Town Councillor Mugged by Underage Migrants in Maresme

On Monday we posted a report on the youthful hijinks of unaccompanied migrant minors housed in a summer camp in the Catalonian town of Canet de Mar. Some of the neighbors of the summer camp cited the nearby town of Arenys de Mar as an example of more effective administration of migrant centers. Based on the article below, however, Arenys doesn’t seem to be doing all that great a job.

Many thanks to Pampasnasturtium for translating this article from La Vanguardia:

Three unaccompanied foreign minors attack a (female) councillor in Arenys de Mar

The minors, hosted in a reception center in Cabrera de Mar, tried to steal her bag by force

[Caption: Two minors under the guardianship of the regional Youth Affairs department in the waiting hall of the police station in Mataró. (Picture: Fede Cedó)]

A female member of Arenys de Mar’s town council was attacked by three underage migrants, also called ‘mena’ (unaccompanied foreign minors), last Friday night at the door of her house in this city in the Maresme area. The attackers were arrested by the Mossos d’Esquadra [Catalan regional police], who confirmed the young men were repeat-offenders hosted in the Cabrera de Mar reception center.

Susanna Mir, a councillor for PDECat party in the Arenys municipal administration, was attacked at around 8:15pm last Friday by three minors when she was about to enter her house, on Andreu Guri Street. One of the attackers grabbed her bag and caused the victim to react by defending herself with blows and kicks as she shouted to attract the attention of the neighbors. Another one of the young men was standing guard and a third one watched the assault from nearby.

During the struggle Mir fell to the ground, while her attacker would not cease pulling her bag. Finally, faced with her screams, the three of them ran away in the direction of the train station. The victim alerted the police and gave a complete description of her attackers, whom the police located at the station when they were just about to escape by train.

After undergoing a medical check to verify the wounds sustained, Mir filed a report with the regional police. The three minors have accumulated multiple criminal records for similar actions, even if they have to move to surrounding towns to commit their crimes, which mandates that the Minors’ Public Prosecution intervene in this case.

In Arenys de Mar the police have reinforced their presence during recent months as a consequence of the activities of groups of minors who attack helpless victims, in general women of advanced age and young girls. In Canet de Mar the neighbors have also mobilized to demand a stop to the attacks carried by a group of youngsters under public guardianship, hosted in a summer camp villa.

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