Islamic Masochism in Bonn

The following video shows a mourning ceremony performed by Muslims on the street in the German city of Bonn. Three identifying features tell you they are most likely Shi’ites, rather than Sunnis:

1.   The black outfits — those are typically Shia. Sunnis normally wear white when they are expressing their religious devotion.
2.   The self-harm ritual, which is very similar to the one performed by Shi’ites at the Ashura festival every year, when they mourn the death of Hussein, the grandson of Mohammed who founded the Shia sect when he was martyred for refusing to submit to what eventually became the Sunni sect. Shi’ites celebrate Ashura by cutting themselves extensively with knives or flails.
3.   The fact that these men take off their shirts in public, which is forbidden under Sunni Islam. As you may remember, in some of the Islamic State’s snuff videos the bare chests of male corpses were pixilated out. A Sunni man is required to cover himself from neck to ankles; to expose any of the flesh in between is haram.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   Hello. Right now we are in the city of Bonn, Germany. Today a funeral march is taking place for an Imam who has passed away.
00:07   It was supposed to begin two hours ago. We are going to wait. At the moment the gentlemen are still sitting.
00:14   It’s going to be a while. We’re going to wait.
00:18   45 minutes later…
00:37   This goes on for about an hour
00:44   I finally found the women!
00:59   Changing sides…
01:07   Many Germans watch, make a comments and keep on going…
01:19   At this point the actual ceremony begins!
01:28   The shirts come off…
01:35   30 minutes later
01:38   No, they aren’t clapping their hands…
01:46   I see a child!
01:57   This boy later started to cry, but continued on “bravely”…
02:02   I watched for over an hour…
02:12   So now I’m on my way home and you can still hear it. It is supposed to go on for a while longer.
02:19   I was standing there for at least one hour and I feel really sick now.
02:26   These violent blows and these men were blue. It is awful.
02:36   Yes, well, I’m just going to go home now and try to process my shock that this is happening in the middle of Bonn.
03:01   Is this what Merkel meant when she said that Islam belongs to Germany?
03:07   That men perform self-flagellation right in the middle of the city of Bonn?
03:13   And children are right in the middle of it? Crying and yet continue.
03:18   And the women stand in groups in the last row wearing burkas?
03:24   Yes. That is exactly what Merkel meant when she said Islam belongs to Germany.
03:34   And what did Green party Chairwoman Katrin Goring-Eckardt say? “Germany is going to change and I look forward to it.”

13 thoughts on “Islamic Masochism in Bonn

  1. That is very disturbing, I’m just stunned how citizens are very silent about this freaking madness from Government, these parties: Greens, CDU, very dangerous, Merkel still in the office, “Wir schaffen das „ right?

    Unbelievable and heartbreaking, how they sold this beautiful country to Islamic hordes 😢

  2. Every one of them future aeronautical engineers, physicists, and genetic scientists undoubtedly. Thank allah that the Germans under the wise and benevolent leadership of Comrade Merkel had the foresight to import the best and the brightest from the farthest corners of the middle east and Africa to increase the profits for the bankers and financiers, and save the German pension system for Hans & Hilda in their old age.

  3. “And what did Green party Chairwoman Katrin Goring-Eckardt say? “Germany is going to change and I look forward to it.”

    One of the founders of the Green Party in Germany was Herbert Marcuse, the Father of the New Left.


    1995-2017 there used to be the (Saudi) King Fahd Academy for Sunni Muslims in Bonn/Bad Godesberg near the site of this Shiite Ashura event; for details of the Academy, see above the NYT article from 2012, describing how a Believer knifed 3 German cops.

    There is increasing tension in 2019 between Shiite Iran and Saudi Arabia plus its ally Israel.

    That being so it is possibly strange that no local Sunni tried to disrupt the Ashura event.

    Given the execution by Saudi authorities of Shiites in the Saudi eastern provinces or the lethal aid provided by the Saudi miltary to the ruler of Bahrain in killing Shiite demonstrators.

    As GoV unfortunately has no self-declared Muslim apostate contributors from the vicinity of Bonn, we shall likely never know.

  5. Kind of reminding me of the old Nazi rallies that were film in the 1930s in Germany. All the mindless chanting ,chest pounding in place of goose stepping and Hail Hitler salutes. Kind of like primates showing their aggression publicly to intimate outsiders. Waiting for them to throw their [excrement] at the silent crowd of ” non-Moslem Germans” watching the circus event unfold

    • My theory is that at some point the suppressed German “beast” will emerge… and what we’ll see are mass conversions of native Germans to Islam. The “strong horse effect”, if you want to call it that.

      The result will not be very different from that whole unfortunate incident led by a man by the name of Hitler.

  6. There’s no doubt this is Shiite: The green wraparound (1:01), the standard they lift (1:20), the horse on the banner (1:44), which represents either horse of grand imam 3 or 12, and other major clues provided in the presentation.

    This is not an Ashura event but Shia have based their recently-invented rituals on the magnificent model of Ashura, which you can see in the video. Watched the video several times for more clues but could not figure out where they may be from. Sorry.

    -A side note on grand imam 12, and his horse, for a few readers who have not heard about them, because most counter-jihad stuff circles around Koran and Sunni stuff:
    This Mr. Grand Imam 12, the messiah of the Shiite sect, is supposed to return at the end of times and kill the infidels till his horse’s knees covered in a stream of blood. Demonstrating the horse (1:44) in the land of those who are supposed to be slaughtered by the grand imam can be some sort of mockery.

  7. Iraq has a sizable Shia component. When they were ruled by Saddam Hussein, a Sunni, Hussein told the Shia to keep a lid on it during Ashura. I think he was successful. If you want to suffer during Ashura, ignoring a command by Hussein while you were in Iraq was the path to as much suffering as the most fervent Shiite self-mutilator would ever want to experience.

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