01:27   we’re hearing, a mum, who…? —I know, but it’s… this story,
01:31   it’s a textbook case
01:35   of the Soft Power method and of the Islamic conquest, in three stages:
01:39   First stage: the provocation — massive, heavy.
01:43   The second stage, which is inherent un the first one, is the reaction.
01:47   The reaction: the reaction of the French people, of the media, of the politicians, and so on.
01:52   And at the third stage — and that’s the point of the people who organize
01:56   this type of manifestation — it’s victimization, meaning:
02:00   to say: look we are being discriminated against, we cannot freely
02:04   go about our business, and so on. The goal, because you have to…
02:08   you have to be aware what all that — but Zineb said it much better than me before — all that
02:12   it isn’t just a couple of people who want to swim and who suddenly decide
02:17   to go to the swimming pool. Those are really operations which are deliberate,
02:21   which are organized regularly everywhere in France everywhere in Europe, and whose
02:25   purpose is, the end goal, when all has been said and done, to try and
02:29   DIS-integrate people with immigration background
02:33   and who want to integrate in the French Republic. The aim is to make them feel —
02:37   almost despite themselves — more Muslim than French. Religion is a personal thing.
02:42   It’s the spirituality. You could be Buddhist, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish,
02:46   it’s nobody’s business, as long as it’s not interfering with the public sphere.
02:50   And there the goal is to cause the emergence of an artificial discrimination
02:54   and a victimization, in order for the people who are in the integrating phase,
02:58   [or] who are integrated, to end up feeling like
03:02   victims of discrimination. It’s really a textbook case.
03:07   It’s true Islamic AGITPROP.

Video transcript #2:

00:00   Do you know how they’ll answer us? Do you know how they’ll answer us? Because, you know
00:04   the little isolated case, and then another isolated case that is brought up a little later,
00:09   and then yet another isolated case that is brought up a little later yet; well finally it makes,
00:12   it DOES make many places, it makes TOO many places where you don’t put on a bikini
00:17   any longer; where you hide, where you become modest, because there are people who decided,
00:20   in the name of a religion which they appropriated,
00:24   because when I see veiled girls with tight clothes [at the same time]
00:28   where you see their form. There are also all those hybrid-chicks
00:31   who take a little bit from religion, a little bit from fashion
00:34   on the other hand, to make a remix of both — At the end it becomes fashion, in fact —
00:37   Voilà, and then there are others, totally clothed in black, outside;
00:41   It means that we are IMPLICITLY drawing a line
00:45   When you cover up from head to toe, those (females) who are clothed normally
00:49   end up becoming “immodest”. So in bikini — I won’t even explain it to you,
00:53   and showing cleavage is even worse. So from the moment when
00:56   a society shows the image of women between those
00:59   covered up and those not covered up, it means that it creates in the minds
01:02   of the boys, from their birth, from a tender age [of the boys], that a woman who is covered up —
01:06   Why is she covered up? Because she is hiding from the desire of men. If she is she hiding
01:10   it’s because men cannot control themselves. Therefore she’s the guilty one and is responsible for
01:14   being a woman, for having a body, for having breasts and then for having private parts which
01:18   eventually would authorize anybody to rape her. So that’s enough. Enough is enough.
01:22   They can squeak/blubber as much as they want about stigmatization and Islamophobia;
01:27   I’ll no longer have anything to do with it. I have three little girls, and I fought,
01:31   myself and thousands of [female] cousins, against being forced into marriage and so on.
01:35   It’s not today that we are going to have Islamic laws imposed on us
01:39   on French territory. Now: there are plenty of countries where there is Shari’ah,
01:43   where there is also a possibility of swimming among women only. Well, it’s simple:
01:47   We are in a free country, we are a democracy, we aren’t holding anyone back.
01:51   All they have to do is to go there! —Bravo, Zohra, I adore you!

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  1. Times have changed in France. I was in a community pool just outside Marseilles in 1984. Those poor French women could not afford a top. I wanted to help prevent sunburn by spreading lotion.

    It was eyeball liberty for sure. I had just spent a month and a half off the coast of Lebanon with 325 of my favorite male friends.

  2. It is the niqab not the hijab that is banned in public. Hijab is banned for state employees ie teachers, civil servants, hospital staff.

  3. I have traveled all over the mideast and N. Africa and there is NOTHING is odorous and unclean as ‘covered women’. The outfits should be banned for hygienic reasons alone.

  4. The purpose of this absurd garb is the sowing of division. And it is working – the establishment is on the side of the Muslim.

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