Indian TV News Report on the Islamic Terror Attacks in Sri Lanka

English is the common tongue in polyglot India, which means that Indian newspaper and TV reports are often accessible to the rest of the Anglosphere. That’s particularly useful during a major news event in the region, such as yesterday’s terrorist bombings in Sri Lanka.

In this case it’s even more useful, since unlike major media outlets in Europe and North America, this Indian TV station is not at all politically correct. The clip below was part of the early live coverage of the bombings, before the full scope of the attacks was known, and the reported number of casualties was not yet over a hundred. Yet the reporters give the names of two of the suspected suicide bombers (Mohammed Coefficient: 50%) and discuss a possible affiliation with the Islamic State.

And this station is a CNN affiliate — didn’t they get the memo??

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

2 thoughts on “Indian TV News Report on the Islamic Terror Attacks in Sri Lanka

  1. One of the attackers was a double-Mo, according to his hotel registration.

    I’ll just name this “Islamic atrocity #34,890”, as listed by The Religion of Peace.

  2. I found the newscast to be straightforward and balanced. Perhaps balanced, true, and complete news is being censored in the West.

    India has a lot of Muslims, but it also has a lot of Hindus, and there are Hindu nationalist groups and parties that don’t shy away from a fight. Perhaps calling “Islamophobia” in India is inviting more severe consequences than in the West.

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