Youths Gone Wild, Act I

Tonight we will feature incidents involving “youths” in Europe. The first video concerns four culture-enrichers who attacked 21 pedestrians “indiscriminately” in the Bavarian city of Amberg.

“The booze made me do it, yer honor,” seems to be the youths’ basic defense when they appear in court.

Many thanks to MissPiggy for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:01   In the Bavarian city of Amberg, after being arrested for an
00:05   assault rampage, three of four foreign adolescents received
00:08   a suspended sentence from the court. The asylum seekers between the ages
00:12   of 17 and 19 confessed to beating 21 pedestrians
00:17   indiscriminately at the end of December. At the time of the attack
00:20   fifteen people were injured. The adolescents from Iran and Afghanistan
00:23   said the attacks were due to the fact that they had consumed alcohol and narcotics.
00:28   That is how the defence attorney explained it.
00:31   It was just a group dynamic. Alcohol consumption was a part of the mix.
00:34   Each of the injuries that the defendants caused was slight,
00:38   and there were no serious consequences for the victims.
00:42   There are other cases where victims are so badly beaten
00:46   that they need treatment in the intensive care unit.
00:50   That’s not what happened here. —The asylum seekers’ assault rampage led to
00:53   a nationwide debate about consequent deportations of foreign offenders.

6 thoughts on “Youths Gone Wild, Act I

  1. The booze made me do it…
    Look what you made me do…
    They made me do it!!!

    Maybe it is time to differentiate between a citizen who understands his responsibility, and a slave who cannot be held legally liable for anything, for he is too stupid to operate in a free society without any guidance.

  2. Everybody else’s fault not theirs. This is why migrants do not fit into Western civilisation. They simply cannot objectivise reality. What they feel in the moment is all. This is why the West is so intelligent and successful. It thinks beyond itself. This is why South Africa is a poop-hole and why Islam is so regressive. Christ taught us to think beyond ourselves.

    Instinct vs thought paradigm

    • Exactly.

      When my Iraqi neighbours’ son was young he would often beat the other children on the street and damage their toys.

      When an angry mother confronted his mother, the boy would give very animated pleas of innocence. His mother believed him every time.

    • Christianity certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes to thinking beyond oneself, but asian societies that are polite and successful such as Japan are not christian. I think the common denominator is the tribal societies that these miscreants hail from are simply populated by violent idiots, and in the absence of islam or in the presence of christianity they would still be violent idiots and would still have no business living in civilized western countries.

      • The Japanese would never in a million years allow these 3rd worlders to do this in Japan either.

  3. The narcotics and alcohol made these youths attack only native Germans?

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