Carnage in Sri Lanka and Panic in Munich

Just before I went to church this morning I saw the news reports about the Islamic terror attacks in Sri Lanka. I didn’t have time to put together a post, but I recommend the reports at Vlad Tepes, which include dozens of videos (although at least two of them have been taken down by YouTube since Vlad posted them).

There were eight separate bombing attacks, four of them against churches celebrating Easter Mass. 207 people were reportedly killed, and at least 450 others wounded. The perpetrators are allegedly members of a new Islamic terrorist organization. Seven people have been arrested so far, but some of the explosions were caused by suicide bombers who will never be brought to justice on this side of the veil.

Alternatively, you can read about what happened in The Guardian or The Washington Post.

Vlad also has a report on an unrelated attack on a Croatian church in Munich. A bearded culture-enricher entered the Easter service, shouted “Allahu Akhbar”, and detonated several powerful fireworks. The congregation fled in panic, and 24 people were injured in the melee.

8 thoughts on “Carnage in Sri Lanka and Panic in Munich

  1. That terrorizing of a church in Munich that injured 25 and created a genuine and permanent trauma among the worshipers will not receive the tiniest fraction of attention as when some yob in UK or USA leaves a piece of bacon on a mosque door knob – even though nine times out of ten these ‘hate crimes’ are faked by Muslims themselves.

  2. Here in the West the loss of over 290 people, mostly Sri Lankan Christians engenders much less publicity/media cover than an attack on a New Zealand mosque!

  3. The Sri Lanka attacks took place predominantly in and close to Columbo, the capital, which is located on the west coast in the south of the island.

    The Muslim population of Sri Lanka is 9.3% of the overall demographic, all of them being the descendants of Arab Slave Traders. They are concentrated mostly in coastal areas in the south of the island with a small percentage of them located in the Central Highlands to the East and North East of Columbo.

    It is reported that some of the attacks were made by suicide bombers. Hence, Location + Suicide bomber + Mass Atrocity = Muslim…another collection of Shaheeds on their way to an eternity of debauchery with 72 self-reinstating virgins in their ‘Paradise’.

    Any belief system based upon the practice of human slavery, death & atrocity and misogyny is unfit to exist anywhere other than within its own, carefully monitored original hellholes which must be cordoned and totally separated from the rest of our species – that is now a survival imperative, particularly for the heavily infested UK and Europe.

    Wherever there is Islam there is always death, atrocity, slavery and destruction and there is nothing more that we need to understand other than that we in the rest of the world must urgently implement a complete repatriation programme whatever the final butchers’ bill may be when it comes to dealing with the inevitable recalcitrants.

  4. Two things that are patently obvious:
    One – No one in the Munich church had a gun
    Two – I’m glad you said “alternatively” for reading those leftist rags. I’m already filled with enough disgust at the self-flagellating, timid reaction in the West to recent events.

  5. If the German citizens had the right to self-defense, that bearded culture-enricher would have accessorized his outfit with a lot of red or green laser dots.

    “An armed society is a polite society.”
    Robert Heinlein.

  6. this morning the Washington post was claiming these bombings were committed by a “local militia group.” no mention of islam, you have to hand it to that jeff bezos when it comes to journalistic obfuscation.

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