The Wayward Bus

The following report from Italy describes the sorry state of affairs in the French public transport company RATP, which has hired hard-core Islamic zealots as bus drivers in order to keep the peace on buses that ply the culturally enriched banlieues of Paris.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Il Giornale:

The Islamists on a Paris bus: driver throws off woman with short dress

Entire city quarters in the hands of the fundamentalists who molest women. And the public transport company hires the Islamists to protect the vehicles from rock-throwing

The skirt was too short and the driver of the bus forbade a girl to board. The disturbing episode did not dramatically occur in an obscure country where Sharia law is in effect, but in Paris, where the driving of public transport vehicles which traverse the suburbs of Paris has been entrusted to Islamists to win the favor of the multi-ethnic periphery and avoid the rock-throwing on the part of the worst troublemakers.

And so it happens that one of these fundamentalists refused to pick up the 29-year-old daughter of the Algerian poet Kamel Bencheikh. “Think about dressing properly,” he told her. And he closed the doors again.

The episode occurred last Tuesday and did not raise the alarm that it should have. Indeed, it has almost been shunted aside in the French press and by the government, whose Transport Minister, Elisabeth Borne, has long presided over the Paris public transport company (RATP), offered no words of comfort were for what Elise had to suffer. Only a few members of the Républicans protested, as reported on Facebook by Bencheikh. The daughter, together with a friend, was “at the Botzaris stop near the Buttes Chaumont park” in the 19th arrondissement. It was just past eleven o’clock in the evening . “When the bus arrived,” recounts the Algerian poet, “the driver stopped, looked at them, and left without opening the doors”. The girls did not give up and ran until they reached it a few meters later, when he had to stop because the traffic light had turned red. And, when they asked the driver why he hadn’t let them board, he frosted them: “Think about dressing as you should.”

The account by Elise doesn’t leave much doubt. “The driver, a Maghrebian with a long beard, is defined as an “Islamist”. The RATP is believed to have already identified him and is also believed to have already launched an internal investigation into whether he really didn’t allow the two women to board the bus because they were dressed in clothes considered inappropriate by Salafist Islam. “This individual, who drives a bus and is paid by my taxes, prevented my daughter, a holder of a Navigo pass [subscription pass for public transport in Paris], which was valid and therefore in order, from boarding, only because she was dressed in a skirt,” wrote Bencheikh in a Facebook post, which, however, was immediately censored and is no longer visible.

The episode from last Tuesday is not an isolated case. On the northeastern periphery of Paris, as reported by Corriere della Sera, intimidation is the order of the day. The more radicalized Islamists target women. Sometimes they assault them verbally, other times they also attack them physically. In a report published in 2017 by Le Parisien, the journalist Cecile Beaulieu reported that at Chapelle Pajol “groups of ten men alone, street vendors, drug dealers, migrants and traffickers dictate the laws on the streets, molesting women.” “Hundreds of square meters of asphalt abandoned solely to men, where women are no longer accepted,” she reported. Suburbs in the hands of men, mostly Arabs and Africans. They are different. And women are always the paying the price. “They are not allowed to enter coffee ships, bars or restaurants,” writes Beaulieu, “and they cannot be on the sidewalks, near the metro stop or on the squares.” The investigation, unfortunately, has fallen into a void and nobody has moved a finger in recent years to resolve the situation.

The emergency has roots that go back to the disorders of the 1990s. In these difficult quarters, the buses and the bus stops of RATP are always vandalized and hit with rocks. Because of this, in recent years the transport company has decided to enter into a pact with the “kings” of the suburbs, hiring into their own ranks people tied to the Islamist environment. This is the case with Samy Amimour, one of the jihadists who bloodied the Bataclan Theatre. From 2010 to 2012, before going to Syria to fight with the Islamic State, he was a driver for RATP. In the book Mohammed at the wheel — Sharia at the turn, as recalled by Libero, Ghislaine Dumesnit had accused French unions of allowing radicalized Muslims to infiltrate the transport agency, the bus depots were transformed into prayer halls, and drivers were always discriminated against by colleagues of the Islamic faith.

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  1. This is a difficult one. Women dressing as sexual objects harms both society and the women themselves. It’s not something that should be encouraged and that Western society does encourage it illustrates how flawed our way of life has become.

    • It’s not difficult in the least. We are in a society based on the freedom of the individual to conform or not conform to good taste, as long as it does not violate public decency laws. The environment you seem to favor can most easily be found in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Gaza, Brunei, Somalia, Afghanistan, etc. I’m sorry you feel so uncomfortable in Western culture.

      • I’m not in favour of forcing women to do anything. But I’m not in favour of them dressing as sex objects which sick western societies seem to be encouraging.

        • I believe we are too permissive with clothing for young girls. I believe our TV, movies and music are too permissive of sexual themes directed toward young people.

          We are in need of a certain amount of reformation in our cutlure.

          However, throughout history, Western culture usually has shown it had the ability to reform itself. We could bring more balance again, if or when people choose reform. The reform must come from our own culture, religion and laws – not islam and moslems.

          It appears that at least some people in the West, both men and women, quietly accept the ascendancy of islam, in part, because they admire what they believe to be some conservative values in islam necessary for our own culture. I find this view understandable but of great concern.

