Culture-Enrichers Battle Each Other in Ceuta

The autonomous Spanish city of Ceuta is located on a small peninsula jutting out of the North African mainland just across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. It has a total area of less than 5,000 acres, and is connected to the mainland of Morocco by a narrow isthmus. Illegal migrants routinely attack the border fence in an attempt to gain access to Spain, and thus the European Union. Once they are inside Ceuta they cannot be expelled, of course, because they’re Puir Wee Bairns.

The following Spanish news video reports on a clash between two different groups of Moroccans at the port. They are attempting to control who gets first dibs on stowing away on boats leaving for Spain. Or maybe the Spanish authorities actually allow the NGO “rescue” vessels to dock there and pick up the migrants.

Notice that the northern group is said to usually live on the esplanades — that is, on the waterfront promenades where one would expect to see tourists strolling.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:09   The Civil Guard had to deploy the GRS (Reserve and Security Groups) this morning
00:12   after a pitched battle between two factions of Moroccans who have been fighting each other
00:18   over control of the port area over the past few days.
00:22   The altercations, which ended with at least 40 detained,
00:25   began after two in the morning.
00:44   The workers who found themselves in the businesses located in the restricted zone of the port
00:48   had to leave at a run, finding themselves surprised by the arrival of about 70 people.
00:52   Moroccans who usually live in the esplanade and come from the northern zones
00:57   entered the road, surprising the only port policeman on duty, who sounded the alarm.
01:08   On the jetties the Moroccans from the second group were waiting, who came from
01:12   the southern zones and who are accused of assaults and robberies.
01:17   They control the restricted zone and have occupied the jetties, converting them into
01:20   their own dwelling and keeping other immigrants from entering, in order to be the first in line
01:25   for the small boats in accessing the ships.
01:32   Faced with thrown rocks in waves, the port workers escaped from the location
01:38   upon seeing the danger to their physical safety.
01:41   On the ground destroyed vehicles remained. The port police and the few Civil Guard agents
01:45   who were there closed off access to business vehicles and trucks for their own safety.
01:53   Shouts, rocks, insults, threats — the graphic situation was despicable.

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