Tommy on the Campaign Trail

It’s a good thing he’s such an inveterate extrovert of I’d have had to say “on the campaign trial“…so many politicians complain about pressing the flesh, but Tommy probably enjoys it. Beats the heck out of solitary confinement, that’s for sure.

Amazingly, this is on YouTube. For how long, who knows? At any rate, if you follow that video to its YouTube page, it will lead you to the channel. By all means, subscribe while it’s there. The fascists will probably close him down, but while you can enjoy the ride.

When I first heard about his plans to enter the lists of politics, I was alarmed. But it’s certainly not the prison sentences he’s endured…besides, after Trump, all things are possible, no?

7 thoughts on “Tommy on the Campaign Trail

  1. That video almost makes me wish I was English so I could vote for Tommy. I hope to God he wins.

    • TR is standing against the incumbent Muslim (Conservative) who’s been trousering a goodly amount of salary and expenses since he was first elected in 2006.

      If for no other reason a vote for TR is a vote for freedom…freedom from slavery, atrocity and death,

  2. He is incredibly brave but needs to be more careful. He has allowed angry Muslims to get way too close. The milkshakes could have been acid and any of them could have a knife. He’s been assaulted four times ( twice with milkshakes and twice with punches) so far and the police just don’t want to know.

  3. Tommy Robinson is standing for election to the EU parliament here in the Northwest of England. I shall be voting for him.

  4. IN TOMMY I TRUST . Go Tommy go , I wish him to win so he will have immunity from prosecution for a change . And it might force the presstitutes to actually report on Tommy’s message instead of slandering him . , I can’t wait to see him address his fellow EU parliament members for the first time .
    The Dutch man for the FVD party listed as nr 1 is D. J. Eppink , he is a hopeful character as well .

  5. The way the Euro parliament elections work in UK, is the leading party gets one seat, their vote is split in two, then the new leader gets one seat, their vote is split in two etc etc… Until all seats are allocated (I believe 8, for Tommy’s North-West England constituency).

    What does this mean in practice? Say the split is 30-25-20-12-8-5 (Labour-Brexit-Tory-Lib Dem-Tommy-Change), the corresponding split of 8 seats would be: 2-2-2-1-1 . Giving Tommy a realistic chance… If only his vote is not split with Brexit (ie Farage) and Ukip.

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