          A study several years ago in France discovered that a growing number of young women are attracted to islam and the local moslem communities. These mainly college women are apparently attracted to the conservative attitudes towards sexuality and modesty, especially as displayed in women’s islamic clothing. The appearance of moslem family cohesion was also a very attractive thing for these young women who decried the high divorce rate and loneliness they believed was too common in French families.

          Of course we are all aware that the outward image of islam and its culture is sanitised for Western consumption and young people are impressionable and gullible.

          We have already the necessary values and morality within our own cultures, built upon Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman foundations, although they are in general currently supressed to a degree. However, we can bring them back to prominence as we have always managed to do throughout history.

          Religion always has and always will play a major role in determining our values, whether or not we want to admit this or accept this. Unfortunately, we are allowing the wrong religion to play a part in our values reformation.

          The Left is showing us that they are not really anti-religion or against religious domination, as they claim, but in their acquiescence to islamic influence of our values, they show instead that they are against what they believe are societal values based on Judeo-Christian values. They display this true intent in much of what they say and write.

          For now, thankfully, there continues to be much apathy within the Left and the Right towards the excessive and deceiptful islamic value system as it relates to clothing and displays of sexuality. However, it is also obvious that islam is now given an increasingly influential role in our values.

          We do indeed have a need to once again put more value on maintaining the innocence of childhood. Modesty and decorum must again be given more value.

          What we must not do is allow islamic values to displace the decent values we have buried within our culture. It is true that is often beneficial to allow foreign ideas and values to influence our own values. This is how we created our own Western values. However, we must fght to ensure that islamic values remain as only a peripheral influence. islamic cultural values must not be allowed to control any reformation of our own cultures.

        • Oh, good grief! Women have been flaunting (and exploiting) their sexual attractiveness since time immemorial; maybe it’s been particularly blatant of late, but this surely demonstrates that they feel more confident that men (generally, and with exceptions we all know about) understand the rules.

          • The victims of the rape gangs in Britain are also victims of the sexualising of children. Women are encouraged to behave like whores – which is different to flaunting their attractiveness.

          • Mark, yes of course.

            As you say:”…maybe it’s been particularly blatant of late”

            For myself your words are the crux of my own concern.

            Ancient sea ports had visible signs pointing the way to the nearest brothel and the half dressed ladies of the night strutted openly, often only in designated areas. This is a decent compromise that maintained some sort of boundaries.

            Strip clubs downtown – OK.

            Calling my 12 yr. old daughter ‘courageous’ for walking around dressed like a stripper – Not OK.

            The seeming growing lack of decorum or age inappropriate materials and ‘freedoms’ of some of what’s out there is bothersome to me as a father.

            I’m all for liberty and expecting men to take responsibility for their own responses, but this issue is really more about allowing adults to enjoy whatever they want in the appropriate time and places, not within easy sight or reach of young people. My freedom of sexual expression or clothing should not unnecessarily impede the freedom of a child to enjoy a childhood with a minimum of cultural and commercialised pressure to embrace over-sexualised expressions, clothing or material.

            We need to restore a deeper understanding of boundaries.

            We don’t need islam to tell us how to do it.

  2. Morals by Islamists. That is a good one.
    Honor killings, slavery, and total lack of freedom is the only thing Islam promotes. Conformity is enforced with brutality.
    Stick a fork in France……it is over !

  3. I am very interested to see how the struggle will play itself out between the Left’s war against so-called ‘toxic maleness’ and islam’s allowances for open expressions of ‘maleness’, as far as it relates to Western freedom of female dress. Correctly so, Social Justice Warriors want men and boys to take full responsibility for their own responses to a scantily clad lady. It is a very perplexing problem for SJW’s to integrate into the equation the aggressiveness of many moslem boys and men who are not easily forced to follow codes of decency with our girls and women.

    So far, it appears that the issue is largely ignored in favour of continously and uselessly berating us Western men who already follow, generally, Western codes of decency.

    We are entering an era of conflict: we want to maintain our own cultural norms of dress but islam is now beginning to demand its code be considered by our own girls and women. We must never give up this fight.

    I am reminded of a situation 30 years ago in my city. A group of local Christian men decided to persuade a strip club to move out of a residential area. The club had opened years before when the city by-laws allowed such a location.

    The men silently stood in front of the club holding simple, unoffensive signs.

    The club owner had enough of this and sent the strippers outside to confront the protestors where the girls flung open their long fur coats to reveal their very pleasing and completely naked bodies.

    Not wishing to commit the sin of staring too long and forming some exciting thoughts in their minds, the men quietly and no doubt with some difficulty, left and never returned.

    I wonder if such a tactic could be used against a group of protesting moslem men who claim to hate the sight of naked women in public? The women could flash their wares just after the raving spokesman brags of the holiness and purity of the thoughts of all good moslems.

    We will hold them accountable to their own proclamations of their great self-righteousness.

    • I like your idea. This would lead to a high degree of uncontrollable arousal on behalf of the muslim men whereupon they would have to rape these women and kill them post festum because they are whores. Follow the logic?

      • lol

        Of course this would be the outcome.

        But we could have a group of SJWs and Antifa to jump in and beat the savages for their toxic maleness and lack of control.

        Of course, I already know this too is a unattainable dream.

  4. Give bus money to a group of bored French local youth gang members.
    Tell them one of the ladies of their own turf has been refused service by a muzzie bus driver.
    Western Chivalry is not dead.

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