Youths Gone Wild, Act II

This story reminds me of a popular British song from the ’60s, “Over the Wall We Go”.

It concerns a hundred or so culture-enrichers who tried to climb over the barbed wire fence into the Spanish enclave of Melilla in North Africa. But only half of them made it over, and only four border guards were wounded in the process — just bruises! — so it’s not so bad.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video transcript:

00:09   These are some of the 52 immigrants who succeeded in entering this morning
00:12   in a massive fence-jumping not seen in Melilla since October 2018.
00:17   These young men have been received in a temporary residence center for immigrants
00:21   where they were able to change clothes and where
00:24   they were able to rest a little after this extreme experience.
00:27   Inside they have been filling out forms with their personal data and
00:31   and once they have completed all this information,
00:35   they receive a large bag of clothes and personal effects,
00:38   and are directed to where today they will have a bed in which they can rest.
00:42   In fact, some of them are being moved to tent areas where there are living spaces.
00:48   When they crossed paths with persons already accepted in the migrant center,
00:51   the latter greeted them and showed their joy for them.
00:57   The crossing occurred around 6:45 in the morning,
01:01   though there are clothes hanging over the barrier that separates Melilla and Morocco.
01:05   A government office states that there were about 100 immigrants who were trying to enter Melilla
01:10   at the border perimeter at the height of the airport.
01:13   According to the government office, the rapid action of the Moroccan security forces and
01:16   the [Spanish] Civil Guard prevented half of them from getting into Melilla.
01:21   Four agents of the Civil Guard were injured trying to prevent the crossing,
01:25   although it was only matter of contusions.
01:28   Of the 52 immigrants who managed to enter, one was evacuated to a
01:32   medical center with cuts to his extremities and another was detained
01:36   by the Civil Guard for attacking an officer.

5 thoughts on “Youths Gone Wild, Act II

  1. The stupidity of the Spanish in allowing these miscreants and troglodytes to remain after illegally crossing the barriers meant to keep them out astounds me. Why even bother with the barrier if they don’t immediately and with extreme prejudice expel the ones who illegally entered? So they are following EU laws by not expelling them? Salvini and Orban don’t seem to have the same problem with giving the EU mandarins the finger.

    • Perhaps the fence as a test of good physical health and strength. Those who scale it with ease are the most valuable to the Spanish government for the future brown shirt gangs to round up the anti-governement Spaniards.

  2. “The days of hiding behind borders and fences are long gone. We have to work together and cooperate together to make a better world.”

    That was what the late disparaging scornful Peter Sutherland of the UN said. He was their tainted paid migration promoter.

    Of course, it is a nonsense to describe fence-climbers as “migrants”. They are gate-crashers, criminals.

  3. “Pope Francis Demands Migrants Be Allowed Into North Korea:

    “Mr. Kim – Tear Down This Wall !!””:

    News at 11.

  4. No mounted police, K-9s, or water cannon? The French police could educate the Spanish police. These youths must, to protect innocent European women from rape, must be castrated in the islamic way.

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